Carolina Lectureship, Duncan, SC
63rd Annual Carolina Lectureship
Hosted by the church of Christ, Duncan, SC
1234 South Danzler Road
Duncan, SC  29334
(864) 439-9263

April 1-5, 2007

"What Do the Scriptures Say....."

5 dvd set - $45.00
3 mp3 cd set - $20.00

Jim Pharr - About Their Profitability?
Jim Pharr - About What One Must Do to be Saved?
Ernie Richards - About Angels?
Neil Richey - About God's Providence?
Jim Pharr - About What Faithful Christians Must Be?
Richard McWilliams - About Modesty?
Paul Kirkpatrick - About Worship?
Terry Wheeler - About Abortion?
Jon Mitchell - About Alcoholic Beverages?
Wellington Smith, III - About Fellowship?
Clancy Etienne - About Withdrawing Fellowship?
Charles Clark - About Unity?
Jim Pharr - About God's Grace?
Jeff Trotter - About Ethics?
Curtis Gilbert - About Homosexuality?
Ted Rush - About Love?
Stuart Schnur - About Marriage?
Joe Van  Pelt - About Divorce?
Kirk Sams - About Parenting?
Wesley Simons - About the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit?
Jim Pharr - About Repentance?
Richard Bently - About Adding to God's Word?
Don Blackwell - About Taking Away From God's Word?
Craig Hinricchs - About Priorities?
David J. Pharr - About Gossip?
Adam Richardson - About the Problems of Life?
Mickey Burleson - About Feminism?
Brad Fry - About Forbearance and Forgiveness?
Jim Pharr - About Baptism?
Brad Harrub - About the Beginning of the World? Part 1 & 2
Gary hampton - About the End of the World?
David R. Pharr - About Shepherding?
Mike Hogan - About Preaching?
Melvin Sapp - About the Work of the Church?
Open Forum - Brother's Harrub, Hampton, Pharr, Hogan & Sapp
Jim Pharr - About the Church of Christ?