Cane Ridge Lectureships
2nd Contending for the Faith Cane Ridge Lectures
May 14-15,  2004
"Restoration Preachers Contented For  Bible Authority"

2 dvd - $20.00/mp3-cd - $7.00 each

Gary Puryear - Cane Ridge Story
Paul Vaughn - Tour
David P. Brown - Contending for the Authority of Scriptures
Kent Bailey - The Restoration Leaders Had A Proper Attitude Toward Authority
Virgil McIntosh - The Influence of God's Word In the Lives Of Early Restorers
Billy Bland - Thomas Campbell:  Declaration And Address
Michael Hatcher - Mechanical Instrumental Music Rejects The Authority of The
New Testament
Russell Cline - Missionary Society Rejects The Authority of The New Testament
John M. Brown - Alexander Campbell's Teaching On Authority
Rob Whitacre - Results of Rejecting The Authority of The New Testament
Tours by Paul Vaughn
Digital Camera stills by Ron Hall
Contending For The Faith
Old Philadelphia Meeting House Lectures
May 20-21, 2005
"Heinousness Of Sin"

dvd - $12.00/mp3 - $

David P. Brown - Heinousness of Sin
B. J. Clarke - Heinousness of Unbelief
Johnie Scaggs, Jr. - Heinousness of Perverting Worship
James Boyd - Heinousness of Denominationalism
Rob Whitacre - Heinousness of immorality
Paul Vaughn - Heinousness of Rejecting The Restoration Plea
Kent Bailey - Heinousness Of Not Contending For The Faith