Nesbit Church of Christ, Nesbit, MS
The First Standing In The Gap Lectureship
January 27-30, 2000
Nesbit, MS

(3 dvd set - $25.00/
2 mp3-cd - $14.00)

Jimmy Ferguson - The Necessity of Knowing the Difference Between Truth & Error
Keith Mosher - The Truth About the Need to be a Soldier of the Cross
Jerry Martin - The Truth About the Need for Distinctive Preaching
Garland Elkins - The Truth About the Inspiration of the Scriptures
Dan Cates - The Truth About Creation vs Evolution
Billy Bland - The Truth About Salvation Being Won Only in Christ
David B. Jones - The Truth About Grace
Curtis A. Cates - There Can Be NO Peaceful Existence Between Truth & Error
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The Truth About the Second Coming of Christ
Robert Williams - The Truth About Marriage-Divorce-Remarriage
Lennie Reagan - The Truth About the "Core Gospel Heresy"
Damon Lundy- The Truth About the Possibility of Apostasy
Johnny Burkhart - The Truth About Miracles
Chris Butler - The Truth About Fellowship
John Shannon - The Truth About the Church vs Denominationalism
Billy Sasser - The Truth About the Operation of the Holy Spirit
David B. Jones - The Truth About the Role of Women
Bobby Liddell - The Truth About Acceptable Worship
Wayne Jones - The Truth About Error
The Second Annual Standing In The Gap Lectureship
Nesbit, MS
January 2001


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2 mp3-cd - $14.00)

Curtis Cates - The early life and conversion of Paul
Barry Grider - The church Paul established in the first century
Daniel Cates - First Thessalonians
Jerry Martin - First Corinthians
Keith Mosher - Romans
Billy Bland - Galatians
Lennie Reagan - Lessons from the first missionary journey
Bobby Liddell - Lessons from the second missionary journey
Robert Taylor - Philemon
Tony Pulliam - Second Thessalonians
Gary McDade - Second Corinthians
B. J. Clarke - Ephesians
Robert Williams - Philippians
Davy Russell - First Timothy
Raymond Hagood - Lessons from the third missionary journey
Johnny Burkhart - Second Timothy
Joel White - Colossians
Chris Butler - Titus
Waynes Jones - The crown of life for which Paul labore
The Third Annual Standing In The Gap Lectureship
January 24-27, 2002
Nesbit, MS


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2 mp3-cd - $14.00)

Curtis A. Cates, SR - Does the Grace of God Exclude Faith and Works?
Keith Mosher - True Grace of God Provided The Church
Jerry Martin - True Grace of God Provides Election - Lively Hope
Garland Elkins - True Grace of God Provides Security Through the Power of God
Dave Leonard - True Grace of God Provides Holiness
Daniel Cates - True Grace of God Provided The Priesthood of Believers
Johnny Burkhart - True Grace of God Provides the Open Ear of God
Barry Grider - Peter: Impatient Fisherman to Patient Follower
Robert R. Taylor, JR. - True Grace of God Warns Against Our Adversary
Chris Butler - True Grace of God Provides Daily Standard of Living
Cliff Goodwin - True Grace of God Provides Perfect Example
Patrick Morrison - True Grace of God Provides Defense of What We Believe
Gary McDade - True Grace of God Does NOT Provide for Second Chance at Death
Andy Cates - True Grace of God Provides Leadership Through Elders
Billy Bland - True Grace of God  Provided the Means of Redemption
B. J. Clarke - True Grace of God Provides A Warning Against Wells Without Water
Chip Horton - True Grace of God Provides An Abundant Entrance Into Kingdom
Bobby Liddell - True Grace of God Provided A Pattern for Husbands and Wives
Wayne Jones - True Grace of God Provides A New Heaven and a New Era
4th Annual Standing In The Gap Lectureship
January 23-26, 2003
Nesbit, MS

"Answering Common Questions People Ask Members of the Church of Christ"

/3 dvd set - $25.00/
2 mp3-cd - $1400)

Keith Mosher, Sr. - Why do you all teach miracles do not happen today?
Dave Leonard - Why don't you believe that we are all taking different roads to the same place?
Barry Grider - Why do you not extend fellowship to every religious person who believes in Jesus?
Garland Elkins - Where does the Bible say you have to take the Lord's Supper every Sunday?
Jerry Martin - Why do you not celebrate such holiday as Christmas and Easter as religious holidays?
Daniel Cates - Why do you contend so much for what you call "truth?" Why do you try & bind your
interpretation on
everyone else?
Billy Bland - Why do you teach that Jesus will not return and reign a thousand years on earth?
Curtis A. Cates - Why do you teach the Holy Spirit only operates through His word?
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Why do you believe in "water salvation?" What if one is on his deathbed?
James Eaves - "You don't have to go to church to go to heaven so why do you teach that attendance to all
service is necessary?"
Ronnie Scherffius - Why do you people "kick people out of the church?"
Kirk Talley - Where does the Bible say we can not drink a beer or go to a dance? What constitutes
immodest dress?
B. J. Clarke - Why do you not have women elders and preachers?
Lennie Reagan - Why do you care so much about what name one wears in religion?
Johnny Burkhart- Doesn't God want me to be happy in whatever marriage I find myself?  What about the
Gary McDade - Do you folks believe you are the only ones going to heaven?
Chris Butler - Why don't you people believe in the Old Testament?
Bobby Liddell - Why do you all not use a piano in worship?
Wayne Jones - Why don't you believe "once you are saved, you are always saved?"
5th Annual Standing In The Gap Lectureship
January 22-25, 2004
The "Rest of the Story"

3 dvd set  - $25.00/
2 mp3-cd - $14.00

Curtis A. Cates - The Infallible, Inerrant Word of God
Gary McDade - Do the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John belong in the New Testament?
Barry Grider - The book of Matthew
Daniel Cates - The book of Mark
Jerry Martin - The book of Luke
Keith Mosher, Sr. - The book of John
Garland Elkins - The book of Acts
Gary Colley - How do we establish Bible authority today?
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Does Matthew 19:9 contradict I Corinthians 7:15 on the subject of divorce and
Kirk Talley - The book of Hebrews
Ronnie Scherffius - The book of I John
Sam Willcut - The book of James
B. J. Clarke - The book of Revelation
Jason McDade - The books of II and III John
Dave Leonard - Is the "anointing" for us today? (I John 2:27)
Johnny Burkhart - Blessed are They Who Do His Commandments (Rev. 21:14
Chris Butler - The book of Jude
Bobby Liddell - The nature of the Kingdom (Rev. 20:1-6)
Wayne Jones - II John 9-11 - The Doctrine "of" Christ or the Doctrine "about" Christ
6th Annual Standing In The Gap
January 27-30, 2005
"The Pentateuch - The Books of Law"

dvd (3) - $25.00 and mp3 (
2) - $14.00

Gary McDade - Authority: Do we have an absolute authority in religion today?
Bobby Liddell - What is the value of studying the Old Testament?
Ronnie Scherffius - Genesis:  An Overview
Joey Davis - Did Man have a choice in the garden?
Caleb Campbell - Pictures of Jesus from Genesis
James Eaves - Lessons from The Three Patriarchs
Lennie Reagan - Exodus: An Overview
Curtis Cates - Was the Noaic Flood universal or localized?
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The Hebrews' salvation - Type of our salvation today
Tim Burroughs - The compromises of Pharaoh
Keith Mosher - The Passover Lamb:  A Picture of Jesus
Chris Butler - Leviticus:  An Overview
B. J. Clarke - Homosexuality:  An Alternate Lifestyle?
Jerry Martin - Numbers:  An Overview
Dan Cates - "You Take Too Much Upon Ye..."
Billy Bland - The sin of unbelief (Num. 13 & 14)
Dave Leonard - Deuteronomy: An overview
Derrick Coble - What Moses Saw on Mt. Pisgah
Wayne Jones - Parents responsibilities in teaching their children (Deut 6: 4-9)
January 26-29, 2006
"The Books of History:  Joshua - Esther"

3 dvd's - $25.00/  2 mp3's - $1

Billy Bland - God's Providence as Shown Through the Faithful Remnant
Bobby Liddell - Prophecies and Their Fulfillment as Revealed in the Books of History
Jeff Johnson - Book of Joshua
- Book of Judges
Jason Hilburn - Book of I Samuel
Dave Leonard - Book of II Samuel
Gary McDade - Book of I Kings
Curtis Cates - Did the Ten Tribes of the North Return?
Robert Taylor - Acceptable Worship - Only Where God Put His Name - Then and Now
Todd Crayton - Book of II Kings
Tim Burroughs - Book of I Chronicles
Keith Mosher - Pictures of the Christ in the Books of History
Jerry Martin - Book of II Chronicles
Garland Elkins - Book of Nehemiah
Dan Cates - Cities of Refuge
B. J. Clarke - Pride: The Killer
Chris Butler - Book of Ezra
Derrick Coble - The Dangers of Partial Obedience
Wayne Jones - The Rebuilding of the Walls (Need for Godly Leadership
Eighth Annual Standing In The Gap Lectureship
January 25-28, 2007
"The Books of Poetry:  Job - Song of Solomon"

3 dvd's - $25.00/
2 mp3's - $14.00

Curtis A. Cates - Yet Trouble Came:  The Problem of Evil in the book of Job
Curtis A. Cates - the Patriarch Job:  Example of Godly Living and Facing the Future
Dave Leonard - Contrast of the Righteous and Unrighteous From the Book of Psalms
Todd clippard - Misuse of Wisdom From the Life of Solomon
Tim Burroughs - Lessons From Little Creatures in the Book of Proverbs
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The Messiah Pictured in the Book of Psalms
Jess Dickenson - "Nothing New Under the Sun" - Lessons from Ecclesiastes
Curtis A. Cates - The Messiah as Pictured in the Book of Job
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The majesty of God in the Book of Psalms
Todd Clippard - Parenting Pointers from the Book of Proverbs
Dan Cates - Various Types of Prayer in the Book of Psalms
Gary McDade - An Overview of the Book of Song of Solomon
Paul Meacham - Pride and It's Deadliness from the Book of Proverbs
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The Message of God from the book of Psalms (119)
Wayne Jones - Vanity of Trusting Riches from the Book of Ecclesiastes (Youth Emphasis)
Derrick Coble - Danger of alcohol from the Book of Proverbs (Youth Emphasis)
Chris Butler - Misuse of the Tongue from the Book of Proverbs
Derrick Coble - What Does It Mean When God Laughs?
Wayne Jones - Let Us Hear The Conclusion to the Whole Matter

The Ninth Annual Standing In The Gap Lectureship
January 24-27, 2008
"The Major Prophets:  Isaiah-Daniel"

3 dvds - $25.00
2 mp3 cd's - $14.00

Robert R. Taylor, Jr.  "Take My Brethren the Prophets...For an Example of Suffering"
Daniel Cates - Christian Evidences:  Historical Accuracy of the Major Prophets
Gary McDade - Introduction and Overview of the Book of Isaiah
Garland Elkins - Significance of the Virgin Birth (Isa. 7:14)
Bryan Wilson - "Here Am I Send Me" (Isa. 6)
Tim Burroughs - Introduction and Overview of the Book of Jeremiah
Jerry Martin - The Backsliding of Israel Through Jeremiah's Pen
Keith Mosher - The Schools of the Prophets
Todd Clippard - Introduction and Overview of Lamentations
Curtis A. Cates - Christian Evidences:  Prophetic Accuracy of the Major Prophets
Andy Brewer - Introduction and Overview of Ezekiel
Tim Hayes - The nature of god as Seen in the Major Prophets
Troy McNutt - Pictures of Christ in the major Prophets
Gary Colley - the Glory of God in Ezekiel Chapter One
Wade Webster - The Seventy Weeks of Daniel
Chance Hicks - Lessons From the Four Hebrew Youths of Daniel
Chris Butler - Introduction and Overview of Daniel
Billy Hayes - The Church that the Major Prophets Saw
Anthony Oesch - The Suffering Savior as Seen by Isaiah
The Tenth Annual Standing In The Gap Lectureship
January 29-February 1, 2009
"Messages from the Minor Prophets"

3 dvds/
2 mp3 cd - $14.00

Bobby Liddell - Why Study the Minor Prophets?
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - The Message of the Messiah in the Minor Prophets
Dave Leonard - The Book of Obadiah
Todd Clippard - The Book of Joel
Chris Butler - The Book of Jonah
Derrick Coble - The Book of Amos
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The Book of Hosea
Garland Elkins - Can Two Walk Together, Except They Be Agreed?
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge
Tim Burroughs - The Book of Micah
Patrick Morrison - The Book of Zephaniah
Dwayne Butler - The Book of Nahum
Chance Hicks - The Book of Habakkuh
Jerry Martin - The Book of Haggai
B. J. Clarke - God's Message to Various Nations Through the M.P.
Curtis Cates - How the Minor Prophets Preached
Wade Webster - The Book of Zechariah
Robert Rawson - The Book of Malachi
Wayne Rodgers - The Intertestament Period
The 11th Annual Standing in the Gap Lectureship
"Practical Truths for Christians"
January 29-31, 2010

2 dvd set/- $20.00 /1 mp3-cd-$

Curtis Cates - The Christian's Hope
Garland Elkins - The Christian and Worship
Jason Hilburn - The Christian and Time Management
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The Christian's Study Habits
Dave Leonard - The Christian Man and the Home
B. J. Clarke - The Christian's Abhorrence of Evil, Love for God
Scott Cain - Practical Advice for Young Christians
Billy Bland - The Christian and Evangelism
Jason Hilburn - How a Christian Man can Serve God
Robert Jefferies - The Christian's Conduct in the Kingdom
Keith Mosher - How Christians Deal with Problems
Wade Webster - The Christian and His Influence
Gary Colley - How Christians Handle Church Problems
Ladies classes were not taped

(Due to snow storm schedule had to be changed)

The 12th Annual Standing in the Gap Lectureship
"I Corinthians, Chapter 1-8"
January 28-30, 2011

2 dvd set/- $20.00 /1 mp3-cd-$

Bobby Liddell - Circumcision Is Nothing
Jerry Martin - Your Glorying Is Not Good
Billy Bland - Let There be No Divisions
Gary Colley - It is Required in Stewards that a Man Be Found Faithful
Dan Cates - How Knowest Thou, O Man Whether Thou Shalt Save Thy Wife?:
B. J. Clarke - Lest I make My Brother to Offend
Anthony Oesch - Every Man's Work Shall Be Made Manifest
Garland Elkins - Your Faith Should Not Stand in the Wisdom of Men
Andrew Nelson - Timothy...Shall Bring You Into Remembrance
Robert Jefferies - Babes Christ
Keith Mosher - Not Under Bondage
Wade Webster - Why Do You Not Rather Suffer Yourselves to be Defrauded?
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - And Such Were S
ome of You

The 13th Annual Standing in the Gap Lectureship
"I Corinthians, Chapter 9-16"
January 27-29, 2012

2 dvd set/- $20.00 /1 mp3-cd-$

Charles Broyles - I Write Unto You...the Commandments of the Lord
Billy Bland - When Ye Come Together Into One Place
Derrick Coble - A Way to Escape
Garland Elkins - Under the Law to Christ
Gary Colley - Let All Things be Done Decently and in Order
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - That They May Be Saved
Patrick Morrison - In Malice Be Ye Children
Clifton Angel - Evil Companionships Corrupt Good Morals
Tim Burroughs - When That Which is Perfect is Come
Bobby Liddell - If it be a Shame...Let Her be Covered
Robert Jefferies - They Which Preach the Gospel should live of the Gospel
Wade Webster - Let Your Women Keep Silence in the Churches
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The Cometh the End
The 14th Annual Standing in the Gap Lectureship
"Biblical Love"
January 25-27, 2013

2 dvd set/- $20.00 /1 mp3-cd-$

Gary Colley - The Greatest Commandment
Dan Cates - The Characteristics of Love
Bobby Liddell - Loving the Truth
Billy Bland - Loving the Lost
Randy Collum - Brotherly Love
Mike Hixson - What a Loving God Hates
Garland Elkins - Love Not the World
Curtis Cates - Family Love
Jared Rhodes - Love Helps the Helpless
Christ Butler - Perfect Love Casts Out Fear
Robert Jefferies - Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself
Wad Webster - Lovest Thou Me More than These?
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - God is Love

The 15th Annual Standing in the Gap Lectureship
"Second Corinthians"
January 24-26, 2014

2 dvd set/- $20.00 /1 mp3-cd-$

Dan Cates - Satan...Is Transformed into An Angel of Light
Mike Hixson - Bringing into Captivity Every Thought
B. J. Clarke - Knowing...the Terror of the Lord, We Persuade Men
Gary Colley - Our Sufficiency is of God
Clifton Angel - That the ministry Be not Blamed
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - Not unequally Yoked...With Unbelievers
Garland Elkins - Not Handling the Word of God Deceitfully
Tim Burroughs - Godly Sorrow Worketh Repentance to Salvation
Chris Butler - Receive Not the Grace of God in Vain
Robert Rawson - The God of All Comfort
Robert Jefferies - Prove the Sincerity of Your Love
Wade Webster - We Labor that...We May be Accepted of Him
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - He Hath Made Him to be Sin for Us, Who Knew No Sin

The 16th Annual Standing in the Gap Lectureship
"Examining Islam"
January 23-25, 2015

2 dvd set/- $20.00 /1 mp3-cd-$

Dan Cates - The Islamic View of the Bible
Mix Hixson - The Islamic View of America
Will Anderson - Islam After Muhammad's Death
Gary Colley - The Islamic View of Jesus
Dwayne Butler - The Five Pillars of Islam
Torrey Clark - Is Islam a Religion of Peace?
Chris Butler - The Islamic View of Salvation
Tim Burroughs - The Islamic View of God
Larry Powers - Islamic Nations and Sharia Law
Robert Jefferies - An Overview of Islam's Writings
Billy Bland - Converting Muslims to Christianity
Bibby Liddell - The Life of Muhammad
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The Sword of the Civil Government