Madisonville Church of Christ Bible Lectureships
April 26 - 27, 1997 - Madisonville, KY
"Angels, Demons and Other Spirit Beings"
(1 dvd - 15.00)

Paul Sain - The Nature of Angels
Glenn Colley - The Nature of Demons
Jeff Archey - Was Jesus the First Angel?
William Woodson - Do You Have a Guardian Angel?
Keith Mosher - What About Demon Possession and Exorcism?
Curtis Cates - Satan: His Origin, Mission and Destiny
Jeff Archy - Famous Angels of the Bible
William Woodson - The Demons Also Believe.....
April 23 - 25, 1999 - Madisonville, KY
"The End of the World"
2  dvds - $20.00

Jerry Joseph - The Book That Shall Judge us On the Las Day
Keith Mosher - What is 'Millennialism'?
Keith Mosher - What is the 'A.D. 70 Theory'?
Garland Elkins - Can We Tell Which Day Will Be the Last?
Johnny Burkhart - What Will Happen On the Last Day?
Open Forum
Malcolm Hill - The Bible Doctrine of Heaven
Raymond Hagood - The Bible Doctrine of Hell
Raymond Hagood - Matthew 24:  the Bible's Most Misunderstood Chapter
Johnny Burkhart - What Happens to us, When We Die?
April 25 - 26, 1998 - Madisonville, KY
"The Holy Spirit"
(2 dvds - $20.00)

Keith Mosher - Born of Water and of the Spirit
Bobby Liddell - Who is the Holy Spirit
Jeff Archey - The Work of the Holy Spirit in Redemption
Open Forum
Holger Neubauer - What About Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Jeff Archey - The Work of the Holy Spirit
Glenn Hitchcock - The Gift of the Holy Spirit
David Brown - The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
Glenn Hitchcock - The Intercession of the Holy Spirit
David Brown - Sin Against the Holy Spirit
April 20 -22, 2001 - Madisonville, KY
"Signs, Wonders, and Miracles"
2 dvds - $20.00

Russell Kline- Biblical Miracles Vs Modern Claims of Miraculous Ability
Paul Vaughn- Faith Healing or Fake Healing?
Kevin Beard- What About Snake Handling and Drinking Poison?
B.J. Clarke- What About Speaking in Tougues?
Keith Mosher- Modern Prophets; True or False?
Kevin Thomason- Does God Still Communicate with Man in Dreams and Visions?
Jeff Archey- The Design and Ultimate End of Miracles
Larry Gibson- Can Science 'Explain' the Miracles of the Bible?
John West- Miracles and the Providence of G
April 21 - 23, 2000 - Madisonville, KY
"In My Father's House"
2 svds - $20.00

Kerry Duke - "...We Sing His Praise"
Bill Lockwood - " We Preach His Gospel"
Bill Lockwood - "...We Pray Without Ceasing"
Keith Mosher - "...We Observe the Lord's Supper"
Jeff Archey - "... We Give to His Cause"
Al Macias - "...We Care About the Physical Needs of Others"
Michael C. Shepherd - "...We Care About the Spritual Needs of Others"
Al Macias - "...We Enjoy the Blessings of Christian Fellowship"
Michael C. Shepherd - "...We Know the Limits of Christian Fellowship"
April 23-25, 2004
"The Christian Graces  (II Peter 1:3-11)
2 dvd's - $25.00

Keith Mosher - Faith
Rob Whitacre - Virtue
Tim Childs - Knowledge
Keith Cozort - Temperance
Larry Gibson - Patience
Open Forum
Rob Whitacre - Godliness
Matthew Price - Brotherly Kindness
Keith Cozort - Charity
Keith Mosher - If These Things Be In You
April 25-27, 2003
Science & The Bible
2 dvds - $20.00

Jerry Murrell - Does True Science Contradict the Bible
Keith Mosher - Scientific Evidence of the Existence of God
Larry Albritton - Scientific Evidence of the Creation of the Universe
Jerry Murrell - Scientific Evidence of the Origin of Life
Curtis Cates - Scientific Evidence of the Great Flood
Open Forum
Don Treadway - Attempts to Harmonize Scientific Theory With the Bible
Richard Guill - Scientific Attempts to Discredit the Bible
Keith Mosher - Confirmation of Scientific References in the Bible
Curtis Cates - Confirmation of Historical References in the Bible
April 26-28, 2002 - Madisonville, KY
Jesus Christ:  the Hope of Every Home
$20.00 set - 2 dvds

Glenn Colley - What Does the Bible Say About Marriage?
Steven Yeatts - What Does the Bible Say About Divorce?
Todd Clippard - The Role of Men in Christian Homes
Chad Ramsey - The Role of Women in Christian Homes
Virgil Hale - The Role of Children in Christian Homes
Jerry Murrell - God's Role in Christian Homes
Keith Mosher - Model Homes
Michael C. Shepherd - Forces Which Can Destroy Our Homes
Jerry Joseph - Faith Which Can Heal Hurting Homes
mp3-cds $7.00 each