Northwest Florida School of Biblical Studies
14th Annual Laborers Together With God  Lectureship
Northwest Florida School of Biblical Studies
February 19-23, 2006

4 dvd's - $35.00
2 mp3's - $14.00

Rusty Stark - The Last Works and The Last State
Alan Adams - Temporality and The Inherent Nature of Final Things
Tom House - The Last Days; Last Hour; Last Day
Richard Guill - Ready To Be Revealed, Salvation
Don Tate - The Last Trump
Caleb Campbell - The End of the World
Roger Scully - Rejection of Christ; Establishment of the Church/Kingdom
Ben Vick - The New Testament: The Final Complete Revelation of God
Ken Burleson - The Church: The Eternal Purpose of God
John Cotham - The Apocalypse: The Final Book of The Bible
W. T. Allison - The Uttermost of The Earth
Cade Somers - The Last Adam: The First and Last
Guyton Montgomery - The Last Enemy, Death
Terry Joe Kee - Premilliniallism
Gilbert Gough - Dispensationalism
David Lemmons - The Final, Complete Reign of Christ
Jimmy Bates - The Last Days of Israel Were Not the Final Judgment
Jared Knoll - Characteristics of The Last Days
Rick Knoll - The Last Farthing, Mite
Virgil Hale - The Millennial Reign Does not Follow the Final Coming
Sidney White - The Final Judgment
Lindon Ferguson - Matthew 24, 25, Typology
Tom Snyder - Chronology of Final Coming and Attendant Events
Paul Curless - The Last Opportunity
Marlin Kilpatrick - Death and Hades: The Last State of Disembodied Souls
Garland Robinson - Hell:  Last and Everlasting State of the Wicked
Charles Blair - Heaven: Last and Everlasting State of the Righteous
15th Annual Labourers Together With God Lectureship
February 18-22, 2007
"Issues Destroying Homes and How to Build Fire Walls of Protection"

4 dvd's - $35.00
124 mp3 cd's - $14.00

Jeff Bates - Our Firewall Zech. 2:1-5
Dedication of Lectureship book
Alan Adams - Our Homes are Under Attack
Ken Burleson - Husbands and Wives
Ben Vick - Wives and Mothers
Waymon Swain - Worldliness
Harold Bigham - Lasciviousness and Revelling
Tom Snyder - Moral Relativism
Jacob Campbell - Adultery
Tom House - Drugs
Roger Campbell - Children
Tony Liddell - Fornication
Tony Edwards - Gambling
Roger Scully - Marriage to Non-Christian
Joel Wheeler - Ignorance
Caleb Campbell - Evolution
Garland Robinson - Homosexuality
Windell Fikes - Entertainment
John Cotham - What is a Home?
Jimmy Bates - Priorities in the Wrong Place
Rick Knoll - The Lack of Discipline
Virgil Hale - The Role of Men and Women
Victor Eskew - Abortion
Paul Curless - Humanism
Jarel Knoll - The Love of Money
Damon Lundy - Modernism
Cade Somers - Pornography
Charles Blair - Immodesty
David Lemmons - Divorce and Remarriage
16th Annual Labourers together with God Lectureship
February 17-21, 2008
"What Are My Responsibilities as a Member to the Local Church?"

4 dvd set - $35.00
2 mp3 cd set - $14.00

Members Must .....
Victor Eskew - Love the Local Church
Leonard Hogan Memorial
Alan Adams - Understand the Essentiality of Local Church membership
Kenneth Burleson - Use Their Talents
Marlin Kilpatrick - Faithfully attend All Assemblies
Carl Bunn - Have an Evangelistic Zeal
Ryan Manning - Be a Good Influence
Jared Knoll - Not Bring Shame and Reproach upon the Church
Jimmy Bates - Realize They Owe the Church a Proportionate Amount of Time
Roger Campbell - Esteem and Submit to the Eldership
Ben Vick, Sr. - Elders Must Be Willing to Take Care of the Church of God
Tom Snyder - Deacons Must Have a Willingness to Serve
Aaron Purvis - Keep Themselves Unspotted from the World
Adam Comeaux - Grow in Knowledge
Jacob Campbell - Strive To Be Rooted and Grounded in the Truth
Charles Blair - Promote Peace, Harmony, Unity and Good Will
Tom House - Be Willing to be Corrected and Disciplined
Kevin Flowers - Be Dependable
Edward White - Have a Benevolent Spirit
Clint Harper - Show Mutual Respect
Walter Pigg - Give as they have been Prospered
Sidney White - Have a Willingness to Yield in Matters of Judgment
Virgil Hale - Participate Reverently in Corporate Worship
Bob Carey - Learn that "Ye Are members in Particular"
Paul Curless - Help Others Bear Their Burdens
Robert Alexander - The Responsibility To Have a Sense of Mutuality
Joel Wheeler - Have an Unwillingness to be Offended
Garland Robinson - Realize They Owe the Local Church Their Family
Melvin Sapp - The Younger Must Respect the Older, and the Older Teach the Young

17th Annual Labourers together with God Lectureship
February 115-19, 2009
"Some Things by Which We Are Saved"

4 dvd or vhs tapes - $35.00
2 mp3-cd - $14.00

Alan Adams - Things Which God Has Prepared for Them That Love Him
Victor Eskew - Saved by the Providence of God
Kenneth Burleson - Saved by Maintaining Christian Virtues
Jimmy Bates - Saved by the Father
Robert Oliver - Saved by Hearing the Word of God
Edward White - Saved by Christ the Son
Jeff Bates - Saved by Faithful Use of Talents
Tom Snyder - Saved by Forsaking All
Ben Vick, Sr. - Saved by the Word of God
Sidney White - Saved by Works
Jim Lewis - Saved by Forgiving Others
Windell Fikes - Saved by Faith
Guyton Montgomery - Saved by Confession
Damon Lundy - Saved by Enduring to the End
Roger Campbell - Saved by Baptism
Tom House - Saved by Grace
Marlin Kilpatrick - Saved by Putting Off the Works of the Flesh
Joel Wheeler - Saved by the Blood of Christ
Cade Somers - Saved by Repentance
Jared Knoll - Saved by the Holy Spirit
Virgil Hale - Saved by Loving the Brotherhood
Melvin Sapp - Saved by Hope
Rick Knoll - Saved by Putting the Kingdom of God First
Paul Curless - Saved by the Death of Christ
Caleb Campbell - Saved by the Resurrection of Christ
Don Greene - Saved by Preaching the Gospel
Garland Robinson - Saved by Divine Love
Charles Blair - Saved by Obedience
Labourers together with God 18th Annual Lectureship
February 21-25, 2010
"Panoramas of Redemption"

4 dvd/4 vhs sets - $35.00
2 mp3-cd set - $14.00

Bill Davis - Power to Become Sons of God - John 1:1-14
Victor Eskew - That Which Satisfied the Lord - Isaiah 53:1-12
Jerry Reynolds - No Condemnation - Romans 8:1-14
Marlin Kilpatrick - The Ministration of the Spirit - II Cor. 3:1-18
Kenneth Burleson - Made Alive together with Him - Col. 2:1-15
John Carlisto - Bread from Heaven - John 6:41-58
Jimmy Bates - The Word of the Cross - I Cor. 1:17-25
Jeff Bates - Salvation of Your Souls - I Peter 1:3-25
Sidney White - Blessed and Sealed - Eph. 1:1-14
Tom House - The Redemption of Our Body - Romans 8:15-39
Tom Snyder - The Fellowship of the Mystery - Eph. 3:1-12
Daniel Jones - The Gift of God, Eternal Life - John 6:1-23
Damon Lundy - Risen with Christ - Col. 3:1-17
Windell Fikes - Passing from Death unto Life - John 5:19-29
Caleb Campbell - Justifying Atonement - Romans 5:1-11
Ben Vick, Jr. - Grafting of the Wild Olive Tree - Romans 11:13-32
Alan Adams - To Whom Righteousness is Imputed - Romans 4:1-25
Kelly Windham - The Wrath of God Is Revealed from Heaven - Romans 1:14-32
Joel Wheeler - God's Workmanship - Eph. 2:1-18
Jared Knoll - Living Water - John 4:1-30
David Costello - The Reign of Righteousness by Jesus Christ - Romans 5: 12-21
Garland Robinson - The Ministry of Reconciliation - II Cor. 5:10-21
Virgil Hale - Work Out Your Own Salvation - Phil. 2:1-16
Ed White - The Prize of the High Calling - Phil. 3:8-21
Rick Knoll - The Whole Armor of God - Eph. 6: 10-20
Paul Curless - He First Loved Us - I John 4: 7-19
Jim Lewis - The Redemption that is in Christ Jesus - Romans 3:21-31
Charles Blair - The Offering of the Body of Jesus - Hebrews 10:1-10
19h Annual Labourers together with God Lectureship
February 20-24, 2011
"Epochal Events of Sacred History"

4 dvd set - $35.00
2 mp3-cd - $14.00

Cade Somers - A Change of the Law
Victor Eskew - Your House - Is Left unto you Desolate
Jacob Campbell - Samaria Was Taken
Larry Montgomery - Jerusalem Was Taken
Kenneth Burleson - The Days When the Judges Ruled
Steven Holt - The Flood upon the World of the Ungodly
Jimmy Bates - They Passed Through the Red Sea
Jeff Bates - From His Right Hand Went a Fiery Law for Them
Cliff Goodwin - They Crucified Him
Tom House - I Will Pour Out of My Spirit upon All Flesh
Tom Snyder - He Drove Out the Man
Roger Campbell - In His Days Was the Earth Divided
Barry O'Dell - Jacob Went Down into Egypt
Windell Fikes - God Also to the Gentiles Granted Repentance unto Life
Ben Vick, Jr. - God Put No Difference Between Us and Them
Ronnie Whittemore - The Creation of the World
Guyton Montgomery - The Conquest of Canaan
Alan Adams - A Famine of Hearing the Words of Jehovah
Joel Wheeler - The Law and the Prophets were Until John
Jared Knoll - When the Day of Pentecost Was Fully Come
Garland Robinson - Then Men Began to Call upon the Name of the Lord
Elliot Glasgow - He Hath Raised Him from the Dead
Robert Meredith - The Birth of Jesus Christ Was on this Wise
Ed White - Divided into Two Kingdoms
Rickk Knoll - By the Right Hand of God Exalted
Paul Curless - A Remnant Shall Return
Sidney White - The Manner of the Kingdom
Charles Blair - Abraham Was Called - Charles Blair
20th  Annual Labourers together with God Lectureship
February 19-23, 2012
"Virtual Sermons and Object Lessons"

4 dvds - $35.00
2 mp3-cds - $14.00

Cade Somers - The Rechabites (Jer. 35)
Victor Eskew - The Potter and the Clay (Jer. 18)
Jacob Campbell - Balaam, the Donkey, and the Angel (Num. 22)
Larry Montgomery - Nebuchadnezzar's Humiliation (Dan. 4)
Kenneth Burleson - Footwashing in the Face of Glory (Jn. 13)
Bryant Evans - Jeremiah's Yoke (Jer. 27)
Jimmy Bates - Spit, Mud and Blindness (Jn. 9)
Jeff Bates - Purse, Bag and Sword (Lk. 22)
Larry Acuff - Peter's Trance (Acts 10)
Tom House - The Transfiguration (Mt. 17; Mk. 9)
Tom Snyder - Ezekiel's Shave and a Haircut (Ezk. 5)
Ben Vick, III - Feet Washed with Tears (Lk. 7)
Barry O'Dell - Haman's Gallows (Est. 6)
John Carlisto - Simon and Jesus' Cross (Mt. 27; Mk. 15; Lk. 23)
Ben Vick, Jr. - Caught Up in the Third Heaven (2 Cor. 12)
Ronnie Whittemore - Elisha, the She Bears and the Hooligans (2 Ki. 2)
Guyton Montgomery - Jonah, the Fish, and the Gourd (Book of Jonah)
Alan Adams - Wrestling Match at Penial (Gen. 32)
Harold Bigham - Jeremiah Buys Questionable Real Estate (Jer. 32)
Jared Knoll - Angels on a Ladder (Gen. 28)
Garland Robinson - The Undone Man (Isa. 6)
Joel Wheeler - Hosea, Gomer and the Children (Hos. 1-3)
Aaron Bigham - The Linen Loincloth (Jer. 13)
Ed White - The Rock that Followed Them (I Cor. 10)
Rick Knoll - The Fish and the Half-shekel (Mt. 17)
Barry Gilreath, III - Handwriting on the Wall (Dan. 5)
Sidney White - Paul's Thorn in the Flesh (2 Cor. 12)
Charles Blair - Thou Shalt See My Back (Ex. 33)
Labourers Together With God Twenty-first Annual Lectureship
February 17-21, 2013
"Preaching Through Proverbs"

4 dvds - $35.00
2 mp3-cds - $14.00

Patrick Gray - Overview of Proverbs
James Segars - The Omniscience of God
Ken Burleson - Dilgence in all that We do
Windell Fikes - The Description of Temptation
Jimmy Bates - The Need to Control Anger
Bryant Evans - Vengeance Belong to God
Tom Snyder - Who is a Fool?
Jeff Bates - The Blessing of Liberality
Ken Burleson - Things that are an Abomination to God
Ron Gilbert - Reasons to Rejoice
Tom House - Respect for the Older Generation
Alan Adams - Contentment
Bill Davis - Perils of Greed
Joel Wheeler - Importance of Seeking Wise Counsel
Victor Eskew - Destructive Nature of Pride
Ronnie Whittemore = What I wear Speaks
Cade Somers - How to be a Good Neighbor
Brook Boyd - Proper Treatment of Children Towards Parents
Mchael Gilbert - Fatherhood (Includes Discipline)
Dave Leonard - God's View of Talebearing, Slander
Charles Blair - A Righteous Life is Blessed of God
Tommy Hicks - The Value of Reproof
Barry O'Dell - Choose Friends Carefully
Garland Robinson - The Danger of Material Riches
Rick Knoll - Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge
Jared Knoll - Praise of a Godly Wife
Edward White - Proper & Improper Use of the Tongue
Sidney White - How well do We Listen

Labourers Together With God Twenty-second Annual Lectureship
February 16-20, 2014
"Facing Crisis"

4 dvd set - $40.00/ 2 mp3-cd set - $14.00

Jimmy Bates - Crisis: Nothing New
Jeff Bates - Crisis in O.T. (Gen. 6:5, Flood)
Edward White - Crisis in O.T. (Rehoboam/Jeroboam)
Charles Blair - Crisis in N.T. (Matt. 27:22)
Barry O'Dell - Crisis in the World (Respect for Authority)
Wayne Rodgers - Crisis in the World (Pornography)
Chad Dollahite - Crisis in the World (Gambling)
Joel wheeler - Crisis in the World (Crime)
Tom House - Crisis in the World (Life)
Victor Eskew - Crisis in the World (Indifference)
Tom Snyder - Crisis in the Home (Children)
Robert Taylor - Crisis in the Home (Father/Husband)
Elliott Glasgow - Crisis in the Home (Wife/Mother)
Jimmy Ferguson - Crisis in the Home (Co-Habitation vs Marriage)
Ken Burleson - Crisis in the Home (Abortion)
Ronnie Whittemore - Crisis in the Home (Homosexuality)
Rusty Stark - Crisis in the Church (Toleration)
Brandon Baggett - Crisis in the Church (Materialism)
Steven Holt - Crisis in the Church (Modesty)
Jared Knoll - Crisis in the Church (Worship Changes)
Barry Kennedy - Crisis in the Church (Respect for Authority)
Garland Robinson - Crisis in the Church (Social Preaching)
Ben Vick - Crisis Solution (Return to God)
Jeff Grimes - Crisis Solution (Return to God's Word)
Chris Clevenger - Crisis Solution (Return to Godly Living)
John Cotham - Crisis Solution (Return to Discipline)
Steven Wiggin - Crisis Solution (Return to Evangelism)
Sidney White - Crisis Solution (Return to Focus on Heaven)
Ladies Classes:
Jan Adams - Crisis in the World
Irene Taylor - Crisis in the Church
Laura Boyd - Crisis in the Home

Labourers Together With God Twenty-Third Annual Lectureship
February 15-19, 2015
"Practical Christian Living (Christian Living Involves..."

4 dvds - $40.00
2 mp3-cds - $16.00

Wendell Fikes - Introduction to the Book of James
Charles Blair - Being a Part of God's Family ("Brethren", 1:2)
Bill Davis - Joy (1:20)
Ivie Powell - Temptation (1:2)
Jeff Bates - Faith (1:3, 6)
Ken Butterworth - Proper Regard for Self (1:9, 10)
Wayne Cox - Awareness of Sin (1:13016)
Lance Foster- Respect for the Word of God (1:18-25)
Kenneth Burleson - Proper Regard for God (1:17-19)
Victor Eskew - An Imaginary Religion (1:26)
David Wade - A Life of Service (1:27)
Robert Taylor - Proper Regard for Others (2:1-9)
Tom Snyder - Law, Mercey and judgment (2:10-13)
Robert Taylor - Faith and Works (2:14-26)
Branden Baggett - Responsibility to Teach (3:1)
Bill Davis - Attention to Our Speech (3:2-12)
Michael Roberts - The Use of True Wisdom (3:13-18)
Jared Knoll - An Absence of ungodly Strife (4:1-5)
Dan Wheeler - Humility-Solution of Ungodly Strife (4:6-10)
Jimmy Bates - Proper Speech Toward Brethren (4:11-12)
Tom House - God in Our Planning (4:13-17)
Ronnie Whittemore - Proper Regard for Material Things (5:1-5)
Joel Wheeler - Patience (5:7-12)
Edward White - Prayer (5:13a)
Ron Gilbert - Support for One Another (5:16)
Garland Robinson - Restoring the Erring (5:19-20)
Larry Acuff - A Religion That makes a Difference
Sidney White - A Journey

Ladies Classes:
Tammi stephenson - Respect for the Word of God
Irene Taylor - Responsibility to Teach (Esp. Older/Younger)
Nina House - Resolve to Control Our Speech

Labourers Together With God Twenty- Fourth Annual Lectureship--
February  21-25, 2016

4 dvds - $40.00
2 mp3-cds - $16.00

Tom House - Man, Created with the Ability to Think
Sidney White - Remember and Forget not (Deut. 9:7)
Ronnie Whittemore - Remember that Jesus Christ was Raised
Wayne cox - Remember How Short My Time is (Psa. 89:47)
Aaaron Purvis - Forget not to Entertain Strangers (Heb. 13:2)
Jimmy Bates - Remember What the Lord They God Did Unto Miriam
Dan Sikes - Remember Them Which are in Bonds (Heb 13:3)
Tommy Tidwell - Remember Your Work (I Thess. 1:1)
Kenneth Burleson - Remember Now Thy Creator (Eccl. 12:1)
Victor Eskew - Son, Remember (Lk. 16:25)
Harold Bigham - Remember This Day (Exo. 13:3)
Patrick Gray - Forget not That Ye were Purged from your Sins
Tom Snyder - Remember Your own evil Ways (Esek. 36:31)
Brandon Britton - Forget not the Lord Thy God (Deut. 6:12; 8:11)
Jimmy Clark - Remember from Whence Thou art Fallen (Rev. 2:5)
Paul Sain - Forget not the Law of God (Hos. 4:6)
Rick Knoll - Remember the Poor (Gal. 2:10)
Jared Knoll - Forget not to do Good and to Communicate
Billy Bland - Remember what Balak, King of Moab, Consulted
Garland Robinson - Remember lot's Wife (Lk. 17:32)
Edward White - Remember in Time Past (Eph. 2:12)
Ken Butterworth - These Stones Shall be for a Memorial (Josh. 4:7)
Joel Wheeler - Remember Them Which Have the Rule over you.
Robert Taylor - This Do in   Remembrance of Me. (Lk. 22:19)
Clint Harper - A Memorial of Her (Matt. 26:13)
Charles Blair - Forget Not the Works of God (Psa. 78:7)
Tom Holland - Remember Him who endured the Cross
John DeBerry - Remember, and Forget Not, He is Coming Again

Women's classes:
Tanya Cox - Remember Vashti (Esther 1)
Ann White - Remember Mary & Martha
Helen Wade - Remember Dorcas
Irene Taylor - Remember Hannah; Remember Rufus' Mother