Greer Church of Christ, Greer, SC
Greer Church of Christ
Tenth Annual Palmetto Bible Lectureship
October 14-18, 2001
"Things Which Are Most Surely Believed Among Us"
4 dvd's - $35.00/2 mp3-cds - $14.00

Ben Wright - The Bible The Infallible Word of God
William Woodson - Jehovah and Clemency
Skip Andrews - There is a Pattern in the NT to be Followed
Dennis Curd - Christ Is the Head of His Body The Church
Bobby Wood - The Qualifications and Work of Elders
William Woodson - The Qualifications and Work of Deacons
Jerry Pence - The Qualifications and Work of An Evangelist
Charles Cochran - Women's Role in the Church
Gary Pollard - Men's Responsibilities in the Church
Stewart Schnur - Authorized Fellowship
John Grubb - The Bible Pattern for Missions
Mark Mosher - Church Cooperation
Rod Rutherford - Fellowship in the Gospel
Charles Clark - The Mission of the Church - Evangelism
Jim Dearman - The Mission of the Church - Edification
Stanley Crews - The Mission of the Church - Benevolence
David Smith - Jesus Our Example to Follow
J. C. Watkins - Marriage-Divorce-Remarriage
Melvin Sapp - The Second Coming of Christ
Curtis Cates - The Home: The Foundation of Christian Training
Barry Gilreath, Jr. - We Can Know That we are Saved
David Pharr - The Mission of the Holy Spirit
Ken Chumbley - Biblical Music
Glen Hitchcock - Discipline According to the Bible
Neal Pollard - The Reality of Hell
Jeff Trotter - The Reality of Heaven
Curtis Cates - The Victory in Christ
11th Annual Palmetto Bible Lectureship
October 13-17, 2002
"Personal Goodness As It Relates to Salvation"
4 dvd's - $35.00/2 mp3-cds - $14.00

Clayton Winters - A Plea for Personal Godliness in Every Christian
Jimmy Bates - A Change of Heart, A Condition for Salvation
Charles Cochran - What Lies Beyond the Grave
Skip Andrews - Meekness as it Relates to Salvation
Barry Gilreath, Jr. - Purity of Life as it Relates to Salvation
Bob Knox, Jr. - Selfishness as it Relates to Salvation
Eddy Craft - Forgiveness as it Relates to Salvation
Tim Rice - Brotherly Kindness as it Relates to Salvation
Denton Landon - The Illegal Use of Drugs and Salvation
Eddie James - Self-Control as it Relates to Salvation
Melvin Sapp - Proper Bible Knowledge as it Relates to Salvation
Charles Brown - Lying and Its Relationship to Salvation
David Smith - The Spirit of Love and Salvation
Virgil Hale - Being Diligent in Bible Study
Jim Dearman - Reveling (Dancing) as it Relates to Salvation
Mark Mosher - Virtue as it Relates to Salvation
Virgil Hale - Strife as it Relates to Salvation
Ernie Richards, Jr. - Alcohol and its Relation to Salvation
John Tracy - The Lascivious Heart and Salvation
Don Blackwell - The Value of Bible Study in Salvation
J. C. Watkins - Perseverance as it Relates to Salvation
Richard Mansel - Adultery and it's Relation to Salvation
Bobby Wood - Holiness as it Relates to Salvation
David Vaughn - Vengeance as it Relates to Salvation
Glen Hitchcock - Gambling (Lottery, Video Poker, etc.) and
James Jones - Faithfulness as it Relates to Salvation
Les Bonnett - Honesty and Salvation
Jeff Trotter - Jesus, A Misunderstood Man
4 dvd's - $35.00/2 mp3-cds - $14.00

Bobby Gayton - Who is God?
Bobby Wood - God In Creation
Randy Kea - The Holiness of God
Skip Andrews - God, Eternal In Nature
Bob Knox, Jr. - God's Goodness and Severity
Tim Canup - God, The Rock of My Salvation
David Pharr - Does God Cause Pain & Suffering?
Jonnie Hutchens - God's Plan For The Family & Home
James Rogers - God's Omnipotence
Barry Gilreath, Jr. - God's Omnipresence
Stewart Schnur - God's Omniscience
Joe Galloway - Would A Loving God Send Someone to Hell?
David Pharr - The Godhead (God, Christ, Holy Spirit)
James Lewis -Where Is God When I Hurt?
Richard McWilliams - Does God's Plan of Salvation Include Baptism For the Dead?
Melvin Sapp - God Is Our Refuge and Strength
Mark Mosher - God's Plan For Church Organization
David Smith - God's Role For Men
Brock Hartswigen - God's Role For Women
Wesley Simons - God's Love For Mankind
J. C. Watkins - Who Are God's Elect?
Will T. Winchester - God Manifested In Christ
Sherman Offord - The Fear of God
Glenn Hitchcock - God's Plan For Church Discipline
James Jones - The Peace of God
Kirk Sams - God's Source of Encouragement - The Bible
Hugh Glaze - The Perseverance of God
Jim Dearman - The Merciful God
Thirteenth Annual Palmetto Bible Lectureship
October 10-14, 2004
"Lessons That Need to be Preached Today"
4 dvd's - $35.00/2 mp3-cds - $14.00

Bobby Gayton - The History Of The Bible
Don Blackwell - Three Great Religions (M-O-C)
Charles Cochran - Christ and The Church
Skip Andrews - The Church, It's Establishment
Dedication of Book to Joanne Bradshaw
Denton Landon - Conversion
Barry Gilreath, Sr. - The Church, It's Work
David Smith - The Church, It's Unity
Ted Rush - The Gospel
Donald F. Rhoddes - God's Foolishness vs. Man's Wisdom
Glenn Hitchcock - The Gospel In Earthen Vessels
Melvin Sapp - The Power of God's Word
Curtis Gilbert - The Conversion of A Civil Officer
Michael Underwood - The Conversion of A Military Officer
Bob Knox, Jr. - The Holy Spirit and His Work
Neil Richey - Rightly Dividing The Word
Bryan Terry - The Great Commision
J. C. Watkins - The Church, It's Identity
David Pharr - Reformers and Restorers
Mark Mosher - The Terror of The Lord
Charles Clark - The Savior's Invitation
J. C. Watkins - Man's Accountability
B. G. Langston - Repentance
Michael Jordan - Baptism
Jerry Craft - Prayer
Ernie Richards, Jr. - Instrumental Music
Hugh Glaze - God's Immutable Laws
Paul Kirkpatrick - What Church to Join
Jeff Trotter - Why Be A Member of the Church of Christ?
Fourteenth Annual Palmetto Bible Lectureship
October 9-13, 2005
"Jesus Hath Spoken"
4 dvds - $40.00/2 Mp3-CD's - $14.00

Ken Chumbley - It is Written
Jimmy  Bates - Jesus Teaches His Disciples to Pray
James Watkins - Woman Behold Thy Son; Behold Thy Mother
Skip Andrews - Except Ye Be Converted
Box Knox, Jr. - I have Not Found So Great Faith
Lester Kamp - Lift Up Your Eyes
James Watkins - Father Forgive Them
Don Blackwell - Today Thou Shalt Be With Me In Paradise
Richard McWilliams - My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?
John Daniels - Seeking The Lost Sheep
Jeff Archey - If Any Man Serves Me
Paul Kilpatrick - It Is More Blessed to Give Than To Receive
John Tracy - The Ten Virgins
David Pharr - Matthew 24 Explained
Ernie Richards, Jr. - The Unauthorized Use of Religious Titles
Rod Rutherford - The Parable of The Talents
Tony Stafford - If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments
Melvin Sapp - Love Your Enemies
Barry Gilreath, Jr. - Counting The Cost of Discipleship
Mark Mosher - Repentance and Remission of Sins
J. C. Watkins - Father Into Thy Hands I Commit My Spirit
Glenn Hitchcock - Held Accountable for Our Actions
Roy Knight - Judged By The Words of Jesus
Donald F. Rhodes - Watch and Pray That Ye Enter Not Into Temptation
Greg Lewis - Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
Hugh Glaze - Have Faith in God
Stewart Schnur - With God All Things Are Possible
Jeff Trotter - I Thirst/It Is Finished