Northside Church of Christ, Calhoun, GA
1st Annual Northside Lectureship
September 18-22, 2002
"Priesthood, Sacrifice & Covenant"
3 dvds - $30.00/2 mp3-cd - $14.00
Video taped by Ron Hall
A. J. Zenthoefer - Priesthood Errors/Abuses
Wesley Simons - The Better Covenant
Michael Hatcher - Answering Denominational Doctrines through Priesthood, Sacrifice &
James Rogers - Atonement
B. J. Clarke - Grace, Faith, Law and Works in the Covenants
Steve Yeatts - The Daily Sacrifices of the Christian Priesthood
Cliff Goodwin - Answering Extremes through Priesthood, Sacrifice and Covenant
Keith Mosher - Seeing Ye Are Dull of Hearing: the Effect of Spiritual Immaturity Upon
Priesthood, Sacrifice and Covenant
Clifford Newell, Jr. - The Nature of Covenants
Open Forum:  Kent Bailey, Clifford Newell, Jr., and James Rogers
Kent Bailey - The Once-for-all Sacrifice of Jesus
James Rogers - The Priesthood of Jesus
Curtis Cates - Comparisons and Contracts of the three Priesthoods (Melchizedek, Levitical &
David B. Smith - Sin, Separation and Sacrifice
Bobby Liddell - Priesthood Principles: God's Premium on Holiness
2nd Annual Northside Lectureship
September 17-21, 2003
"The All-Sufficiency of the Scriptures"
1 mp3 - $7.00
DVD - $20.00
Videotaped by Ron Hall
copied by Jim Green
Terry York - All Things For Life and Godliness
Roger Campbell - The Word of God: All-Sufficiency For Evangelism
Kent Bailey - The Word of God:  All-Sufficienct For Edification
Dub McClish - The All-Sufficiency of the Scriptures and the Cessation of Miracles
Barry Gilreath, Jr. - Man's Facing Love for the All-Sufficient Scriptures
B. J. Clarke - The All-Sufficiency of the Scriptures and The Home
Cliff Goodwin - The Material Sufficiency of the Scriptures
Discussion Forum
Keith Mosher - Inspiration and the All-Sufficiency of the Scriptures
James Rogers - The Word of God:  All-Sufficiency For Ethics
Michael Hatcher - Threats to the All-Sufficiency of the Scriptures:  Erroneous Versions
David B. Smith - The Formal Sufficiency of the Scriptures
Michael Hatcher - Threats to the All-Sufficiency of the Scriptures: Direct Operation of the
Holy Spirit
3rd Annual Northside Lectureship
September 15-19, 2004
"Honest Answers To Serious Questions"
Videotaped by Ron Hall
copied by Jim Green
DVD - $20.00 (2)
Daniel Rogers - Should people question their own religious beliefs?
Barry Gilreath, Jr. - Why doesn't the church of Christ use Instrumental Music?
Wesley Simons - Why did I leave the Church of God of Prophecy?
B. J. Clarke - Is one church as good as another?
J. C. Watkins - Why don't you call your preacher "the paster?"
Kent Bailey - Why did I leave the Christian Church?
Keith Mosher - Why did I leave the Presbyterian Church?
Michael Hatcher - Why are some leaving the church of Christ?
Tyler Young - Why is denominationalism sinful?
Dave Leonard - Is the church of Christ a denomination? a cult?
James E. Rogers - What's right about the church of Christ?
Terry York - Why does the church of Christ take the Lord's Supper every Sunday?
David B. Smith - Must everyone understand the Bible alike?
David B. Smith - Does the church of Christ believe in works salvation?