Memphis School of Preaching, Memphis, TN
Thirty-Third Annual Lectureship
March 28 - April 1, 1999
Memphis, TN
"God Hath Spoken, Affirming Truth and
Reproving Error"
(8 dvds - 80.00)
James Rogers - The Existence of God
Jackie Stearsman - Verbal, Planary, Inerrant Inspiration of the Bible
Roy J. Hearn - Bible Only Making Christians Only, The Only Christians
Billy Bland - Church/Kingdom Established on Pentecost, Christ Reigning
***Ladies Class - Corinne Elkins - The Christian Woman's Responsibility to Good
Mark Lindley - Hereditary Total Depravity Error
Paul Sain - Helping Non-Saints from Treasury
Lance Foster - Book of Mormon Revelation from God Error
Kent Bailey - Mechanical Instrumental Music in Worship Error
Bob Swayne - Deferred Giving and Estate Planning Seminar
Jerry Martin - Immersion in Water the Only Christian Baptism
David B. Jones - Women Preaching, leadership Roles Error
T. J. Clarke - Soul Sleeping/Materialism Error
***Ladies Class - Jane McWhorter - Seeds of Friendship
David Brown - New Hermeneutic Error
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Kenneth Gossett - Truth Absolute, Knowable, Do-able
Gary Colley - Human Creeds Heretical and Schismatical
Harrell Davidson - Earthy Headquarters and Hierarchy Error
***Ladies Class - Carol Mangrum - The Christian Woman's Responsibility to Self
Gary McDade - Community Church Pattern, Doctrine Error
Steve Housley - Churches Cooperating in Preaching
Randall Medlin - All Persons Having Opportunity to be Saved
Larry Powers - Everything One Does Is Worship Error
Bob Swayne - Deferred Giving and Estate Planning Seminar
Frank Chesser - Baptism to be in Order to Remission of Sins
Jim Gillaspie - Transubstantiation, Other Lord's Supper Error
James Boyd - New 'Bibles' Error
***Ladies Class - Jane McWhorter - Troubled Bible Friendship
Dub McClish - One Congregation can Withdraw from Another Congregation
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Jerry Moffitt - New Testament the Pattern
Garland Elkins - Sincere, Knowledgeable, Devout Christians in Denominations Error
Bobby Liddell - Wearing Man-Made Designations Error
***Ladies Class - Irene Taylor - The Christian Woman's Responsibility to thhe Home
Randy Mabe - Impossibility of Apostasy Error
David Morton - Contributing from Treasury to Homes for Needy
Jerry Jones - Roman Catholic Church the Original Apostolic Church Error
Danny Box - Witnessing, Testifying Today Error
Bob Swayne - Deferred Giving and Estate Planning Seminar
Cliff Newell - Grace Only, Faith Only Error
Glenn Colley - Clapping, Shouting, Dancing, Lifting Up Hands in Worship Error
Neil Myers - Maintaining Purity, Withdrawal of Fellowship
***Ladies Class - Jane McWhorter - Troubled Friendships Today
Michael Hatcher - Miraculous Divine Healing Today Error
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Don McWhorter - The Church of Christ Restored
Ivie Powell - Unity in Diversity Error
Dewey Medlin - H. S. Operates on Alien Only through Word
***Ladies Class - Annette Cates - The Christian Woman's Responsibility to thhe Community
Royce Williamson - But One Scriptural Reason for Divorce and Remarriage
Johnie Scaggs, Jr - Not Eating in Meeting House Error
Ken Willis - Catholic Tradition and Pope the Authority Error
Ray Penna - Feet Washing in Worship Error
Bob Swayne - Deferred Giving and Estate Planning Seminar
Ira Y. Rice, Jr - Gospel vs Doctrine, Core/Bull's Eye Error
Robert Williams - Jesus Only Error
Gary Shaver - Man-made Missions of Church Error
***Ladies Class - Jane McWhorter - Dealing with Criticism
Keith Mosher, Sr - H. S. Operates on Heart of Christian Only Through Word
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Robert R. Taylor, Jr - The Church of Christ Resurrected, Rewarded
Thirty-Fourth Annual Lectureship
March 26-30, 2000
Memphis, TN
"Church Growth: Man's Ways or God's
(8 dvds - 70.00)
Dub McClish - Compromising Truth, Downplaying Distinctiveness to Grow
Steve Ellis - Trashing Biblical Authority, Pattern Authority to Grow
Don McWhorter - Trashing the Validity of the Restoration Pleas to Grow
J. K Gossett - Extending Fellowship Perimeters to Grow
Ira Y. Rice, Jr. - House Church Concept and Growth
Billy Bland - Elders Must Enhance Church Growth
Eddy Gilpin - Church Growth and the Great Commission
Glenn Hitchcock - Church Growth in the First Century Church
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Billy Smith - Young Marrieds a Special Force in Church Growth
Bobby Liddell - Copying the Mega Churches, i.e. Willow Creek: Use of Self Appointed Growth
Experts to Grow
Ben Vick - Community Church Mania and Church Growth
Ed White - Deacons Must Enhance Church Growth
Sidney White - Church Growth and the Power of the Cross
Joel Morrison - Church Growth During the Early Restoration Movement
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
B. J. Clarke - Young People a Special Force in Church Growth
Roy J. Hearn - Adopting Preaching Policy of No Offence Created, Nothing 'Negative', No
Name-Calling to Grow
Harrell Davidson - Drama/Skits vs. Gospel Preaching, Special Music, Performance vs. Participatory
Worship and  Church Growth
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - Preachers Must Enhance Church Growth
Gary Colley - Church Growth and True Worship
Favil Nichols - Church Growth During the 1040's-1960's
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Garland Elkins - Older Christians a Special Force in Church Growth
Jerry Martin - Sheep Stealing: Building One Big Church at Expense of Small Ones to Grow
Tim Rice - Entertainment Mania and Church Growth
Noah Hackworth - Bible School Teachers Must Enhance Church Growth
Barry Grider - Church Growth and a Dedicated, Working, Optimistic Membership
David Sain - Church Growth and the Great Debates
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Knowing We Shall Reap a Special Force in Church Growth
Paul Sain - Role of Gospel Meetins and Lectureships in Church Growth
Wayne Cox - Role of congregations Encouraging Other Congregations in Church Growth
Allen Webster - Role of Prayer in Church Growth
Stacey Grant - Church Growth and Individually Bearing Much Fruit
Glann M. Lee - Church Growth and the Use of the Media
Toney Smith - Church Growth and Bible Unity
Danny Cottrell - Role of Bible School and VBS in Church Growth
Bruce Stulting - Role of Edification and Church Growth
Tim Nichols - Role of Contacting Newcomers, Visitors in Church Growth
James Boyd - Church Growth and Adding Christian Graces
Marvin Rickett - Church Growth jeopardized by Biting and Devouring One Another
Billy Michael Jones - Church Growth and Prayer
Ronnie Hayes - Role of Christian Colleges, Youth Camps in Church Growth
Randy Vaughn - Role of Benevolence in Church Growth
Jim Gribble - Role of inviting Others in Church Growth
Russell Kline - Church Growth and Faithful Attendance
Albert McDaniel - Church Growth Against Great Odds (Revelation)
David Looney - Church Growth and Church Discipline
Jimmy Young - Role of Pulpit Preaching in Church Growth
W.D. Jeffcoat - Role of Good Singing in Church Growth
Tom Bright - Role of Parents and the Home in Church Growth
Tim Ayers - Church Growth and Each a Personal Worker
Mike McDaniel - Church Growth When Faith is Under Fire (I, II Peter)
Tony Lawrence - Church Growth and the Power of Example
Women's Lessons:
Corinne Elkins - Women in the Early Church and Church Growth
Anita Hochdorf - Speaking Up for Morality and Church Growth - (Tape was blank - not taped)
Lois Duncan - Wives of Restoration Leaders and Church Growth
Dorothy Mosher - Christian Women in the Workplace and Church Growth
Irene Taylor - Vast Value of Ladies' Day and Church Growth
Annette Cates - Serving Those in Need and Church Growth
Joan Liddell - Wives, Mothers, and Grandmothers and Church Growth
Cindy Colley - Use of Phone, Cards, Letters, E-Mail, Visits, etc. and Church Growth
Thirty-Fifth Annual Lectureship
March 25-29, 2001
Memphis, TN
"The Book of Genesis: Foundational Truth
and the Unfolding of God's Plan of
(70.00- Full Set), (15.00-Ladies Classes- One dvd)
James Rogers- Introduction to the Book of Genesis
Barry Grider- Why Study the Old Testament?
Steve Ferguson- Esau, Who Sold His Birthright?
Billy Bland- God's Creation of Heaven, Earth, Sea and All Therein
Dub McClish- Sin Enters World, Consequences, First Messianic Prophecy
Ivie Powell- Cain Murders Abel, Punishment, Generations of Adam
Terry Hightower- Sin Multiplies; Preparation for Flood; Grace of God
Curtis A. Cates- Sin Punishment: The Flood
Keith Mosher, Sr- God Blesses Noah; Sons of Noah; Their Generations; Babel; Shem to Abraham
Tracy Dugger- Abraham Entertains Angels; Sodom's Doom; Son of Lot's Daughters
John Moore- Abraham Lies to Abimelech; Isaac Born; Isaac Offered
Roy Sharp- Joseph, Who Fled Temptation
Lynn Parker- Death of Sarah; Wife Sought for Isaac; Death of Abraham
Don McWhorter- Birth of Esau and Jacob; Isaac Lies; Blessed by God; Jacob Deceives Isaac
Tommy Hicks- Jacob Seeks Wife; Sees Vision, Receives Leah and Rachel; Jacob's Children
Gary Colley- Jacob Departs, Is Pursued, Prepares to Meet Esau, Wrestles Angel, Meet Esau
Paul Sain- Dinah Defiled, Avenged; Jacob to Bethal; Rachel Dies; Generations of Esau
Garland Elkins- Abraham, Who Looked for the City
Wesley Simons- Joseph Dreams, Sold; Sin of Judah; Joseph a Slave, Prisoner
Kent Bailey- Interprets Dream, Exalted;Jacob Sends Sons to Egypt; Sons Sent Again
Harrel Davidson- Plan to Keep Bargain; Judah Intercedes; Joseph Makes Himself Known, Sends for Family
Jerry Moffitt- Five Brother, Jacob Meets Pharaoh; Famine; Joseph Blesses Sons of Joseph
Bobby Liddell- Jacob Prophevies Concerning His Own Sons, Dies, Is buried; Death of Joseph
Robert R. Taylor Jr.- Abel, Who Yet Speaketh
Bob Winton- First and Second Adam
John Daniels- Genesis: Book of Beginnings
Don Tarbet- Is the Genesis Record Mythological?
James Woodall- Documentary Hypothesis Refuted
Jerry Murrell- Scienticfic Evidence for Biblical Creation
Bill Brazier- Characteristics of God Revealed in Genesis
David Tillman- The Ark and the Church of Christ
Michael Hatcher- Genesis: Archaeological Confirmation
Donald Rhodes- Can a Christian be a Theistic Evolutionist?
Joel Wheeler- Gap Theory Refuted
Joe Nichols- Scientific Refutation of Organic Evolution
Ira Y. Rice Jr.- Redigging the Wells of Salvation
Wade Webster- Isaac and Christ
David Lemmons- Genesis: Lessons in Providence
Charles Blair- Is the Earth Old, or Young?
Gary Grizzell- God's of Canaanites Refuted
Bobby Wood- The Abrahamic Covenant
Tany Castaneda- The House of God
Vigil Hale- Joseph a Type of Christ
David McElwain- Genesis: Religious Errors Refuted
Toney L. Smith- Were the Days of Genesis 1 Eons of Time, or 24 Hour Days?
Eugene Jenkins- Atheism Refuted
Johnny Skaggs- Prophecies in Genesis Fulfilled in Christ
Flavil Nichols- Carry a Little Honey
Ladies Class
Lois Duncan- Eve, Who Failed to Listen to God and was Deceived
Corinne Elkins- Sarah, Woman of Faith
Lavonne McClish- Hagar, The Bondswoman Who was Cast Out
Carol Mangrum- Lot's Wife, Who Looked Back and is to be Remembered
Denise Martin- Rebekah, Who by Faith 'Arose' and 'Followed'
Maggie Colley- Rachel and Leah "Which Two Did Build the House of Israel"
Jane McWhorter- Tamar, Woman of Tragedy and Incest
Irene Taylor- Potiphar's Wife, Who Lusted After Joseph
Thirty-Sixth Annual Lectureship
March 31 - April 4, 2002
Satan: Diabolical Ruler of the World and Enemy of God and Man
$70 set - 8 dvds
3 dvds - classrooms - ($30.00)
1 dvd - ladies class - ($15.00)

Kenneth Gossett - Satan: Factual or Fictional?
Barry Grider - Satan: His Orgin, Nature, and Power (Limitations)
Bobby Liddell - Satan: Father of Lies, Murdere fromthe Beginning
Daniel Denham - Satan: His Names
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - Satan: Engenderer of False Doctrine on the Holy Spirit
Corinne Elkins - Satan's Wicked Influence on Eve and Conseuences
Tim Nichols - Satan: Engenderer of Catholicism
Kevin Beard - The Church of Satan, Satanic Bible, Satanic Worship
Cliff Goodwin - Demon Possession and Satan
Neal Pollard - Ananias and Sapphira and Satan; Paul's Thorn and Satan
Bill Williams - 'The Devil Made Me Do it' Refuted
Jackie Stearsman - Satan's Work to Destroy the Bible
Daniel F. Cates - Engenderer of Evolution and Humanism
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Satan and Calvinism
Annette B. Cates - Satan's Wicked Influence on Deliliah and Consequences
Dub McClish - Satan's Work to Destroy the One Church, Its unity and Undenominational Character
Harrell Davidson - Satan, God of This World and Prince of Powers of the air
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - Satan: Engenderer of False Doctrine on the Holy Spirit
Irene Taylor - Satan's Wicked Influence on Witch of Endor and Consequences
Chuck Webster - Satan: Engenderer of Protestant Denominationalism
Tommy J. Hicks - The Devils Sifter
Kenneth E. Ratcliff - Why People En Masse Serve Such a Malicious Being
Johnny Burkhart - Delivering Erring, False Teachers to Satan; Satan and Imprisonment of Saints
Tom Wacaster - 'A Miracle a Day Keeps the Devil Away' Refuted
Gary McDade - Satan's Work to Discredit and Destroy Faithful Gospel Preachers
T. J. Clarke - Satan: Engenderer of Moderism
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Satan and Calvinism
Jane McWhorter - Satan's Wicked Influence on Jeezebel and Consequences
Kent Bailey - Satan's Work to Thwart God's Eternal Purpose
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Charles Box - Satan's Work to Destroy the Moral Fabric of Society
John Barcus - Satan: His Devices and Ministers
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - Satan: Engender of False Doctrine on the Holy Spirit
Tish Clarke - Satan's Wicked Influenc on Athaliah and Consequences
Toney Smith - Satan: Engenderer of World dReligions
Greg Dismuke - If I were the Devil's Preacher
Royce Williamson - Satan: Engenderer of Antiism/Radicalism
David B. Jones - Satan's Seat at Pergamum; Satan's Synagogue at Smyrna
Gary Buxton - 'Judas a Devil from the Beginning' Refuted
Tyler Young - Resisting vs Giving Place to the Devil
Jimmy Fergusion - Engenderer of Liberalism and Change Agent Agenda
Robert R. Taylor, Sr. - Satan and Calvinism
Celicia Grider - Satan's Wicked Influences on Gamer and Consequences
Billy Bland - Satan's Work to Destroy the Local Congreation, Its Leadership
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Gary Henson - Satan's Work to Destroy the Schools
Mark Turner - Satan: Adversary, Tempter, Hinderer, Accuser
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - Satan: Engenderer of False Doctrine on the Holy Spirit
Dorothy Mosher - Satan's Wicked Influence on Herodias and Salome, Drusilla and Bernice and
B. J. Clarke - Satan: Engenderer of the Occult, New Age
Gary Summers - The Devil's Work in the Media
Lester Kamp - Satan's Seed and the Bruising of Christ's Heel
Robert Kingsley - Michael, Satan, and Moses' Body; Satan Bruised Under Feet
Marvin L. Weir - 'Satan Working Supernaturally Today' Refuted
Paul Sain - The How, When, Why of the Binding of Satan
Jerry Martin - Engenderer of Reincarnation Theory
Robert R. Taylor, Sr. - Satan and Calvinism
Cindy Colley - Satan's Wicked Influence on Idle Women and Silly Women and Consequences
27th Memphis School of Preaching Annual Lectureship
March 30-April 3, 2003
"God The Father"
4 vhs (auditorium-36 lessons) tapes = $40.00
4 dvd (auditorium - 36 lessons) = $45.00
1 tape (8 lessons) ladies class - $12.00
full set - 8 vhs - $70.00/dvd - $80.00
Sunday, March 30, 2003
Jerry Martin - Listening In The Presence of God
Barry Grider - The Greatest Sermon On God - Acts 17
Paul Sain - The Eternal Purpose of God
Curtis A. Cates - The Heavens Declare The Glory of God
Monday, March 31, 2003
Matt Jaggers - CHAPEL - The Peace Of God
Will T. Winchester - God The Father
Dub McClish - The Foreknowledge of God
orine Elkins - A Practical Approach To Worshiping God (Women's Class)
B. J. Clarke - God Is Not Mocked
Class 1: One Nation Under God - Sam Willicut
Class 2: The Nature of God - Tim Rice
Class 3: Can man Know and Be Know of God? - Jimmy Ferguson
Class 4: God Keeps His Promises - Eric Owens
Harrell Davidson - God's Compassion For The Afflicted and Oppressed
Class 2: The "God" of Existentialism - Charles Cochran
Class 3: Our God Is A Sun And Shield -  Annette B. Cates
(Women's Class)
Gary McDade - God Is The God Of The Living
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Wendell Winkler - God So Loved The World
Tuesday, April 1, 2003
Eugene Edwards - CHAPEL - The Holiness Of God
Keith Mosher - God Has Spoken
Jack Openshaw - Where Is Their God?
Betty Tucker - Draw near To God (Women's Class)
David Brown - God And Christian Ethics
Class 1: God and Temptation - Lane Dix
Class 2: What God Has Joined Together - Michael Shepherd
Class 3: Is God Just In Punishing The Wicked? - Mike Hixson
Class 4: The Providence of God - Michael Hatcher
John Shannon - God Seeks True Worshipers
Class 1: Glorifying God - Don Treadway
Class 2: God, Evil And Suffering - Glenn Colley
Class 3: God Made Them Male and Female - Irene Taylor
(Women's Class)
Lennie Reagan - The Origin of The Idea of God
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
James Segars - God Gives Sanctity to Life
Wednesday, April 2, 2003
Bill Doyle - CHAPEL - The Justice of God
Kenneth Gossett - The Angels of God
Martha Bentley - God Chose A Woman (Women's Class)
Wayne Price - Should We Seek Unto God Or Familiar Spirits?
Class 1: The Problem Of Sin and The Process of God's Forgiveness - Brad Poe
Class 2:  Friendship Of The World Is Enmity With God - Daniel F. Cates
Class 3:  The Indwelling Of Man By God - David Smith
Class 4:  Answering Charges Against God - Brent Smith
Billy Bland - The Oneness Holiness View of God
Class 1: The Names of God - Barry Elliott
Class 2:  God In The Home - Dan Goddard
Class 3:  Learning To Trust In God - Vada Rice
(Women's Class)
Tony Lawrence - God Resists The Proud and Gives Grace to the Humble
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Ronnie Hayes - The Importance of One Person to God
Thursday, April 3, 2003
Mike Hall - CHAPEL - The People of God
Darrell Beard - Is All We Do Worship to God?
Barry Gilreath, Jr - The Relationship of The Father To The Son and Spirit
Celicia Grider - Living Godly Lives In An Ungodly World (Women's Class)
James Hudley - God, Time and Eternity
Class 1:  Walking With God - Jessie Dickison
Class 2:  The Living God and the Idels of Men - Gary Summers
Class 3:  The Wrath of God - Floyd Johnson
Class 4:  The Secret Things Belong to God - Preston Silcox
Melvin Hampton - The Grace of God
Class 1:  Respect for God and His Name - Freddie Shows
Class 2:  God, Man and Money - Robert Williams
Class 3:  Is There Anything God Cannot Do? - Elizabeth Ferguson
(Women's Class)
Bobby Liddell - There Is One God
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The Conclusion of the Whole Matter
38th Annual MSOP Lectureship
March 28-April 1, 2004
"Sin and Salvation"
4 vhs (auditorium-36 lessons) tapes = $40.00
4 dvd (auditorium - 36 lessons) = $45.00
4 dvd/vhs classroom lessons = $45.00/$40.00
1 tape -  ladies class - $12.00
full set - 8 vhs - $70.00/dvd - $80.00
Tape #1
Billy Bland - Is The World Really Lost Without The Gospel?
Barry Grider - What Is Sin?
Paul Sain - Heaven: Eternal Home of the Saved
Curtis A. Cates - The Savior's Invitation
Paul Meacham - His Name Is Jesus
Bobby Liddell - Forgiveness
David Sain - What does it Really Mean To Be Saved?
Perry Cotham - Ye Must Be Born Again
Dub McClish - Calvinism and Neo-Calvinism
Tape #2
Ronnie Hayes - The Sin of Fear
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Wendell Winkler - The Origin of Sin
Randy Chambers - Except Ye Be Converted
Flavil Nichols - Cases of Conversion
Wayne Coats - Sin Keeps The Church From Growing
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - The Seed Line of Salvation
David Brown - The Work of the Holy Spirit and Salvation
Harrell Davidson - The Common Salvation
Tape #3
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Winford Claiborne - The Second Coming, Resurrection and Judgment
Barry Kennedy - Sin Separates
John Barcus - The Sin of Sodom
Mark Bass - Hell: Place of Eternal Punishment For Sin
Kent Bailey -With Whom Do the Saved havce Fellowship?
Gary McDade - Is There a Sin Which God Will Not Or Cannot Forgive?
Michael Hatcher - Confession of Sin
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Tape #4
George Bailey - Will God Always Bless America?
Philip Brannon - The Joy of Salvation
Johnie Scaggs - What Must Brethren Do When a Brother Sins?
B. J. Clarke - Cases of Non-Conversion
Charles Box - Must One Be a Faithful Member of the Church of Christ in Order to Be Saved?
Gary Colley - Salvation Is By Faith, But Not By Faith Only
Clifford Newell - What Does It Really Mean to be Lost?
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Sin Is Man's Greatest Problem; Salvation Is Man's Greatest Need
Tape #5
Tom Larkin - The Works of the Flesh and the Fruit of the Spirit
Mark Reynolds - The Sin of Perverted Worship
Terry Mabery - Without Shedding of Blood, There is No Remission
Dale Hubbert - What is Repentance?
Toney Smith - Sins Against the Home
John Moore - Sins Against the Church
Andy Cates - the angels that Sinned
Kenneth Gossett - Does the Body Sin While the Spirit Does Not?
Tape #6
Jason Roberts - As Analysis of "The Sinner's Prayer"
Stacy Grant - Sins of Indifference and Neglect
David Watson - the Cost of Salvation
Gary Summers - Salvation of man Demands the All-Sufficient Word
Jerri Manasco - the Hope of Salvation
Paul Vaughn - The Futility of Man-made Attempts to Escape Sin
David B. Jones - The Sin of Worldiness
Lester Kamp - He That Believeth and is Baptized Shall Be Saved
Jerry Martin - Satan's Steps for Sinful Compromise
Tape #7
Dan Cates - Refuting the Error of "Once Saaved, Always Saved"
Rick Brumback - Encouraging and Training Men to Preach the Gospel
Kenneth E. Ratcliff - Is The Law Sin?
Gene Bench - Can One Today Be Saved Like the Thief on the Cross?
Steve Wiggins - Partial Obedience is Disobedience
Tim Kidwell - Does man Have a Sinful Nature?
The Keith A. Mosher, Sr. Appreciation Dinner
Tape #8
Ladies Classes
Corinne Elkins - The Sin of a Self-Centered Life
Annett B. Cates - Sins of a Prayerless Life
Dorothy Mosher - The Sin of an Adulterous Marriage
Jane McWhorter - (at her request, was not recorded)
Irene Taylor - Saved at Home-Lost at School?
Lavonne McClish - How Should a Christian Look at Sin?
Vada Rice - The Great Physician
Celicia Grider - (There was no audio recorded)
The Alumni Dinner
39th Annual MSOP Lectureship
March 27-31, 2005
"What Is Man?"
8 vhs tapes - $70.00 - whole lectureship
8 dvd disks - same
4 vhs tapes - $40.00 - Auditorium only
4 dvd disks - same
mp3 - 8 disks - $35.00 - full set
Auditorium - in Black
Class Rooms - in Blue
Women's Class - in Red
Sunday, March 27, 2005
Jerry Martin - What is Man -- In View Of An Absolute Ethical Standard?
Barry Grider - What is Man -- As Shown By The Providence of God?
David P. Brown - What is Man -- According To World Religions?
Monday, March 28, 2005
Ralphelle Hubbard (Chapel) - Treasure In Earthern Vessels
Curtis A. Cates - God Created Male and Female--A Study of Human Sexuality
Don McWhorter - What Are The Roles of Men and Women?
Corinne Elkins  - What is Man -- In View of Death? (Women's Class)
Sean Hochdorf - What is Man -- According To  Humanism?
Billy Bland - The Benefits Of A Merry Heart
Lane Dix - God Has Given Man Work To Do
Wayne Jones - What Is man -- In View of Eternity?
Dub McClish - What is Man -- In View of An Absolute Moral Standard?
Annette B. Cates - Man Is The Object of God's Love (Women's Class)
Keith Dixon - What is Man -- As A Steward Of God's Blessings?
Gary Colley - Man Has A Spirit Within Him That Will Live Eternally
Anthony Hixson - What Is Man -- In View Of His Dominion?
Gideon Rodriguez - Man's Relationship With Fellow Man
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Harrell Davidson - What Is Man -- In View of His Purpose?
Tuesday, March 29, 2005
John Barker - (Chapel) - Workmen Approved Unto God
Kenneth E. Ratcliff - What is Man -- In View Of Prayer?
Wayne Coats - Man Needs The Church
Maggie Colley - Man Is In The World, But Must Not Be of the World (Women's Class)
Jerry Murrell - Man Is Responsible For Being Honest and Truthful
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - The Faith Stages of Man
Rick Lawson - What Is Man - According To Calvinism?
Timothy Wilkes - What Is Man - According To Science?
Tony Lawrence - God Created Male and Female - The Differences In Men and Women
Brandon Britton - When Does Life Begin?
Gary McDade - What Is Man - As Affected By Sin?
Denny Landon - What Is Man - In View of his Ability To Think and learn?
Andy Cates - What Is man - According To The Theory of Organic Evolution?
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Paul Sain - What Is Man - As Created by God?
Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Phillip Vanwinkle (Chapel) - Preparation For Life
Tommy Hicks - What is Man - In View of his Senses?
Cliff Lyons - How Does God Communicate To Man?
Zelma McDaniel - Man and The Stars (Women's Class)
Dave Leonard - What is man--According To Communism?
B. J. Clarke - Man and Civil Government
Jeff O'Dell - What Must Man Do To Be Saved?
Dan Cates - What is Man - As Unearthed By Archaeology?
Allen Webster - How Does The Personality Develop?
Melinda Thompson - Man and the Dinosaurs (Women's Class)
Skip Andrews - How Did Man Come To use Language?
Michael Hatcher - What Is Man - In His Relationship With God?
Troy McNutt - Of One Blood God has Made Man
Rod Halliburton - The Judgment Of All Men
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
James Rogers - Man As A Servant
Thursday, March 31, 2005
Mike Dugger - (Chapel) - Lights In The World
Michael McDaniel - What is man - According To Hedonism?
Jerry Brewer - God Created Male and Female - A Study of Marriage
Robert Meredith - What Is Man - As Shown By The Physical Body?
Kenneth Gossett - God Has Commanded Man
Greg Lewis - Man's Problems With Suffering, Sorrow, Pain, and Loss
David B. Jones - What is Man - According To Human Philosophy?
Jimmy Ferguson - Man and Satan
Celicia Grider - What Is Man - In View of His Need for Nurturing and Care? (Women's Class)
Riley Nelson - Man Is An Emotional Being
Bobby Wood - God Has Given Man The Power Of Choice
Larry Powers - What is man - In View Of His Earthly Home?
Ben Wright - Is Religion The Product of Man?
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Robert Taylor, Jr. - What Is Man?

Cliff and Marty Lyons - Appreciation dinner is included.  Also singing is included
There was no tape for Jane McWhorter (Women's class)
Sorry - no tape for Alumni dinner - was lost.
40th Annual MSOP Lectureship

March 26-30, 2006

"The Gospel of Christ"
8 vhs tapes - $70.00
8 dvd disks - $70.00
Auditorium - black (first 4)
Classrooms - blue (next 3)
Ladies classes - red (last one)
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - The "First Gospel"
Barry Grider - The Revelation of the Mystery of the Gospel
David Sain - The Good News of the Virgin Birth of Christ
Peter Chin - The Importance of the Preacher's Wife
Barry Gilreath, Jr. - The Gospel Produces Brotherly Love
B. J. Clarke - The Gospel of Growth
Tony Lawrence - How Can We Encourage Longevity in Local Work
Paul Sain - Sowing the Seed One Page At a Time
Curtis A. Cates - The Gospel of Grace
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Charles Box - The Good News of the Sinlessly Perfect Life of Christ
Tim Wilkes - There is No Substitute for the Gospel
Glenn Colley - Fellowship In the Gospel
Johnnie Scaggs - The Gospel Produces True Worshipers
John Moore - Preaching The Gospel by Video
Allen Webster - Taking the Gospel from House to House
Jim Dearman - Preaching the Gospel by Television
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Tom Holland - The Good News of the Cross of Christ
D'Angelo Joyce - The Responsibility of the Hearer
Brad Harrub - The Gospel and Science
Tommy Hicks - Living of the Gospel
Gary McDade - Preaching the Gospel by Radio
Mark Bass - Encouraging Young Men to Preach the Gospel
Glenn Posey - Preaching the Gospel to the Poor
Winford Claiborne - The Good News of the Resurrection of Christ
Jerry Manning - The Need for Continuing Study
Barry Hatcher - Preaching the Gospel in Foreign Missions:  Sponsoring and Supporting Churches and
Qualifications of Missionaries
Eddy Gilpin - How Can We Have the Proper Motivation to Preach?
Kenneth Ratcliff - The Gospel in Parables
Melvin Sapp - The Gospel Produces Faith
Ronnie Hayes - Overcoming Prejudice with the Gospel
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The Good News of Eternal Salvation

Nelson Luster - The Gospel Plan of Salvation
Roger Jackson - The Gospel of Forgiveness
Stan Stevenson - Preaching the Gospel In Spite of Prison and Persecution
Tom Moore - Called by The Gospel
Ray Peters - Establishing congregations In New and Difficult Areas
Sam Willcut - Christ Preached The Gospel
Tony Liddell - The Everlasting Gospel
Mike Ray - The Gospel of Peace
Nathan Liddell - The Gospel of The Kingdom
Bobby Liddell - The Hope of the Gospel
Preston Silcox - Hindering The Gospel of Christ
(*no video)
Paul Martin - The Gospel In Song
Billy Bland - Preaching the Gospel In foreign Missions: Methods of Teaching and Training
Jeff Coalson - The Gospel Does Not Produce Radicalism
Mark Posey - All Men Are Amenable to the Gospel
Keith Dixon - Preaching The Gospel on the Internet
Gene Bench - To Whom Does The Great Commission Apply?
Mark Mosher - What Is the Gospel of Christ?
Scott Ferguson - Set For The Defense of the Gospel
(*video & audio intermittent)
Jeff Grimes - The Certified Gospel
Tony Pulliam - How Can We Have An Effective Gospel Meeting?
Dale Hubbert - The Gospel of Unity
Bob O'Dell - The Gospel In Power, and In The Holy Ghost
Greg Balentine - The Hidden Gospel

Corinne Elkins - The Transforming Power of the Gospel (no audio)
Annette B. Cates - The Gospel Produces Great Homes
Kathy Jones - Teaching Teachers to Teach: Methods and Aids I
Carol Mangrum - The Gospel Produces Great Churches
April Meacham - Teaching Teachers to Teach: Methods and Aids II
Irene Taylor - Women Who Labored In the Gospel
Lenore Looney - The Power of Influence
Celicia Grider - How Can I Teach The Gospel to Others?

*Classroom lectures were taped by someone other than Jim Green

March 25-29, 2007

"Epistles to Corinth"
8 vhs tapes - $70.00
8 dvd disks - $70.00
8 mp3 cd's - $35.00
Barry Grider - The Apostleship of Paul
Don McWhorter - Christ and the Church
Neal Pollard - Unity and Baptism
Gary McDade - Glory In the Lord
Mike McDaniel - Laborers Todgether with God
Wade Webster - Put Away That Wicked Person
Kenneth Ratcliff - Your Body Is the Temple of the Holy Ghost
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
B. J. Clarke - Consideration of Weak Brethren
Randy Vaughn - Plowing In Hope
Randy Vaughn - Plowing In Hope
Curtis A. Cates - For the Gospe'ls Sake
Johnie Scaggs - The Cup of the Lord and the Cup of Devils
Tommy Hicks - Diversities of Spiritual Gifts
Tony Lawrence - The Greatest of These is Love
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Tom Holland - If Christ Be Not Raised
Keith Mosher - Victory Over Death and the Grave
Denny Petrillo - The Collection for the Saints
Billy Bland - Comfort, Consolation, and Confidence
David B. Jones - The letter and the Spirit
Ronnie Hayes - Our House From Heaven
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Paul Sain - Come Out From Among Them
Dan Cates - Godly Sorrow Works Repentance
Ken Tyler - Proving the Sincerity of your Love
Jerry Martin - Bountiful Sowing and Bountiful Reaping
David Looney - True and False Apostles
Bill Irby - God's Grace is Sufficient
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Finally, Farewell
Chapel lessons:
Chance Hicks - We Preach Not Ourselves....
David Williams - Christ's Love constrains Us...
John Rose - The First and Last Adam....
Andy Brewer - God Gives the Increase...

Class Rooms:
Scott Perry - Revelation of the Mind of Christ
Jeremy James - The Temple of God
Bennie Braswell - Fools For Christ
Dustin Forthun - Suffering to be Defrauded
Ryan Tuten - Marriage and Divorce: Not Under Bondage
Michael Hughes - Marriage in View of the Present Distress
Lee Davis - Examples from the Past and Admonition for the Present
Cliff Goodwin - Coverings and Customs
:Larry Acuff - Come Not Together Unto condemnation
Charles Cochran -Many Members of One Body
Russell Kline - Speaking In Tongues
David Courington - Let All Things Be Done Decently and In Order
Garry Stanton - Paul, People, Places, and Plans
Robert jefferies - Response to Repentance
Mike Hisaw - A Sweet Savour in Christ
Sean Hochdorf - Treasure In Earthen Vessels
Kelvin Pugh - The Ministry of Reconciliation
Bobby Baker -That The Ministry be Not Blamed
Jesse Dickison - Providing Things Honest In The Sight of All Men
Mitch Rhymer - The Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal
Mark Lance - Measured by God's Standard
Keith Young - Glorying In Infirmity
Chad Dollahite - To Spend and To Be Spent
Kevin Rutherford - Weakness and Power

Ladies Classes:
Corinne Elkins - Answering Anti-ism's Arguments from the Corinthian Epistles
Annette Cates - The Work of the Holy Spirit In The Church at Corinth
Tish Clarke - Paul's Approach to Problems In The Church at Corinth
Jane McWhorter - The Role of Women in the Church at Corinth
Denise Martin - Instructions to the Church at Corinth on Worship
Irene Taylor - Eschatology and the Epistles to Corinth
Keri Sayle - What Did Paul Teach About Baptism
Celicia Grider - The Teaching of Paul and Christ on Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage
All mp3-cds are $7.00