New Hope Road Church of Christ
Hendersonville, TN
March 5-7, 1999
Hendersonville, TN
Fourth Annual New Hope Road Lectureship
Some Minor Characters of the New Testament

2 dvd's - $20.00/1 mp3-cd-$7.00

Rob Whitacre - Jude:  Contender for the faith
James Parker - John Mark: Learning from failure
David Hester - Joseph of Arimathaea:  Looking for the Kingdom
***Ladies class: Cindy Colley - The Syrophoenician Woman:  One oof  great
faith (Did not record)**
Gary Colley - Epaphroditus:  A servant with a lingering scent
***Ladies class: Maggie Colley - Mary and Martha:  Placing the right priorities
(Did not record)**
Glenn Colley - Tychicus:  A comforting servant
Gary Colley - Zacchaeus: A little man with large desire
Dwight Fuqua- The Man Born Blind:  A lesson in great courage
Charles White - Priscilla and Aquila: The right couple
Charles White - Demas: A lesson in losing it all
Miller Frost - Onesimus: The Gospel is for all
** (Camcorder broken - did not record ladies classes.  As a substitute I have
included some of 1998 MSOP ladies lessons
(C. Elkins, A. Cates, M. Colley, J.
Foster & V. Rice)Sorry for the inconvenience.
New Hope Church of Christ
Hendersonville, TN
Third Annual New Hope Road Lectureship-1998
Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound!
2 dvd's - $20.00/1 mp3-cd-$7.00

Bobby Duncan - For by grace are you saved through faith
Stan Stevenson - Grace to help in time of need
Dwight Fuqua - Denominational views of the Grace of God
Bobby Duncan - Grace and Change in the Churches of Christ
***Ladies class: Lois Ann Duncan - Why have I found grace in thine eyes??
Dwight Fuqua - Denominational views of the Grace of God
Paul Sain - The Grace of God that bringeth Salvation
Steve Higginbotham - Ye are not under the law, but under grace
Dave Miller - Great lessons of grace from the Old Testament
Dave Miller - Frustrating the Grace of God
Dave Miller - But grow in the grace and in the Knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus