1st Banner of Truth Lectureship
Christ and His Church in the 21st Century
June 4-7, 2001 -  Murray, KY

3 dvds - $30.00/ mp3 set - $7.00 each

Gilbert Gough - God Would Have His Church to Grow
Lindon Ferguson - Church Growth Requires Leadership
Freddie Clayton - Church Growth Through "Progressive Worship"
Ken Burleson - Church Growth Through Scriptural Fellowship
Dean Buchanan - Chuch Growth Through Gospel Meetings
Virgil Hale - Preaching the Whole Counsel of God
Roger Campbell - Growth Through Foreign Mission Work
Gilbert Gough - Church Growth Through the Sincere Milk of the Word
Alan Adams - Church Growth Through Writing
Freddie Clayton - Church Growth Through Entertainment
David Lemmons - The Lord's Distinctive Church -- Not A Denomination
Dean Buchanan - Church Growth Seminars
Richard Guill - Church Growth Through Special Singing Groups
David Lemmons - Church Growth Through Evangelism
Wa;ter Pigg - Church Growth and the Plague of Indifference
Virgil Hale - Church Growth and "Lads to Leaders"
Richard Guill - Our Schools and Church Growth
Jimmy Bates - Truth Presented in Love
Don Waggoner - Church Growth and Islam
Alan Adams - Youth and Potential Church Growth
Tim Hester - Church Growth Through Scriptural Worship
Lenard Hogan - The Home and Church Growth
Don Greene - Prayer and Church Growth
Don Waggoner - Church Growth by "Contending for the Faith"
Jimmy Bates - Understanding God's Word and Church Growth
Ken Burleson - Training Men to Preach and Church Growth
Lenard Hogan - The Heavenly Reward, A Reason for Church Growth

2nd Annual Banner of Truth Lectures
June 24-27, 2002 - Murray, KY

3 dvd set - $30.00/mp3-cd- $7.00 each

Joe Ruiz - God's Role for Women in the Church
Garland Robinson - The Militancy of God's People
Alan Adams - The Moral Obligation to Obey the "Laws of Thought"
Gilbert Gough - God's Law on Marriage and Divorce
Joe Ruiz - The Great Commision
Gilbert Gough - God's Law on Fellowship
Ken Burleson - Preach The Word
Lindon Ferguson - The Preacher and His Work
Freddie Clayton - Abortion - Legal Murder
Joe Spangler - Preaching the Truth in Love
Ken Burleson - The Danger of Denominationalism
Freddie Clayton - The Sin of Sexual Perversion
Tim Hester - The Sin of Worldliness
Walter W. Pigg - Changes in the Lord's Church
Virgil Hale - The Holy Spirit - How He Operates Today
Richard Guill - Should the Church be Supplanted by para-church Organizaiton?
Alan Adams - The Dangers and Destructiveness of Subjectivism
Virgil Hale - Worship in Spirit and in Truth
Lenard Hogan - The Home as God Would Have It
David Lemmons - God-Approved Work of the Church
Jim Boyd - The Crisis of Qualified Leadership
Gary McDade - The Community Church
Jim Boyd - The Schools: Source of Digression and Apostasy
Gary McDade - The Glorious Church

3rd Annual Banner of Truth Lectures
June 23-26, 2003
"Back to the Old Paths -- The Good Way

4 dvds  - $35.00/2 mp3-cd - $7.00 each

Alan Adams - "The Old Paths" As They Apply Today
Don Greene - The Lord's Supper, As Our Lord Intended
Rick Knowles - Speaking The Truth In Love
Michael Willey - The New Testament and Legalism
Bill Willard - Our Schools and Their Influence
Roger Campbell - Seeking the Lost
Joe Spangler - The Basic of God Approved Unity
Roger Campbell - The Old Paths and Our Youth
Joe Spangler - When Division is Necessary
Jeff Bates - Things Written Aforetime
Jimmy Bates - The One True Church
Garland Robinson - The All Sufficiency of God's Word
Don Waggoner - The False Religion of Islam
Ken Burleson - Preaching The Word
Tim Hester - The Cheerful Giver Whom God Loves
Gilbert Gough - The Sin of Homosexuality
Roger Sculley - The Whole Counsel of God
David Lemmons - Committing The Word to Faithful Men
Lindon Ferguson - Marriage As God Intended It
Alan Adams - The Old Paths and Leadership
Gilbert Gough - Contending for The Faith
Richard Adams - Seeking to Please God or Man?
Ken Burleson - Being an Example of Believers
Walter W. Pigg - Faith That Overcomes the World
Paul Curless - Leadership in True Worship
Don Waggoner - The Blessings of Tent Making Preachers
Lenard Hogan - Looking for a Crown of Righteousness

4th Annual Banner of Truth Lectures
June 14-17, 2004
"God's Inspired Word"

4 dvds  - $35.00/2 mp3-cd - $7.00 each

Alan Adams - God's Inspired Word - 2 Tim. 3:16-17
Gilbert Gough - He That Is Greatest  - Matt 23:8-12
Lindon Ferguson - Taking Up The Cross Of Christ - Matt 26:24-27
Michael Willey - Sin, A Transgression of God's Law - I John 3:4
Gilbert Gough - Leave Father & Mother, Cleave to His Wife - Matt (:4-6
Roger Campbell - The Same Commit To Faithful Men - 2 Tim. 2:2
Ken Burleson - The Docrine of Christ - 2 John 2-11
Jeff Bates - Showing Ourselves Approved Unto God - 2 Tim. 2:15
Roger Campbell - Example of Believers on Mission Field - I Tim 4:12-13
Leon Cole - Fellowship and Works of Darkness - Eph. 5:11
Jimmy Bates - Departing From the Faith - I Tim 4:1-3
Richard Guill - God's Role for Women - I Tim. 2:11-14; I Cor. 14:34
Paul Curless - Watching For Our Souls - Heb. 13:17
Tim Hester - Always Abounding in the Work of the Lord - I Cor. 15:58
Richard Guill - The Spirit of Truth is Come - John 16:13
Ken Burleson - Work Our Your Own Salvation - Phil. 2:12-16
Richard Adams - The Church, The Pillar and Ground of Truth - I Tim. 3:15
David Lemmons - Go Into All The World - Mark 16:15-16
Alan Adams - Laborers Together With God - I Cor. 3:6-10
Roger Scully - Fields White Already To Harvest - John 4:34-36
Walter Pigg - Enemies of the Cross of Christ - Phil. 3:18
Roger Scully - Doing That Which Is Our Duty to Do - Luke 17:7-10
Don Greene - Christ, The Author of Eternal Salvation - Heb 5:8-9
Rick Knoll - Loving God:  Keeping His Commandments - I John 5:3
Joe Spangler - Converting Erring Brethren - James 5:19-20
Lenard Hogan - When The Elements Melt with Fervent Heat - 2 Pet. 3:10-14
Garland Robinson - A Crown Laid Up For Me - 2 Tim 4:6-8

7th Annual Banner of Truth Lectures
June 25-28, 2007
"The Need and Basis for Optimism within the Lord's Church"

4 dvds  - $35.00/2 mp3-cd - $7.00 each

Alan Adams - The Need and Basis for Optimism within the Lord's Church
Roger Scully - Fight to lay Hold on Eternal Life
Rick Knoll - Power to Overcome Temptation
Garland Robinson - Overcoming the Influence of Busybodies
Guyton Montgomery - Always Abounding in the Work of the Lord
Roger Campbell - He That Winneth Souls Is Wise
Richard Guill - God's Faithful People Will Be Saved
Roger Campbell - Some Will Turn Away Their Ears from the Truth
Steve Baisden - Being an Example of Believers
David Lemmons - Committing the Truth to Faithful Men
Caleb Campbell - Overcoming the Devil by God's Armor
Walter Pigg - The Blessings of True Unity in Christ
Garland Robinson - A Crown Laid Up for Me
Leon Cole - Overcoming Non-Contenders for the Faith
Leon Cole - A Rest for the People of God
Jacob Campbell - Beware Ear Ticklers and the Tickled
Jeff Bates - The Eyes of the Lord Are Over the Righteous
Lloyd Gale - False Prophets in the World
Richard Guill - Loyalty to Christ, Not People or Places
Virgil Hale - The Lord Is Not Willing That We Perish
Alan Adams - I Know Whom I Have Believed
Robert Alexander - On the Right Hand, Eternal Life
Rusty Stark - Food To Prevent Spiritual Salvation
Jimmy Bates - Continued Forgiveness by Walking in the Light
Paul Curless - Beware the Influence of lukewarmness
David Lemmons - The Lord Is with us When We Take His Word
Roger Scully - Victory for the Overcomers
Rusty Stark - No Death, Sorrow, Crying or Pain in Heaven

Eighth Annual Banner of Truth Lectures
"Serving the True God in an Evil World"
June 23-26, 2008

4 dvds  - $35.00/2 mp3-cd - $7.00 each

Alan Adams - Serving the True God
Michael Willy - The Christian and the Powers That Be
Paul Curless - The Music God Approves in Worship
Ken Friel - Beware of the Spirit of Compromise
Michael Willy - The Influence of Evil Politicians
Paul Curless - The Evil Influence of Our Schools
Rusty Stark - More Than Conquors through Christ
Lloyd Gale - Need for Recruiting Soldiers for Christ
Rick Knoll - Perfect Love Casteth Our Fear
Damon Lundy - Only the Gospel of Christ Saves
Steve Baisden - Seeking First the Kingdom of God
Ken Friel - God-Approved Unity in Christ
Tom Snyder - Overcoming Evil with Good
Glen Tattersall - Serving God in All the World
Damon Lundy - God-Given Power to Choose
Rusty Stark - Evil Faced by First Century Christians
Glen Tattersall - Overcoming the Present World
Lloyd Gale - Facing Evil within the Church
Rick Knoll - Victory for the Overcomers
Virgil Hale - Acts of Acceptable Worship
Walter Pigg - The Evils of Islam
Tom Snyder -Evils Faced by Old Testament Characters
Jimmy Bates - Power of the Printed Page
Garland Robinson - Devices and Wiles of the Devil
Virgil Hale - The Home and the Church Working Together
Jeff Bates - The Evil Influence of the ACLU
Alan Adams - Calling Evil Good and Good Evil
Garland Robinson - Reward for Serving the True God

9th Annual Banner of Truth Lectureship
June 29-July 2, 2009
"The Great and Urgent Need to Revive the Restoration Movement"

4 dvds  - $35.00/2 mp3-cd - $7.00 each

Alan Adams - What Is the Restoration Movement
Walter W. Pigg - An Urgent Need for a Spirit of Restoration
Jimmy Bates - The Blessing of Vocational Preachers
Lloyd Gale - The Influence of Our Schools
Paul Curless - Where the Bible Is Silent, We are Silent
Ken Burleson - God-Approved Evangelism
Joe Spangler - "Come Over into Macedonia and Help Us"
Rick Knoll - Walking by Faith, Not Opinion
Lloyd Gale - Essentiality of Good Leadership
Tom Snyder - Bringing Up Children Spiritually
Jeff Bates - Where the Bible Speaks, We Speak
Paul Curless - God's Law on Fellowship
Roger Scully - Speaking Boldly the Whole Counsel of God
Rusty Stark - The Galatians - In Need of Restoration
Garland Robinson - The Power of the Printed Page
Ron Tripp - The Influence of the Home
Rusty Stark - The Error of Instrumental Music in Worship
Roger Scully - Christian Modesty
Jeff Bates - Being an Example of Believers
Ken Butterworth - The Church Must Be Militant
Jimmy Bates - The Need for Home Churches
Ken Butterworth - Withstanding the Homosexual Culture
Ken Burleson - The Plague of Indifference
Ron Tripp - Warnings of Departures from the Faith
Tom Snyder - Overcoming Materialism
Rick Knoll - The Sadness of Leaving One's First Love
Alan Adams - Today's Opposition to Godly Influence
Garland Robinson - The Blessings of True Restoration

Tenth Annual Banner of Truth Lectures
"The First Century Church - The True Church of Christ-Is the Divine Pattern
June 28-July 1, 2010

4 dvds  - $35.00/2 mp3-cd - $7.00 each

Alan Adams - Christ's True Church, Our Pattern
Rick Knoll - The Practice of Pure Religion
Tom Snyder - Serious Warnings of False Teachers
Walter Pigg - Church in God's Mind from Eternity
Michael Willy - The Doctrine of Christ
Joe Spangler - Fruits of the Spirit
Alan Adams - Bishops to Hold Fast the Word
Joe Spangler - Joined Together in Same Mind and Judgment
Roger Scully - Condemnation of Sodom and Gomorrah
Rusty Stark - Provoking unto Love and Good Works
Paul Curless - They Say and Do Not
Lloyd Gale - What God's Grace Will Not Do
John Grubb - Go Ye into All the World
Ken Burleson - Having a Form of Godliness
Garland Robinson - This Do in Remembrance of Me
Lloyd Gale - Enemies of the Cross of Christ
Jimmy Bates - God Loves a Cheerful Giver
Ken Burleson - Reprove, Rebuke, Exhort
John Grubb - True Worship in Sing
Rusty Stark - Keeping Ourselves in the Love of the Lord
Roger Scully - Murder of the Unborn
Jimmy Bates - Will Not Work, Should Not Eat
Jeff Bates - Study to Show Thyself Approved
Rick Knoll - Do All in the Name of the Lord
Paul Curless - Purging Out the Old Leaven
Jeff Bates - Work Out Your Own Salvation
Tom Snyder - Fight the Good Fight of Faith
Garland Robinson - The Apostle Paul's Farewell
Banner of Truth, Murray, KY
Hickory Grove & Dexter Churches of Christ