Northridge Church of Christ, Dayton, OH
June 5-9, 1994
Dayton, OH
3rd Annual Firm Foundation Lectureship
"The Home As God Would Have It"
(4 tapes $40.00)
M. Elliott - The Beauty and Power of Womanhood
D. Brown - Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage
W. Coats - Is Marriage Obsolete?
C. Cates - Power in the Home
J. Mitchell - The Responsibility of Parents to Teach Their Children
N. Hackworth - The Characteristics of a Christian Home
W. Cook - An Effective Father
J. Daniels - A House or a Home?
G. Summers - The Family Crisis - Realistic Expectations for Marriage
B. Liddell - The Way of the Transgressor Is Hard
L. Phillips - Why Do People Marry?
W. Swain - How Does One Prepare for Marriage?
T. Varner - The Sanctity of Marriage
R. Cosby - Words from the Wise Man
T. Bright - Is Marriage Ever Hopeless?
C. Pugh - What Shall I Take to My Wedding?
J. Gilmore - What Will You Leave Your Children?
J. Scaggs - The Home in the Immoral World
B. Eddy - Parents Are People
L. Mitchell - The Urgent Need for Discipline
G. Jobe - What Constitutes Marriage?
B. Dobbs - Marriage Takes Great Commitment
E. Whitten - The Lord of the Home
T. Wacaster - Who Should You Marry?
R. Melson - Only Three Classes of People Free to Marry
E. Daugherty - The Home: A Divine Institution
D. Landon - What Parents Owe Their Children
J. Stephens - The Need for Understanding
R. Jackson - Why do Marriages Fail?
D. McClish - The Two Shall Be One.
G. Eoff - What Makes a Marriage Work
June 6-10, 1993
Dayton, OH
2nd Annual Firm Foundation Lectureship
"Jesus Christ, the Only Hope of the World"
(5 tapes $50.00)
I. Rice - Born of a Virgin
D. Brown - A Friend of Sinners
W. Coats - King of Kings and Lord of Lords
C. Cates - He has the Words of Eternal Life
B. Ziebarth - Salt of the Earth
D. Landon - Mediator, Advocate, Intercessor
N. Hackworth - He Is the Door
E. Daugherty - The Alpha and the Omega
B. Jones - Because He Will Help You Bear Your Burdens
D. Brown - Perfect Example
B. Lockwood - Redeemer and Savior
J. Scaggs - Because He Cares for You
T. Bright - The Suffering Saviour
R. Cosby - The Resurrected One
L. Mitchell - A New Creature in Christ
T. Varner - Because in Him Resides All Authority
M. Bass - Anchor of Soul
J. Barcus - Hope of Glory
G. Jobe - Only Lawgiver and Judge
D. Stevens - God's Avenger
B. Liddell - His Glorious Body-Spotless, Without Wrinkle or Blemish
W. Swain - He Is the Bread of Life
J. Cox - He Is the Water of Life
E. Whitten - the Lamb of God and Lion of Judah
B. Dobbs - The Deity of Christ-(God and Man)
R. Melson - Light of the World
T. Wacaster - High Priest
J. Mitchell - He Is the Good Shepherd
G. Eoff - Jesus, the Answer of God's Love
R. Jackson - All Spiritual Blessings Are in Christ
S. Wiggins - Jesus Christ Is Coming Again
J. Barcus - Jesus Christ, the Only Hope of the World
G. Hester - The Lord's People MUST Contend for the Faith
K. Burleson - Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage
V. Hale - The Christ of the Bible, Both Positive and Negative
D. Jones - Christian Evidences
R. Choate - Preaching Needed from the Old Testament
Women's class - S. Mays - Great Examples from the Old Testament
V. Hale - The Christian Home: Living It or Losing It?
J. Grubb - Evangelism: Local and Foreign
D. Gittings - Miracles Have Ceased
J. Mays - Homosexuality, Sin or Alternate Lifestyle?
M. Sapp - Who Will Stand in the Gap?
3 mp3-cds $20.00