Bro. James Harris' VHS to DVD
Old vhs tapes of brother James Harris'  transferred to dvds. Dates from 1984 to
1998.  Some dvds are poor quality due to age.  Tracking/audio is not good in
some if the sessions.  Messages are still good.  Some brochures were lost.  
Some names were not ledgible.
ATTENTION:  Some of the speakers are no longer faithful brethren
but most were faithful when the lectureships were recorded.
Program for Restoration Summit - Joplin, MO---August 7-9, 1984
Alex Cloy - Introductory Remarks & Presentation of First Speaker
Monroe Hawley - History and Current Profile of Churches of Christ
Boyce Mouton -  History and Current Profile of Independent Christian Church
Keith Whitney - Report
Furman Kearley - Exegesis and Hermeneutics as they Relate to the Unity Question
Fred Thompson - Exegesis and Hermeneutics as they Relate to the Unity Question
Hardeman Nichols - Authority...Where does it end?
W. F. Lown? - Liberty...Where does it start?
Reuel Lemmons - Where can/Where do we go from here?
Speech defining further proposals, etc.
2 dvds-$15.00
1 mp3-cd - $8.00
4th Annual Denton Lectures, Nov. 10-14, 1985 - "Studies in Acts"
Curtis Cates - The Book of Acts - An Introduction
Dub McClish - Christ Ascends and the Apostles Wait
Goebel Music - The Great Miracle on Pentecost
Gary Workman - The Great Sermon on Pentecost
Marvin Weir - Early Events in Jerusalem
Darrell Conley - The Great Response on Pentecost
Winford Claiborne - The Selection of the Seven and Stephen';s Bold Defence
Perry Hall - Saul Leads the Persecution and Obeys the Gospel
Steve Orduno - Answering False Doctrines Relating to Acts
Don Tarber - The Gentiles hear the Gospel and Persecution Rages again
Jerry Moffitt - Paul's First Great Preaching Trip
Andrew Connally - The Scriptures teach that all men are amenable to the Gospel of Christ
Andrew Connally - Questions from floor on topic
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The Record of Conversions in Acts
Wayne Jackson - The Book of Acts and Archaeology
John Waddey - The Discussion Over Circumcision and the Law
Bert Thompson - Paul's Second Great Preaching Trip
Bill Jackson - Paul's Third Great Preaching Trip
Wayne Jackson - Answering False Doctrine Relating to Acts
Thomas B. Warren - The New Testament teaches that no people who are Christians are people who
have not been baptized in the name of Christ
Thomas B. Warren - Questions from floor on topic
James Meadows - Holy Spirit Baptism
Wendell Winkler - Water Baptism in Acts
Bobby Duncan - Paul in the Temple and in Prison in Jerusalem
J. Noel Merideth - Paul's Imprisonment in Caesarea
Buster Dobbs - Difficult Passages in Acts (Long list)
B. B. James - Answering False Doctrines Relating to Acts (Long list)
Thomas B. Warren - The New Testament teaches that the church of Christ (long list)
Thomas B. Warren - Questions from floor on topic
Mac Deaver - The Kingdom of Christ in Acts
Ira Rice, Jr. - Evangelism in Acts
Byrdon Denman - Difficult Passages in Acts (long list)
Buster Dobbs - Fellowship in Acts
Oran Rhodes - Miracles in Acts
Pat McGee - Worship in Acts
Garland Elkins - The NT teaches that HS baptism was a limited, exceptional phenomenon,  given only to
the apostles and Cornelius and his household and that it is not and never has  been available to every
Garland Elkins - Questions from floor on topic
Flavil Nichols - Paul's Voyage to Room and His Roman Imprisonment
Johnny Ramsey - The Book of Acts - A Summary
(bad audio on some of the discs)
4 dvd set-$25.00
2 mp3-cd - $10.00
1985 Sunny Slope Church of Christ - Paducah, KY
(No Brochure., so no subject title)  
Disc 1                                                                TDisc 2
Garland Elkins                                                Open Forum
Globel Music                                                         Curtis Cates
Dub McClish                                                         Globel Music
Alan Highers                                                         Curtis Cates
Gary Colley                                                           Globel Music
Noel Merideth                                                1985 FHC
Curtis Cates                                                        Bert Thompson
Robert R. Taylor, Jr.
Globel Music
2 dvd set-$25.00
1 mp3-cd - $10.00
one dvd-$8.00
1 mp3-cd - $8.00
1985 Obion, Tennessee Lectureship
Theme:  "Authority for what we do in Word and Deed"

Robert R. Taylor, Jr.                        Denton, TX - 1984
Garland Elkins                                        Bert Thompson
Bert Thompson                                       Wayne Jackson
Alan Highers
Questions & Answers
Total time:  5:40
1985 Restoration Forum - Tulsa, OK
(No Brochure - No complete list of speakers..  Can't read all of the names.)

Disc 1    - Total time: 3:52                            Disc 2---  Total time:  4:01
Humble                                                                R. Lemmons
Report #1                                                            Report #3
Rubel Shelley                                                     Rogers
Report #2                                                            Rogers
Wilson                                                                  Bowling
                                         Idlman ?   
2 dvd set-$10.00
1 mp3-cd - $8.00
5th Annual Denton Lectures, Nov. 9-13, 1986 - "Studies in Galatians"

Steven Lloyd - The Galatian Letter-An Introduction
Dub McClish - Paul's Public Rebuke of Cephas
Goebel Music - The Work of the law Versus the Hearing of Faith
Curtis Cates - Christ, the Promised Seed
David Brown - Paul's Greeting and Purpose for Writing
Gary Workman - Grace and Law, Faith and Works in Galatians
Buster Dobbs - The Purpose of Baptism in Galatians
Tom Hicks - Difficult Passages in Galatians
Tom Wacaster - Answering False Doctrines Relating to Galatians
Marvin Weir - Sons of God, Heirs According to Promise
Bobby Duncan - A Study of the Apostolic Office in Galatians
Forum - Roy Deaver - Salvation by Grace in Galatians
Roy C. Deaver - Questions from floor on Discussion Forum topic
Robert Taylor, Jr. - Paul's Confrontation with False Brethren in Jerusalem
Wendell Winkler - The Quintessence of the Cross
John Waddy - Difficult Passages in Galatians
George Pledger - Burdens we Must Bear
Bill Jackson - Freedom in Christ vs the Bondage of the Law
Forum - Thomas Warren - Paul's Use of Logic in Galatians
Thomas Warren - Questions from floor on Discussion Forum topic
Mac Deaver - Spiritual Freedom is not Fleshly License
Garland Elkins - Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit
Noah Hackworth - Answering False Doctrine Relating to Galatians
Oran Rhodes - What Then is the Law?
Byron Denman - Paul's Personal Appeal to the Galatians
Foy L. Smith - God's Great Scheme of Rdemption as Revealed in Galatians
Forum - Jerry Moffitt - The Covenants in Galatians(All men are under all of new covenant
Jerry Moffitt - Questions from floor on Discussion Forum topic
J. Noel Merideth - The Limits of Fellowship in Galatians
Darrell Conley - God Sent Forth His Son
Jerry Moffitt - Paul's Gospel and Apostleship Defended
Mike Vestal - Ansering False Doctrines Relating to Galatians
James Meadows - A Study of the Holy Spirit in Galatians
Ira Rice, Jr. - The Possibility of Apostasy as Taught in Galatians
Forum - Bert Thompson - The Creation Doctrine in Galatians
Bert Thompson - Questions from the floor on Discussion Forum topic
Andrew Connaly - God's Law of Sowing and Reaping.
Johnny Ramsey - The Galatian Letter-- A Summary
5 dvd set-$35.00
2 mp3-cd - $16.00
4 dvd set-$30.00
2 mp3-cd - $16.00
11th   SPIRITUAL SWORD LECTURESHIP-1986 - “Colossians”
(No Brochure from Bro. J. Harris)

#1 - Total Minutes:   5:41                                  #2 - Total Minutes: 6:00
Moffitt                                                                        Global Music
Thomas Warren                                                     Joe Gilmore
Foe Smith                                                                 Dub McClish
Billy Smith                                                                Windell Winkler
Sztanyo                                                                    Terry Varner
Stearsman                                                               David Brown
Garland Elkins                                                        Starling
Clarence Lavender                                                Noel Merideth  
                                                 Discussion: FHC Forum

#3 - Total Minutes - 5:53                                        #4 - Total Minutes: 5:37
Clarke                                                                       Ramsey
Buster Dobbs                                                          Kirk
Sharp                                                                        Terry Hightower
Thomas Warren                                                     William Wilder
P. Davis                                                                   Wayne Coats
Favil Nichols                                                           Robert R. Taylor, JR.
Winford Claiborne                                                 David Brown
Mac Deaver                                                            Andrew Connally       
Roy Deaver                                                             Alan Highers
1985 Upper Ohio Valley Lectureship. November 21-23, 1985. "Properly
Dividing the Word of God
Faulkner University, Montgomery, Al. School of Biblical Studies
October 5-9, 1986 - "The Bible Doctrine of Sin
Leroy Brownlow - What Ever Happened to Sin?
Hardeman Nichols - Sin is a reproach to any people
Hugo McCord - Word Studies on Sin (Old Testament
Billy Lambert - The Sin of Lukewarmness and Indifference
Franklin Camp - Difficult Texts on Sin: (Jas. 2:10-Offend in One Point) (Heb. 9:15-redemption under
the O.T.) (Rom. 4:8-Not Imputing Sin )
Hillord Story - On this rock I stand
Winfred Clark - Sin & Religious Error (Meeting the Arguments of Baptism not for remission of sins
Jack Wilhelm - Sins of the Tongue
Noel Merideth - Church discipline and sin
Dowell Flatt - Sins of the Disposition/Attitude
Flavil Nichols - Open Forum
Jerrie Barber 0 The Beauty of forgiveness of sins
Alan Highers- Where did the Devil come from and the origin of sin, in the individual
Hugo McCord - Word Studies on Sin (N.T.)
Roy Lanier, Jr. - Difficult texts on sin: (John 9:31-Sinner's prayer) (John 5:14-Sin no more)(I john
1:7-Blood and continual cleansing
Winfred Clark-Sin and Religious error (Meeting the Arguments of Baptism, not for remission of sins)
Mike Winkler - A Study of Sin in I John
Johnny Ramsey - A study of sin in Jeremiah
Flavil nichols - The sin of compromise
Franklin Camp - Open Form
Franklin Camp - The problem of sin/suffering and a good God
Noel Merideth - What is the Sin(s) against the Holy Spirit and the sin unto death>
Hugo McCord - Word studies on Sin (Atonement, Propitiation, etc)
Roy Lanier, Jr. - A Study of Sin in Romans
Franklin Camp - Difficult texts on sin: (Jas 5:16-confess your sins) (I John 3:9 - christians cannot
sin)(II Thess. 2:3-12-Man of sin)
Kenneth Randolph - Is it a sin to marry a non-chrstian, to divorce and remarry?
Winford Clark - Sin and religious error (meeting the arguments of "Cannot so sin as to be lost")
Charles Chumley - Sexual sins and other sins against the body
Johnny Ramsey - A study of sin in Jeremiah
Basil Overton - The sin of denominationalism/sectarianism
Johnny Ramsey - open forum
William Woodson - Sins against our homes
Hugo McCord - Calvary, where "He was wonded for my transgressions"
James Watkins - Learning about sin from Psalms 51
Duane Warden- The way of the transgressor is hard
Roy Lanier, Jr. - A study of sin in Romans
Jerry Jenkins - The sin of not evangelizing a lost world
James O. Baird - Discerning good from evil
Winfred Clark - Sin and religious error (Meeting the arguments of "Cannot so sin as to be lost')
Bert Thompson - Yield not to temptation
Curtis Cates - The sins of Jereboam the son of Nebat
William Woodson - open forum
Charles Coil - Hell, the Eternal consequence of sin
Williard Collins - Heaven, where sin will never darken the door
5- dvds - $30.00
2 mp3-cd - $14.00
2nd Annual Robinson County Lectures - August 29-Sept 1, 1986 "Words of Warning (Acts 20:31, the

Mac Deaver - Warnings with regard to agnosticism in the church
Garland Elkins - Warnings relating to our failure to fight denominationalism as we ought
Mac Deaver - The bible way of dealing with false teachers and false doctrines
Max Miller - Recent illustrations of liberalism
Max Miller - The bible only makes christians only and the only christians
Open Forum
Noel Meredith - Warnings with Regard to Our failing to preachas we out to preach
Wayne Coats - The Boston (House Church) Plan (No. 1)
Bill Cline -Warnings with regard to crossroadsism (No. 1)
Bob Bryson - Problems the church faces in doing mission work
Roy Deaven - The background out of which these problems have come (no. 1)
Open forum
Bill Cline - Warnings with regard to crossroadsism (No. 2)
Bob Bryson - What can we do?  What must we do?
question session
Roy Deaver - The background out of which these problems have come (No. II)
Dan Goodard - Warnings with regard to the Christian Church
Wayne Coats - The Boston (House Church) Plan (no. 2)
Open Forum
Roy McConnell - Warnings relating to unscriptural "uity".
Robert Taylor - Warnings relating to the versions
question session
4 dvds-$30.00
2 mp3-cd-$16.00
7th Annual Phillips Street church of Christ Lectureship.  April 23-27, 1986
"Galatians:  Sowing and Reaping the Truth"

James Boyd - The book of Galatians - Background and overview
Jimmy Colvett - The gospel - perverted or pure? (Gal. 1:1-12)
Grady Miller - From Saul the persecutor to Paul the Christian (Gal 1:13-24)
Brooks Boyd, Jr. - The Jerusalem Conference (Gal. 2:1-10)
James Boyd - The stalwart Paul and the edging Peter (Gal 2:11-21)
Preachers Panel
Robert Taylor - They yielded no ground (Gal. 2: 4-5)
Robert Taylor - Justification: By Judaism or by the Gospel (Gal 3:1-18)
Bill Clayton -The Purpose of the Law (Gal. 3:19-25)
Gilbert Gough - What it means to be in Christ Jesus (Gal 3: 26-29)
Noel Merideth - The Holy Heritage of Sonship (Gal 4:1-7)
Preachers panel
Gary Colley - The Saint Only fallacy refuted (Gal. 6:10)
Virgil Hale - Paull's great concern for his Galatian converts (Gal. 4:8-20)
Gary Colley - The Allegory of Sara and Hagar (Gal 4:21-31)
Bill Clayton - True liberty in the Lord (Gal. 5:1-15)
Lindon Ferguson - Works of worldliness versus fruit of the spirit (Gal. 5:16-26)
Preachers panel
Noel Merideth - Great commission baptism: Its one purpose
Dan Goodard - Sowing and Reaping (Gal. 6:1-10)
Wayne Coats - Glorying in the Cross (Gal. 6:11-18)
Dan Goddard - Living lessons learned from Galatians
3 dvds - $20.00
1 mp3-cd - $8.00
7th Annual West Kentucky Bible Lectures.  July 26-27, 1986.
"Stand Fast In the Faith"

Garland Elkins - Stand Fast in the Faith
Bill Jackson - The Unity in Diversity Threat
Robert Taylor - A Study of Romans 14 and Freedom
Noel Merideth - Dangerous Doctrines in Dangerous Times
Open Forum
Joseph A Ruiz - Controversy as a Means of NT Evangelism
Wayne Coats - Media Ethics and Modern Music
Gary Colley - The Music that God Authorhizes in NT Worship
Curtis Cates - Sound Doctrine Makes Sound Churches
Nat Evans - Is Genesis Myth?
Curtis Cates - Is it New or is it True?
Joseph A. Ruiz - The Changeless Challenge in a Changing World
2 dvd set - $15.00
Mp3-cd - $8.00
50th Annual Bible Lectureship. February, 1986. Freed-Hardenman
(No original brochure)

-total time-5:31
Franklin Camp - 4 lessons
Hugo McCord - 4 lessons
-total time-5:57
Alan Highers - 4 open forum
Overton, Wood, Bailey, Smith (No first names)
-total time 5:28
Gardner, Simpson, L. Altizer, Don Dobbins, Perry Cotham, Barber, Chandler, Carr and Melson
-total time-5:49
Winford Clairborne - 4 lessons
Flatt - 4 lessons
4 dvds-$30.00
2 mp3-cd - $15.00
13th ETSOPM Lectureship.  March 1-4, 1987. "Things Pertaining to Life and
(A Study of the Epistles of Peter, John and Jude)

Howard Horton - Introduction to I Peter and I Peter 1:1-2)
Charles Moore - A Heavenly Inheritance (I Pet. 1:3-12)
Curtis Cates - A Call to Holiness (I Pet. 1:13-25)
Bill Nicks - Christ, Our Cornerstone (I Pet. 2:1-12)
JC Watkins - Submission and Suffering ( I Pet. 2:13-25)
Benny Burns - Husband and Wives (I Pet. 3:1-7)
George DeHolf - Suffering for Well Doing ( I Pet. 3:8-22)
Edwin Jones - The Call to Duty (I Pet. 4:1-19)
Paul Stidham - Exhortation to Faithfulness (I Pet. 5:1-14)
John Waddey - Walking in Truth (III John 1:14)
Robert Taylor - An Aged Apostle's Testimony (II Pet. 1:12-21)
Arthur Pigman - False Teachers and Damnable Doctrines (II Pet. 2:1-2)
Wayne Jackson - The Day of the Lord (II Pet 3:1-18)
George Goldman - Introduction to I John and I John 1:14
Wayne Lankford - The Test of Righteousness (I John 1:5-2:6)
Edwin Jones - The Test of Love ((I John 2:7-17)
Gene Carrell - The Test of True Belief (I John 2:18-29)
Gilbert Tripp - Obdience in Action (I John 3:1-10)
Tom Holland - Love in Action (I John 3:11-24)
Hugo McCord - Jewels from Jude
BJ Barr - Test of Truth (I John 4:1-6)
Richard Powlus - God is Love (I John 4:7-21)
Gary Workman - Faith and Certainty (I John 5:1-13)
Ben Flatt - Abiding in the Doctrine (II John 1-13)
Wirt Cook - The Christian Graces (II Pet. 1:3-11)
Wendell Winkler - Contending for the Faith (Jude 1-25)
4 dvds - $25.00
2 mp3-cd-$15.00
Ft. Worth Lectures. January 11-15, 1987.  "Questions Men Ask About God".    
Brown Trail church of Christ

Eddie Whitten - Does God hear prayer? Whose?
David Roper - The Love of God
Tom Wacaster - How is man the image of God?
Perry Cotham - Is the bible from God? or Man?
Norman Gipson - Can the church survive until Jesus comes again?
Hugo McCord - Special Greek and Hebrew word studies
Tommy Hayes - Are all denominations a part of the church universal?
Mike Wyatt - Was Jesus God wile in the flesh?
James Willcutt - Is the church of Christ a cult?
Dub McClish - Does the Covenant of God apply to all men today?
Hugo McCord - Open Forum
Gary Workman - How can the goodness of God and the existence of evil be reconciled?
Wayne Jackson - Does the Genesis account of creation allow for theistic evolution?
Hugo McCord - Special Greek and Hebrew Word studies
Ernie Christie - Does God make special allowances for divorce and remarriage?
David Brown - Can God change if He is unchangeable?
Dick Sztanyo - How can we know that God exists?
Joe Gilmore - What s meant by the 'Fatherhood of God'?
Robert Taylor - Open Forum
George Deholf - What does God expect in leadership?
Bill Jackson - Does God manifest Himself miraculously, or in special form, today?
Robert Taylor - Did God predestine sin before the foundation of the world?
Hugo McCord - Special Greek and Hebrew word studies
Roger Johnson - How does God limit Himself if He is all-powerful and all-wise?
Bob Milligan - Will a man rob God? How?
Goebel Music - Was the judgement day in A.D. 70?
Oran Rhodes - Are there contradictions in the Word of God?
Hugo McCord - Open Forum
Tommy Hicks - What happens to man when he dies?
Jerry Moffitt - Are there multiple purposes for baptism?
Hugo McCord - Special Greek and Hebrew word studies
Michael Hatcher - Can we prove the historicity of Genesis 1-11?
J. T. Marlin - Hoe did, or does, God work through the Holy Spirit?
Mike Vestal - What is the triune nature of God?
Rusty Peterman - How far does the grace of God go in covering the sins of man?
Roy Lanier, Jr. - Open Forum
John Waddey - Does God work providentially today?
Roy Lanier, Jr. - Did God forgive sin under the Old Testament covenant?
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3-cds - $16.00

8th Annual Phillips St. Church of Christ Lectureship.  April 22-26, 1987.
"Be Ready Always to Give An Answer" (I Peter 3:15)-Important
Questions That Need Bible Answers

Roy J. Hearn - Should We Just Say Church and Not Church of Christ
David Dial - Is it the Case that Worldliness and Indifference in the Church are
Hindering the Gospel?
Ronnie Whittemore - Does the Bible Authorize the Divided Assembly?
Ed Casteel - Is Everything We Do to be Considered Worship?
Gilbert Gough - Does the Bible Authorize Prayer to Jesus?
Preachers Panel
J. Noel Merideth - Is it Only Begoten or is it Not?
Raymond Hagood - What is the Social Gospel?
Richard Guill - Is there an Absolute Standard of Morality?
Walker Crossno - Can We be opposed to the instrument and still worship with it?
Dan Goddard - Does the system of faith demand that we oppose
Preachers Panel
Gary Colley - Are all accountable persons amenable to the gospel (Law) of
Curtis Cates - Is Matthew 18:15-17 being abused by some among us?  If so, how?
Garland Elkins- Is Romans 14 being abused by some among us? If so, how?
Virgil Hale - What is meant by Liberalism? Is such to be found among churches
of Christ?
Keith Mosher, Sr. - How important is the silence of the scriptures?
Preachers Panel
Robert Taylor, Jr. - Are grace and law antagonistic to each other?
Lindon Ferguson - Where does authority in Religion lie?
Terry Joe Kee - Is it necessary to understand the purpose of baptism in order
for it to be scriptural?
Wayne Coats -  - What is meant by house churches in the Boston Plan? Is such a
restructuring of
God's Plan?
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3-cd - $16.00
Sunny Slope church of Christ Lectureship.  July, 1987. "Soldiers of Christ Arise"

Garland Elkins                Curtis Cates
Glenn Colley                    Goebel Music
Curtis Cates                    Goebel Music    
Goebel Music                  Goebel Music
Open Forum                    Mays
Garland Elkins                Goebel Music
Noel Merideth
Robert R. Taylor, Jr.
2 dvds - $15.00
1 mp3 - $8.00
12th Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship.  Oct. 18-22, 1987.  The Book of
R. Turner - Introduction
G. Elkins - An  overview of Philippians
R. Hagood - Saluation (1:1-2)
M. Lyon - Paul's relation to the Phillipians (1:3-8)
H. Davidson - Distinguishing the things that differ (1:9-11)
J. Meador - The fortune of misfortune (1:12-14)
T. Warren - Christianity is not irrational
T. Hightower - Bad motives in good work--set for the defense of the gospel (1:18-21
L. Altizer - Christ magnified in Paul's body--to live is Christ (1:18-21)
R. Deaver - Ascertaining bible authority
C. Cates - The soul in straits (1:22-26)
B. Jackson - Life worthy of the gospel--serving Christ without fright (1:27-28)
K. Gossett -The privilege of suffering for Christ (1:29-30)
G. Miller - Forces which make for peace--things of others (2:1-4)
T. Warren - Christianity is not irrational
T. Varner -The mind of Christ (2:5-11)
G. Colley - Working out one's own salvation--The spirit of repining (2:12-16)
R. Deaver - Ascertaining bible authority
A. Connally - The alter of sacrifice (2:17-18)
B. Smith - My Son Timothy (2:19-24)
W. Coats - Epaphroditus brother--fellow worker--fellow solder--messenger--minister (2:25-30)
D. McClish - Warnings about dogs (3:1-2)
T. Warren - Christianity is not irrational
V.E. Howard - Revising the balance sheet--Paul's warning against Judaism (3:3-9)
F. Smith - Identified with Christ (3:10-11)
R. Deaver - Ascertaining bible authority
B. Dobbs - The one thing (3:12-14)
A. Highers - The rule of faith--imitating Christ (3:15-16)
G. Music - Enemies of the cross (3:17-19)
B. Bland - The Heavenly citizenship (3:20-21)
R. Taylor - Conclusion--Christ's Mind and Ours - A summary of the book of Phillians
J. Moffett - Paul's exhortation to unity (4:1-3)
J. Hurt - Rejoicing-gentleness-prayer-the cure for care-right thinking-things whcih lead to peace
--the secret of contentment-a crucial issue of today
J. Gilmore - Christian unity--A crucial issue of today
W. Winkler - Christian Fellowship--God will provide--saints in Caesar's household-salutation and the
benediction (4:14-23)
N. Merideth - A look at the church-yesterday-today-and tomorrow
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3-cd - $16.00
Faulkner University Lectureship.  Oct. 4-8, 1987.  Bible Answers to Sencere
Current Questions.

Martel Pace - The bible is God's answer book
Jeff Jenkins - Why are we not growing like the early church>?
Rex Turner, Sr. - Are there degrees of reward; and, will we know one another in heaven?
Furman Kearley - Does the present Arab/Israeli situation have any biblical significance?
Dan Winkler - How can a person know he is really saved and going to heaven?
Franklin Camp - Where and when do we draw the line?
James Watkins - Is it ever right to do wrong?  Is there a higher law?
Bobby Duncan - Elders: Personal and family qualifications
Dabney Philips - Lunch:  Humorous and interesting anecdotes out of the restoration.
Gordon McWhorter - What are some scriptural soul winning methods that are really working?
Bobby Duncan/Ralph Gilmore - Mock debate on instrumental music.
Tom Holland - Is today's pulpit meeting today's needs?
Roy Lanier, Jr. - Why are we so divided/fragmented? Is there hope?
Don McWhorter - How can I overcome my guilt complexes?
Winford Claiborne - What does I Cor. 7 teach?
Franklin Camp - How far can we go with?
Bert Thompson - What is God's attitude toward abortion?
Roger Johnson - To what extent do elders have authority?
Hugo McCord/Franklin Camp - Lunch:  An appraisal of our great brotherhood, both the good and bad.
John Waddey - If the bible is inerrant, what about, We have no perfect translations?
Bill Dorriety - Holy Spirit guidance? Illumination?
Gary Workman/Roy Lanier, Jr. - Mock Debate on the Godhead.
Earl West - How can I have a closer walk with God?
William Woodson - Restore, or Fellowship, The independent christian church; Which?
Mike Winkler - How can I be sure my prayers are being heard?
Don Deffenbaugh - Biblical discipleship ivs. the modern discipling movement; Which?
Hugo McCord - What is the relationship between grace and law/works?
Robert Waggoner - What about AIDS, homosexuality, safe sex, etc.?
Brad Brumley - How can we correct the dearth of leadership in the Lord's church?
Hugho McCord - What about so-called spurious texts (Mk. 16, Jn. 8, Acts 8, 1 Jn. 5) and lost letters?
Flavil Nichols//Winfred Clark - Mock Debate on the Necessity of water baptism.
Jack Wilhelm - How, when and why does the Holy Spirit indwell the christian?
Bert Thompson - What about test tube life genetic engineering and surrogate motherhood?
Lynn McMillon - ow can I make my marriage an early heaven?
Billy Hilyer - How can I be sure my children will remain faithful to the Lord?
Winfred Clark - No Miracles? No direct operation?--Then what about providence and answered
Hugo McCord - What is the relationship between grace and sin?
Trevor Major - What is God's attitude toward euthanasia-mercy killing?
Edsel Burleson - How can we improve eldership/fellowship relations?
15 preachers participating - Three minute sermon outlines on bible questions
Hugo McCord - Critiques, warnings, cautions, suggestions
Gary Workman/Terry Hightower- A real debate: Carnal Warfare.
6 dvds - $40.00
3 mp3-cd-$20.00
6th Annual Denton Lectures.  November 8-12, 1987. Studies in 1,2,3 John

David White - The letters of John - An introduction
Dub McClish - Eternal Life is the Son (1:5-9, 13)
Goebel Music - Difficult Passages in i, 2, 3 John
Steve Gibson - Answering false doctrines relating to 1,2,3 John
Richard Melson- Discerning the Spirit of truth and error (1:4-1:6)
David Brown - Fellowship with God and one another (1:1-5, 10)
Wendell Winkler - Love not the world. (1:2, 12-17)
Ira Y. Rice, Jr. - Abide in Him - (1:2-24, 29)
Burt Groves - Difficult Passages in 1,2,3 John
Tom Wacaster - Blessings and implications of loving God (1:4, 15-21)
Jack Williams - A saluation, commendation and exhortation (2:1-6)
Garland Elkins - Discussion Forum
Garland Elkins - Questions from the floor on discussion forum topic
Roy C. Deaver - A Study of "Truth" in 1,2,3 John
Garland Elkins - A Study of "Truth" in 1,2,3 John
Jerry Moffitt - Love one another (1:3, 11-18)
Dan Carter - A rebuke and a compliment (3:9,14)
Curtis Cates - There have arisen many anti-christs (1:2, 18-23)
Gary Workman -Discussion Forum
Gary Workman - Question from the floor on discussion forum topic
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Privileges and responsibilities of God's children (1:3, 1:10)
Mac Deaver - The Love of God means keeping His commandments (1:5, 1:8)
Bert Thompson - The prologue of I John (1:1-14)
Tom Bright - Difficult Passages in 1,2,3 John
Owen Cosgrove - Our assurance of abiding in Christ (1:3; 19-24)
B. B. James - Blessed assurances (1:5; 14-21)
Alan Highers - Discussion forum
Alan Highers - Questions fromthe floor on discussion forum topic
James Meadows - Christ, the answer for sin (1:2; 1-6)
Andrew Connally - A study of obedience to God in 1,2,3 John
Bill Cline - Answering false doctrines relating to 1,2,3 John
Marvin Weir - Answering false doctrines relating to 1,2,3 John
Mike Vestal - A greeting and a commendation (3:1-8)
Darrell Conley - God is Love (1:4; 7-14)
Thomas B. Warren - Discussion Forum -Agnosticism
Thomas B. Warren - Questions from the floor on discussion forum topic
J. Noel Merideth - False teachers and how to deal with them (2:7-13)
Johnny Ramsey - The letters of John - A summary
5 dvds - $35.00
2 mp3s - $15.00
Gus Nichols--Words of Truth Lectureship.  Sept. 27-Oct. 1, 1987.
"God's Plan for His Church"

Hardeman Nichols - God's plan for His church to be established
Jerri Barber - God's plan for His church in the Book of Acts: right relationships within
Hugo McCord - God's plan forpersonal growth in His church
Jerry Jenkins - God's plan for elders in His church: their responsibilities
Bobby Duncan - The church at Jerusalem
George Bailey - God's plan for His church: its organization
Jerri Barber - God's plan for His church in the book of Acts
Hugo McCord - God's plan for personal growth in His church
Jerry Jenkins - God's plan for elders in His church: their qualifications
Franklin Camp - God's plan for deacons in His church: their qualificatins
Jeff Jenkins - The church at Antioch
George Bailey - God's plan for His church: its worship
Jerri Barber - God's plan for His church in the book of Acts
Hugo McCord - God's plan for personal growth in His church
Jerry Jenkins - God's plan for elders in His church: their authority
Franklin Camp - God's plan for deacons in His church: their authority
Bill Nicks - The church at Rome
James McCune - The church at Corinth
George Bailey - God's plan for His church: edification and fellowship in it
Jerri Barber - God's plan for His church in the book of Acts: Every soul a mission field
Hugho McCord - God's plan for personal growth in His church
Jerry Jenkins - God's plan for elders in His church: their relationships with others
Franklin Camp - God's plan for deacons in His church: their relationships with others
Winford Clark - The church at Ephesus
George Bailey - God's plan for His church: world evangelization
21st Annual Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship.  March 29-April 2, 1987
"Ancient Lessons in a Modern Setting - Book of Exodus".
(Some lessons may not be included - priced accordingly)

Eddie Whitten - Israel Oppressed Egypt, birth and early life of Moses
E. L. Whitaker - See that thou make all things according to the pattern
Thomas B.  Warren - Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.
Gerald Reynolds - Moses' call at the burning bush:  Moses and Aaron confront Pharoah
Thomas B. Warren - Some things you owe yourself
Jerry Moffitt - Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image
Keith Mosher - Critical Introduction to Exodus "Background and Chronology"
Bobby Liddell - Warnings in Exodus "The gold calf and immorality"
David Rushlow - Type and antitype "Moses and Christ"
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The proliferation of modern "versions" "Is there cause for concern?"
Goebel Music - Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
Rex A. Turner, Sr. - The plagues in Egypt - Exposure of Egyptian Idolatry
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Johnny Ramsey - Honor thy father and mother
Roy J. Hearn - Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy: Question of sabbath-keeping
Thomas B. Warren - There is no middle between...and..."...
Frank Starling - Death of firstborn threatened: Passover instructions: exodus and deliverance
Rod Rutherford - Critical introduction to Exodus "unity and authorship"
David Nance - Warning in Exodus "the occult"
J. A McNutt - Type and antitype "Israel and the church - their journey and ours"
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The proliferation of modern "versions"-What about the NIV and the NASB?
Charles L. Jarrett, MD - A christian physician looks at abortion
Dub McClish - Song of triump; manna; smitten rock; war with Amalek; Jethro
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Andrew Connally - Not a hoof shall be left behind
Oran Rhodes - Israel at Sinai; Moses in the mount; ordiances of the covenant
Thomas B. Warren - Because Jesus died, I know that...
Neil Myers - The tabernacle; the priesthood
Harold McKeel - Critical introduction to Exodus "archaeological light"
Ronnie Hayes - Warnings in Exodus "The way to harden your heart"
John DeBerry - Type and antitype "Old and New Tabernacles
Dub McClish - McClish/Billingsley debate "Amenability of aliens to God's Law"
Charles L. Jarrett, MD - A christian physician looks at the use of tobacco
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Thou shalt not kill...steal
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Roy Deaver - Thou shalt not commit adultery
William S. Cline - Why the early church turned the world upside down
Dan Jenkins - Fellowship with God Threatened
Bill Jackson - Critical introduction to Exodus "Alleged contradictions"
Richard Guill - Warnings in Exodus "Theistic Evolution-Heresy"
Jerry Martin - Type and antitype "Old and New Covenants
Dub McClish - McClish/Billingsley debate "Amenability of aliens to God's law"
Winfred Clark - The tabernacle constructed according to the patter; Gods glory fills the tabernacle
Joe Gilmore - attributes of God as seen in Exodus
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Ancient lessons in a modern setting
#5 dvd - ladies classes
3rd Annual Labor Day Weekend - Robertson County church of Christ.
September 4-7, 1987 - NO SUBJECT GIVEN

Gary Colley - What the Lord taught Nicodemus
Roy McConnel - I am the bred of life
Andrew Connally - John, the judgement, and the great invitation
Mac Deaver - The Lord teaches about spiritual freedom
David Brown - No middle ground
Mac Deaver - The Lord's beautiful beatitudes
Open forum
Malcolm Hill - Great lessons from the Sermon on the Mount
Glenn Ramsey - Additional great lessons from the Sermon on the Mount
Roy Deaver - The Olivet Discourse
Ira Rice - The Lord taught many lessons in parables
Thomas Eaves - The Lord instructs the twelve
Bob Bryson - The tares of the field
Open Forum
Roy Deaver - The olivet discourse #2
Bill Cline - The Lord proves his deity
Tony Demonbreun - A sermon in Nazareth
Paul Sain - The Lord denounces the hypocricy of the Pharisees and Scribes
T. Pierce Brown - And if I go.. I come again
Wayne Coats - The Lord  teaches on humility and forgiveness
Noel Meredith - The Father's welcome to sinners who repent
Open Forum
Robert Taylor - In the Book of John--the Lord's great "I AM's"
Garland Elins - My Word in you
3 dvds - $20.00
2 mp3s- $20.00
5 dvds - $35.00
2 MP3s - $16.00
4 DVDS - $30.00
2 MP3-cds - $16.00
The Nashville Meeting - December 2-3, 1988

(1) Thursday, December 1, 1988  (2-5 pm- Overview and current situation -- History; How churches
fo Crist separated and grew apart; The current situation; etc.
speakers - Steve Wolfgang, Johnny Ramsey, Colly Caldwell, Mac Lynn, Marshalll Patton, Jack
(2) Thursday, Dec. 1, 1988 -(5:30-6:30 pm) - Attitudes in Controversy; How brethren should behave
themselves when disagreeing - Johnny Ramsey
(3) Thursday, Dec. 1 (7-10pm) - Suggested topics: Are there "pattern" revealed in the scriptures?
etc.  How do we establish/ascertain divine authority? What is the role of examples? of
inferences/conclusions? - Richard Rodgers, James /. Adams, Dennis Petrillo, Clinton Hamilton, Bill
Swetmon, Dale Smelser
(4) Friday, Dec 3, (2-12 am) - Collective (church) activity and individual activity --What are the biblical
criteria for distinguishing the two? etc. - Ferrell Jenkins Bill Long, Karl Diestelkamp, Lewis G. Hale,
Harold Comer, Sam Long.
(5) Attitudes in Controversy: How brethren should behave themselves when disagreeing - Dee
(6) Friday, Dec 2 (2-5 pm) - What is the work of the church? -- Discussion will likely include
fellowship halls, church kitchen/recreational facilities, and larger issues of "social gospelism,"
family life centers, etc. - Randy Mayeux, Robert Jackson, Dennis Randall, Paul Earnhart, Cecil May,
L. A. Stauffer
(7) Friday, Dec. 2 (7-10 pm) - (At VVultee church of Christ in Nashville. - What relationship should
institutions sustain to churches?-- Discussion including orphanages, colleges, etc. - Mike Willis,
Stafford North, Dick Blackford, Roy Lanier, Jr., Larry Hafley, Dewey Fogerson.
(8) Saturday, Dec. 3, (8-11 am) - Cooperation of churches -- Definition:  What is cooperation? How
many churches cooperate? When and under what circumstances? - Calvin Warpula, Keith Sharp,
Martin Pyle, Ron Halbrook, Wayne Burger, Dan King.
(9) Saturday 3, (12-3 pm) - The question of fellowship -- What does the bible mean by "fellowship"?
What kind of unity can exist between separated brethren? On what basis? - Harry Pickup, jr, Reuel
Lemmons, Jamie Sloan, Jimmy Jividen, John Clark, Rubel Shelly.

7th Annual Denton Lectures. Nov. 13-17, 1988.  "Studies in 1 & 2 Thess. & Philemon"

David Brown - The Thessalonian letters and Philemon - An introduction
Dub McClish - Corrective church discipline in 1 & 2 Thessalonians and Philemon
Tom Wacaster - The command to withdraw and Paul's closing words
Richard Melson - The coming of "The Day of the Lord"
Bubba Phillips - Paul's concluding words
Ira Y. Rice, Jr. - Fidelity under fire
Dave Miller - Preparing for "The Day of the Lord"
Marvin Weir - Paul's anxiety for the Thessalonians
J. Noel Merideth - Duties to elders and to other brethren
Roy Deaver - Paul's imploring epistle to Philemon
Gary Workman- Difficult passages in 1 & 2 Thessalonians and Philemon
Discussion Forum - Bill Jackson The wrath of God
Bill Jackson - Questions from the floor on discussion forum topic
Garland Elkins - Paul's great desire for reunion
Robert Taylor, Jr. - Exhortations on brotherly love and doing one's work
Perry hall - Paul's  salutation and thanksgiving
Jack Scott, Jr. - Difficult passages in 1 & 2 Thessalonians and Philemon
Thomas B. Warren - Eight significant imperatives
Discussion forum - Wayne Jackson - The Spirit of Antinomianism
Wayne Jackson - Questions from the floor on discussion forum topic
Goebel Music - An exhortation on sanctification
Andrew Connally - Pau's Mode of preaching and practice
Jerry Moffitt - The falling away and the man of sin
Don Walker - Answering false doctrines relating to 1 & 2 Thess. and Philemon
Oran Rhodes - Paul's salutation and thanksgiving
Steve Gibson - A study of inspiration in 1 & 2 Thess. and Philemon
Discussion Forum - Wayne Jackson - Worship and New Testament Authority
Wayne Jackson - Questions from the floor on discussion forum topic
Curtis Cates - Words of comfort for anxious saints
Bert Thompson - The gospel received and applied
Darrell Conley -Paul's elation over the Thessalonians
Mike Elroy - Answering false doctrines relating to 1 & 2 Thess. and Philemon
Mike Vestal - A request for prayer and a statement of confidence
Mike Hatcher - Rewards at the Lord's coming
Discussion forum - Alan Highers - The status of the "Instrumental Music in Worshio" controversy
Alan Highers - Questions from the floor on discussion forum topic
James Meadows - A study of "The Day of the Lord" in 1 & 2 Thess. and Philemon
Jerry Moffitt - The Thessalonian letters and Philemon--A summary

13th Annual "Spiritual Sword" Lectureship. Oct. 16-20, 1988, "The Book of Matthew.

K. Mosher - General introduction to Matthew               
R. Turner - Matthew and the O.T.                                
G. Elkins - Matthew and the rest of the NT
C. Cates - Jesus--the King
W. Coats - Chapter 1
G. McDade - Chapter 2
R. Hagood - Chapter 3
E. Whitten - Chapter 4
D. Miller - Chapter 5
L. Warren - Chapter 6
T. Warren - Chapter 7
N. Merideth - Chapter 8
K Hope - Chapter 9
D. Brown - Chapter 10
B. Dobbs - Chapter 11
W. Wilder - Chapter 12
K. Gossett - Chapter 13
T. Bright - Chapter 14
D. McClish - Chapter 15
A. Connally - Chapter 16
G. DeHoff - Chapter 17
W. Winkler - Chapter 18
R. Deaver - Chapter 19
B. Jackson  - Chapter 20
J. Meadow - Chapter 21
R. Taylor - Chapter 24
F. Smith - Chapter 23
T. Varner - Chapter 22
R. Sharp - Chapter 25
B. Smith - Chapter 26
J. Laws - Chapter 27
J. Moffitt - Chapter 28
D. Sztanyo - Matthew and the Godhead
J. Gilmore - Matthew and salvation
G. Music - Matthew and authority
A. Highers - Matthew and the church

Faulkner University Lectureship. Oct. 2-5, 1988. "Blessed Assurance".
(Speakers might not all be on dvds.  Price adjusted accordingly)

Paul Tucker - You can win over temptation
Hugo McCord - Living with the Psalms for comfort and assurance
John Harris - It pays to pray
Bob Hare - What calmed me when preaching behind the iron curtain
Franklin Camp - In the valleys of life, to these passages I have clung
Earl West - Preachers of yesterday from whom I have learned so much
Hardeman Nichols - Romans 8, the highwater mark on assurance in the NT
James Le Fan - The bible is helping me cope with my handicapped child
Winfred Clark - I John, The epistle of assurance
Leonard Johnson - You can trust the bible
Rex A. Turner - The resurrection of my Lord makes a difference
Hugo McCord - Living with the Psalms for comfort and assurance
Adron Doran - He is the God of the sparrows and valleys
W. B. West - Hope, the anchor of the soul
Franklin Camp - In the valleys of life, to these passages I have clung
Franklin Camp - Ten suggestions I would like to make to the broherhood
Hardeman Nichols - Romans 8, The highwater mark on assurance in the NT
Basil Overton - The bible is helping me cope with the death of my child
Winfred Clark - I John. The epistle of assurance
Eris Benson - How can I know when I have found the right church
Buron Laird - I know my name is written in heaven
Hugo McCord - Living with the Psalms for comfort and assurance
Russell Artist - I know whom I have believed
Franklin Camp - In the valleys of life, to these passages I have clung
Ten Sermons you can preach on facing the trials of life - Basil Overton
(Ten Alabama preachers) - Jimmy Powell, Flavil Nichols, Earl Godwin, Edsel Burleson, J. W.
Andrews, Frank Young, A. J. Kerr, Hoyt Nelson, Gaddis Roy and Waldrep Johnson
Hardemann Nichols -Romans 8, The highwater mark on assurance in the NT
Dale Larsen - I'm redeemed
Billy Nicks - Precious promises which calm the troubled soul

9th Annual Gus Nichols--Words of Truth Lectureship. Sept. 25-29, 1988.

Hugo McCord - A Study of words relating to maturity
Franklin Camp - Maturity in Christ and church leadership
W. D. Jeffcoat - Maturity in Christ and beverage alcohol

Kelby Smith - Maturity and the cross: Enmity slain at the cross
James W. Watkins - Essentials to maturity: Bible study and faith
Roger Jackson - Maturity in Christ: Marriage, divorce, and remarriage
Bobby Duncan - Maturity in Christ: Flee fornication
Hugo McCord - A study of words relating to maturity
Franklin Camp - Maturity in Christ and person growth
W. D. Jeffcoat - Maturity in Christ and beverage alcohol
Cecil May, Jr. - Maturity and the cross: Glory in the cross
James W. Watkins - Essentials to maturity: Prayer and communion
Roger Jackson - Maturity in Christ: Marriage, divorce and remarriage
Wendell Winkler - Maturity in Christ: Providing for things honest
Hugo McCord - A study of words relating to maturity
Franklin Camp - Maturity in Christ and evangelism
W. D. Jeffcoat - Maturity in Christ and beverage alcohol
Paul Tarence - Maturity and the cross: In the business world and in unemployment
Winfred Clark - Essentials to maturity: Liberality
Roger Jackson - Maturity in Christ: Marriage, divorce, and remarriage
Herman Hedgepeth - Maturity in Christ: Sound speech which cannot be condemned
Hugo McCord - A study of words reating to maturity
Franklin Camp - Maturity in Christ and benevolence
W. D. Jeffcoat - Maturity in Christ and beverage alcohol
Gary Bradley, Jr. - Maturity and the Cross: Maturity in health, illness and death
Winfred Clark - Essentials to maturity: Love
Roger Jackson - Maturity in Christ: Marriage, divorce and remarriage
Dick Weber - Maturity in Christ and the temptation to use illegal drugs

1988 Firm Foundation Lectures.  Sept 21-25, 1988. Bellwood church of Christ,
Murfreesboro, TN.  
"The Gospel According to Luke--"That You May Understand the Saviour"

Curtis Cates - That ye may know the truth
Ray Peters - The virgin birth
Tom Bright - The baptism of John-from heaven or from man?
Bobby Liddell - What went ye out to see?
Jimmy Clark - Beware of covetousness
J. T. Marlin - The mission of the Saviour
Al Brown - Withstanding temptation and rejection
Foy Smith - The lost Christ
George DeHoff - Repentance: One of the most difficult commands in the bible
Jerry Martin - Launch out into the deep
Roy Deaver - The olivet discourse
Joe Gilmore - How can you say that?
Noel Merideth - Unprofitable servants
Winfred Clark - Can you recommend your religion?
Harrell Davidson - His face was set toward Jerusalem
Noah Hackworth - How readest thou?:
Daniel Denham - A greater blessing
Weldon Langfield - Where is your faith?
Ron Harper - The ruler who refused a crown
Gary Colley - The last supper eaten: The Lord's supper instituted
Ken Willis - Accountable stewardship
William S. Cline - Is a man worth more than a lamb?
Wayne Coats - Jesus is Lord of all
Ira Y. Rice, Jr. - Excuses are only lies
Guss Eoff - We must count the cost
Jim Laws - The crucifixion of Christ
H. A. Dobbs - The bodily resurrection of Jesus

4th Annual Robertson County church of Christ :Lectureship.  Sept. 2-5, 1988.
"The Book of Acts" (brochure is hard to read - some names may be missing)

Thomas Warren - Acts 9
Gary Colley - Acts 6
Garland Elkins - Acts 25
Thomas Warren - Acts 24
Roy Deaver - Acts 8
Raymond Hagood - Acts 12,13
Thomas Warren - Acts 26
Open Forum
Noel Merideth - Acts 10, 11
Bill Cline - Acts 14,15
Roy Deaver - Acts 1,2
Mac Deaver - Acts 17
Roy McConnel - Acts 3,4
Mac Deaver - Acts 21
Open Forum
Charles Williams - Acts 20
Wayne Coats - Acts 18, 19
John Baldwin - Acts 5
Bill Cline - Acts 16
Leon Stancliff - Acts 22
Tony Demonoreum - Acts 7
Tony Demonoreum - Acts 23
Open Forum
John Baldwin - Acts 27
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Acts 28

9th Annual West Kentucky Bible Lectures.  July 23-24, 1988. "Ask for the Old Paths"

Garland Elkins - Ask for the Old Paths
Jim Dearman - The church--Its builder, foundation, and price
Gary Colley - The "Marriage-Divorce-Remarriage controversy"
Alan Highers - The "New Unity Movement"
Open Forum
Robert Taylor - What does the bible teach about gambling?
J. Noel Merideth - Crossroads/Boston Movement
Curtis Cates - The church and moral problems-immodest apparel and worldliness
Joseph Meador - The church and moral problems--social drinking
Harrell Davidson - What makes the church grow as God would have it?
B.B. James - The church--The pillar and ground of the truth
Curtis Cates - Where do we go from here?
Diana Singing on the end of 2nd dvd.

9th Annual Phillips Street church of Christ Lectureship. April 20-24, 1988. "Great Bible Doctrines"

Walter Lumpkin - The must of world evangelism
Mike Underwood - The baptism of Jesus
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The providence of God
Wilford Mobley - The christian and love
John Ferguson - The ever present danger of apostacy
Preachers Panel
Dub McClish - The blood of JChrist
James Bryant - The existance of satan
Ed Casteel - The existence of miracles-the passing of miracles
Gary Colley - The virgin birth of Christ
Bill Crossno - The authority of elders in the local congregation
Preachers Panel
J. Noel Merideth - The Godhead
Ronnie Whittemore - The covenants: Ol and New
Owen Solomon - The christian and prayer
Terry Joe Kee - The resurrection of Christ - The resurrection of mankind
John Renshaw - The glory of heaven
Preachers Panel
Garland Elkins - The inspiration of the bible
Dan Jones - The agony of hell
Lindon Ferguson - The church of Christ-the only church
Wayne Coats - The importance of church discipline and what is involved.

22nd Annual MSOP Lectures.  March 1988. "The Book of Deuteronomy".
(Dvd #4 is 4 lessons by Roy Deaver.  Open Forum is #3&4. #5 & #6 is class room & Etc.(
(See brochure for scriptures for each title)

Rex A. Turner, Sr. - Recollections of and lessons from history
E. L Whitaker - The prophet Moses, "Whome the Lord knew face to face"
Bobby Duncan - Call and motivation for obedence to God's law
Terry Varner - The law of Moses reviewed and renewed
Goebel Music -God demands exclusive dvotion and service
Winfred Clark - The faith must be defended
Bobby Duncan - The Love of God and man's response
William S. Cline - Dangers from within - Their cause and prevention
Ed Ballard - Worship God in one place in one way: Idolatry forbidden
Alton Hayes - God's people--different in mourning, in food, in economics
Charles L. Jarrett, MD - A Christian Physician looks at aids
Andrew Connally - The Golden Quest-Search for happiness
Joe Gilmore - God's People--Different in observances and in leaders
Don Nix - God's People--Different in legal procedures and in justice
Tom Brigh God's People-Different in domestic and social relations
Glann Lee - Renewal of covenant instructions: GOd's favor vs His Disfavor
Garland Elkins - Him shall ye hear in all things--The kind of music God desires in Worship
Darrell Conley - Covenant is Renewed with this generation, critical decision-Life and death
Tim Wilkes - From Moses to Joshue--A Transition; The song of Moses
Guss Eoff - Moses' blessing and death
Kenneth Gossett - God is our refuge and strength
Robert Taylor - Cannaan at last!
Garland Elkins Open Forum #1 & 2
(Critical Introduction of Deuteronomy)
Bill Clayton - Background and Cronology
Glenn Jobe - The book surveyed--not a barren repetition
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - God breathed, or product of documentary evolution?
Bill Lockwood - Alleged contradictions
Warnings in Deuteronomy
John Renshaw - The danger of forgetting
Ed. Casteel - The danger of alfuence
Richard Currry - The  dangers of apostasy
Bill Pratt - The danger of tempting God
Questions answered
John Weekley - Was the Law of Moses a legalistic system
Garland M. Robinson - What does it mean to hate God?
Roger Jackson - Does obedience nullify God's Grace?
Kent Bailey - What about the "new Unity Movement?"
Version Violations
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Additions and subtractions from the Word
Crossroads-Boston cult
Wayne Coats - It's unscriptural organization
David Miller - It's unscriptural techniques of "Growth"
God Created Man Upon the Earth
Russell Artist - Question of evolution
Russell Artist - Question of evolution
World Evangelism
Rod Rutherford - Its biblical basis
Jim Dearman - Its motivation
Ira Y. Rice, Jr. - Its history
Billy Nicks - Principles and practices
Ladies classes

8th Annual Denton Lectures. Nov. 12-16, 1989.  "Studies in 2 Corinthians"

Andy McClish -- 2 Cor. - An Introduction
Dub McClish - A study of the final judgment in 2 Corinthians
Dave Miller - Pau's experience of labor and suffering
Curtis Cates - Difficult passages
in  2 Corinthians
Robin Haley - Paul's confidence and commendation
Goebel Music - A study of repentance in 2 Corinthians
Andrew Connally - A study of the necessity of properly handling the truth in 2 Corinthians
Ken Hope - Paul's salutation and source of consolation
Guy Baker - Paul's defense of his sincerity
Bob Berard - The superiority of the new covenant
David Brown - Difficult passages in 2 Corinthians
Thomas Warren - Discussion forum -We must be obedient in all things
Thomas Warren - Questions from the floor on discussion forum topic
Robert Taylor, Jr. - A study of the need for honorable behavior in 2 Corinthians
H. A. (Buster) Dobbs - Encouragements, principles and rewards concerning giving
Darrell Beard - The treasure in earthen vessels
James Meadows - Paul's anxiety over the Corinthians
Gary Workman - Paul's longing for heaven
Mac Deaver - Discussion Forum - The Meaning of Biblical Faith
Mac Deaver - Questions from the floor on discussion forum topic
J. Noel Merideth - Paul's exposure of false aposltles
Carl Garner - A commendation and exhortation concerning giving
Larry Fluitt - Good news from Corinth and teaching on repentance
Tom Brigh - Paul's Blameless life and a plea for distinctiveness
Terry Hightower - Answering false doctrines relating to 2 Corinthians
Bill Jackson -  Discussion Forum - We must both fear and love God
Bill Jackson - Questions from the floor on discussion forum topic
Bobby Liddell - The source of Paul's remarkable endurance
Joe Gilmore - Providing things honorable before the Lord and all men
Garell Forehand - Paul's answers to his critics
James Rogers - Paul's vision and thorn in the flesh
B. B. James - An appeal for fairness and Paul's source of spiritual strength
Don Ruhl - Paul's apostolic credentials and a plea for repentance
Jerry Moffitt - Discussion forum - The Power Is of God and Not from Ourselves
Jerry Moffitt - Questions from the floor on discussion forum topic
Bert Thompson - A stern warning and fond farewell
Darrell Conley - 2 Corinthians - A summary
(All discussion topics on dvd#5)

14th Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship.  Oct. 15-19, 1989.
The book of Mark "Jesus: The Servant of Jehovah"
Winford Claiborne - The perfect example of service
Curtis Cates - The basic message of the book of Mark
Jim Laws - Jesus gives dignity to service
Alan Highers - Lessons to be learned from Mark about service
Clarence Lavender - Chapter one
B.C. Carr - The work of John the Baptist as "the Forerunner" of Christ
Roger Johnson - Chapter two
J. Noel Merideth - Jesus in conflict-The perfect defender
V. E. Howard - Chapter three
Robert Taylor - The work of the 12 disciples and the work of disciples today
Wendell Winkler - Chapter four
Flavil Nichols - Characteristics of Jesus at work as the master teacher
Gary White - Chapter five
Eddy Craft - Faith makes the difference
Billy Bland - Chapter six
Ivie Powell - Jesus, the miracle worker
Winfred Clark - Chapter seven
James Meadows - Chapter eight
C. W. Bradley - Finding life by losing it
Ben Flatt - Chapter nine
Eddie Helms - Jesus foretells His death and resurrection
Thomas Eaves - Chapter ten
Roy Deaver - Jesus--the servant of Jehovah
Bill Flatt - Chapter eleven
W. B. West - The fruitless fig tree
Eddie Whitten - The wrath of Jesus
Joe Gilmore - Chapter twelve
Adron Doran - He is the Son of David
Kent Bailey - Being wrong religiously
Robert Brown - Chapter thirteen
Hardeman Nichols - He is coming again
Edward Myers - Chapter fourteen
Keith Mosher - The symbol of salvation
Joe Hopper - Chapter fifteen
Tom Holland - Chapter sixteen
George DeHoff - The church's commission

Firm Foundation Lectureship. Ridgedale church of Christ, Chattanooga, TN
Oct. 8-12, 1989. "These Things are Written That Ye Might Believe"

Roy Deaver - The Work of John the Baptist
Ray Peters - Judge Righteous Judgments
Curtis Cates - Religious hirelings
George DeHoff - Grace, law, and the gospel
Ira Y. Rice, Jr. - All men must practice personal evangelism
Waymon Summers - Never a man so spake
Weldon Langfield - Ye must be born again
Ken Willis - The vine and the branches
Al Brown - Jesus and the woman at the well
Jack Burch - The incarnation of Christ
Andrew Connally - These things are written that ye might believe
H.A. Buster Dobbs - Ye are of your father the devil
M. L. Sexton - The misunderstood Christ
Gary Colley - Search the scriptures
Carl Hecker - Seeking Christ for the wrong reasons
Winfred Clark - That by which we are comforted
Terry Harndon - The demands of discipleship
H. Daniel Denham - Miracles of Christ contrasted with fake healing today
Joe Gilmore - Is a man, once saved, always saved?
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Jesus, the only begotten Son
Lynn Blair - The tragedy of unbelief
Jimmy Clark - Christ and the comforter
Noah Hackworth - Make not my Father's house a house of merchandise
Foy Smith - Will ye also go away?
James Boyd - The standard by which all men will be judged
Houston Bynum - The first and second resurrection
Guss Eoff - The ultimate command
Rex A. Turner, Sr. - The bodily resurrection of Jesus: fact not fiction
Joe Meador - Why do men suffer tribulation in this world?
Bobby Liddell - Shall I crucify your King?
William S. Cline - I go a fishing
Tom Bright - What is truth>?
Eddie Whitten - Seeing and believing
Charlie Cochran - Can the unity Jesus prayed for be had today?
Jim Dearman - Cast the net on the other side
Andrew Connally - Are you ready for the judgment day?

Faulkner University Lectureship.  Oct. 1-4, 1989. "Walking with Jesus the last
of His life"

Hugo McCord - An in-depth study of the Lord's Prayer
Hugo McCord - Same
Steve Flatt - He shall so come as ye have seen him go
Hugo McCord - Same as above
Billy Watkins - The betrayal and arrest of my Lord
Franklin Camp - Plumbing the depths of the seven sayings of the cross
Jerry Jenkins - The widow's mite: She gave more than all
Hugh McCord & Franklin Camp - If I had it to do over, here are some things I would and would not do
William Woodson - The Lord's farewell discourse to the disciples in Jn. 14-16
Jerrie Barber - questions asked of Jesus in his last week
Jack Wilhelm - Jesus' parables preached in his last week
Hugo McCord - All Scripture sermon on crucifixion
Jess Hall - The Roman and Jewish trial of our Lord as examined from the jurisprudence viewpoint
(law school)
Earl Edwards - Up from the grave He arose
Jeff Jenkins - The thieves on the cross
Ron Stough - Warning by the devil's fire vs. Leaning on Jesus
Cecil May - The triumphant entry into Jerusalem
Elliott - Pilate, the moral weakling
Franklin Camp - Plumbing the depths of the seven sayings of the cross
William Woodson - The Lord's farewell discourse to the disciples
Kenneth Randolph - Jesus' sermon on Phariseeism
Jack Wilhelm - Jesus' parables preached in His last week
David Short - Estate planning/wills
John Gipson - Were you there when they crucified my Lord?
Phillip Smith - An examination of the Law of evidences as pertains to the resurrection of the Christ
(Law School)
Ed Wharton - The Lord's supper: The when, what, where and why
Rex Turner, Sr. - Old Testament prophesies minutely fulfilled the last week
Eddie Miller - He was buried in a borrowed tomb
Ron Stough - Warning by the devil's fir vs. leaning on Jesus
Franklin Camp - Plumbing the depths of the seven sayings of the cross
Lamar Plunket - Gird on the towel
--Three minute sermon outlines from the last week of Christ on earth-Glen Sargent, Roger Dill,
James Wyers, Johnny Emerson, Bill Huggins, Raymond Elliott, JC Davidson, Frank Cleaver, Jon
Atkinson, Charles Stidham
Glenn Posey - Om Gethsemane alone
Frank Chesser - The barren fig tree and the temple cleansed: What can I learn from this?
Jack Wilhelm - Jesus' parables preached in His last week
Alan Highers - They tried my Lord and Master (This Roman and Jewish trials viewed by an attorney)

5th Annual Robertson County Church of Christ Labor-Day Lectureship. Sept. 1-4, 1989.
" I Corinthians"

Andrew Connally - God's plan for solving problems
Mack Deaverr - God's wisdom vs. man's  wisdom
Andrew Connally - God's Plan for evangelism
Mac Deaver - Congregational discipline
Andrew Connally - Is God pleased when we fail to grow?
Andrew Connally - The christians body belongs to the Lord
Roy Deaver - The bible doctrine of inspiration
Roy Deaver - Questions/answers about marriage
Mac Deaver - God was not well pleased
Roy Deaver - Questions/answers about spiritual gifts
Roy McConnell - A more excellent way
Mac Deaver - Resurrection
Roy Deaver - Christian women and red purses
Bill Cline - We must endure hardships
Bill Cline - Paul's wonderful attitude
Curtis Cates - God's financial plan
Open Forum (at end of dvd)
Buster Dobbs - What is the meaning of "baptised for the Dead?"
Robert Taylor - Commands from our general

1st Annual POWER Lectures.  August 27-31, 1989. "The Providence of God"

Garland Elkins - What are the crucial terms involved in this study?
Thomas Warren - How does the eternal purpose of God relate to His providence?
Lynn Matheny - What does the life of Moses teach about the providence of God?
Wayne Coats - How do Deism and Pantheism function as anti-providence view?
Terry Varner - What do the lives of Abraham and Issac teach about the providence of God?
Dave Miller - What do the lives of Jacob and Esau teach about the providence of God?
Robert Taylor - Is it the case that God - at least at times overrules evil for good?
T. B. Warren - How do Atheism and Agnosticism function as anti-providence views?
Roger Jackson - How is it that churches (congregations) which uphold false doctrine and engage in
practices may prosper while at least some who are faithful prosper neither i material wealth nor in
(of people)
Rex Turner, Sr. - God's providence in the rise and fall of four world empires
Dub McClish - What do the lives of  Elijah and Ahab teach about the providence of God?
William Wilder - What do the lives of Samuel, Saul, David, and Absalom teach about the providence
of God?
Adrian Doran - What does the life of Esther teach about the providence of God?
Buster Dobbs - What do the lives of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego teach about the
providence of God?
Gary Colley - What do the lives of Jesus, Peter, and Paul teach about the providence of God?
Jerry Moffitt - How is it that human concepts of gambling, luck, casting lots, natural science,
evolutionism, "Mother
Nature", et al. constitute anti-providence viewpoints?
Mac Deaver - What are the main differences between "general providence" and "special
Paul Sain - What does the life of Noah teach about the providence of God?
Noel Merideth - What is the difference between God's providence as it relates to those who have
submissive  (to
God) wills and those who have rebellious wills?
Roy Deaver - What does the life of Joseph teach about the providence of God?
Keith Mosher - How does the providence of God relate to Paul's instructions ("In nothing be
anxious...") in
Philippians 4:6-77?
Joe Gilmore - What does Colossians 1:16-17 teach about the providence of God?
Terry Hightower - What is the importance of "If the Lord wills" (I Cor. 4:19)?
Harrel Davidson - Since God has conditioned at least some blessings on authorized prayer, how
can these prayers be answered without God listing miraculous power?
Perry Hall - The prosperity and growth of atheistic nations, (In the light of Proverbs 14:34, should it
be puzzling?)
Raymond Hagood - What does Proverbs 3:21-26 teach about the providence of God?
Wendell Winkler - What should a Christian expect when he prays for his own..and/or that of
someone else--
physicial illness?
Foy Smith - What do the lives of Caleb and Joshua teach about the providence of God?
David Brown - Has God guaranteed material and temporal good to His faith children or does he offer
only moral
and spiritual good?
Kenneth Jones - How is it that good men (who pray) may suffer in terrible ways while evil men (who
do not pray -
but are very rebellious toward God) are many times blessed?
Curtis Cates - What does Deuteronomy 1-2 teach about the providence of God?
Kenneth Gossett - What does Acts 7:1-53 teach about the providence of God?
Thomas Eaves - What does Psalm 105:1-45 teach about the providence of God?
Phil Davis - What does the book of Job teach about the providence of God?
Goebel Music - Is it true that God has the world in His hands?
Andrew Connally - What does Romans 8:28 teach in regard to the providence of God

10th Annual West Kentucky Bible Lectures. July 22-23, 1989. "For Such A Time As This"

Garland Elkins - For such a time as this
Gary Colley - Be not conformed to this world
Michael Hatcher - God's need for men
Curtis Cates - Reply to false teaching about the music question
Open Forum
Alan Highers - The kind of preaching needed today
Phil Davis - Let no man despise thy youth
Robert Taylor - Anti-ism, liberalism, and the new anti-ism
Elvis Huffard - A look at the home today
Joseph Ruiz - Here am I...Send me!
Michael Hatcher - Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you
Curtis Cates - Where will we be when we get where we are going?

53rd Annual Bible Lectureship.  Feb. 6-10, 1989. "Glory to God"

Freed-Hardeman College
Keith Parker - Glory to God
Dan Harless -Helping Others to follow Jesus
Earl Edwards - A light of revelation to the nations
Leon Barnes - Preaching the preaching of Paul
James Meadows - The gospel of preaching
Dick Webber - Motivating youth to 'just say no'
Wayne Jackson - inerracy: Why I preach the bible
Mark Crowell - The glory of caring
Kent Hall - Motivating Christians to have great bible schools
Jimmy Adcox - Teaching on preaching
Troy Daniels - The glory of Christian living which reinforces preaches
Milton Sewell - Motivating Christians to support Christian education
Winford Clairborne (6 sermons)- The new age movement: An introduction, Astrology, Reincarnation,
You shall
be as gods and two others
Earl Edwards (2 sermons) A light of revelation to the nations (Lk. 2:32) and one other sermon.
Hugh McCord (3 sermons) The role of women:role : of women in the church (2)
J. M Powell - 4 sermons on the Restoration Movement
Alan Highers - Open Forum (4)
Alan Highers Evolution and youth
Max Morre - World English School
Thomas H. Olbricth, C. Leonard Allen, Howard W. Newton & Earl D. Edwards - We learn God's will and
the New
Franklin Camp - 4 lessons on The preacher's manifesto: 1 & 2 Timothy & Titus
Leroy Brownlow - Why I am a member of the Church of Christ.

9th Annual Denton Lectures.  Nov. 11-15, 1990. Studies in James.

Garell Forehand - James - An introduction
Dub McClish - The dual requirements of faith and works
Bob Berard - The power and evil of the unrestrained tongue
Steven Loyd - Answering false doctrines relating to James
David Miller - A study of life, it's brevity and uncertainty, in James
James Rogers - James' salutation and instruction concerning trials
Goebel Music - The proper attitude and behavior toward God's word
David Brown - Patience enjoined and swearing prohibited
Don Tarbet - Difficult passages in James
Robin Haley - The folly of making plans without God
Burt Groves - The sin of respecting persons
Discussion Forum
Bill Jackson -  Discussion Forum.  We are under both grace and the law of Christ
Bill Jackson - Questions from the floor on Discussion Forum topic
Perry Hall - A study of the use of the tongue in James
Garland Elkins - The teacher and his tongue
Phil Davis - Answering false doctrines relating to James
Richard Melson - Earthly and Heavenly wisdom contrasted
Gary Colley - A study of the rich and the handling of riches in James
B. Jackson - Answering false doctrines relating to James
Robert Taylor - Discussion Forum "James did not subscribe to the "New Hermeneutics"
Robert Taylor - Questions from the floor on discussion forum topic
Bobby Liddell - Pride and humility contrasted
Jerry Moffitt - Law, transgression and judgment
Shan Jackson - Judgement of one another forbidden
T. B. Warren - Difficult passages in James
Tim Ayers - Friends of the world, enemies of God
Marvin Weir - A study of prayer in James
Mac Deaver - Discussion Forum "Too good to judge and destroy us"
Mac Deaver - Questions from the floor on discussion forum topic
Andrew Connally - God is not the source of evil, but of good
Buster Dobbs - Vain and pure religion contrasted
R. Massey - A study of trial, temptation and sin in James
Roger Jackson - Judgment upon the wicked rich
Buster Dobbs  Principles concerning prayer
Curtis Cates - Difficult passages in James
Bill Jackson - Discussion Forum "Confessing sins to and praying for one another
Bill Jackson - Questions from the floor on discussion forum topic
J. Noel Merideth - Reclaming the erring brother
Tom Wacaster - James - Summary

Faulkner University Lectureship. Oct. 7-10, 1990.  "Balance in a Day of Extreme"

George Merritt - Biblical assurance vs false security
Jeff Jenkins - The home and the local church; competition on complementation
Earl Edwards - Women's role in the worship, work and organization of the church
Jack Lewis - Can I reject the miraculous while accepting the providential?
Nick Hamilton - In the world but not of the world
Cecil May, Jr. - Distinguishing between the cultural/custom and abiding principles/laws
Ken Randolph - Doctrine and attitude, right in one area while wrong in the other
William Tate - You can't live better until you learn to love better
Jack Wilhelm - Practicing biblical tolerance without compromise
Bobby Duncan - Are we going too far or not far enough regarding fellowship?
Winfred Clark - The plan or the man; churchanity or christianity? Or both?
Roy H. Lanier, Jr. - The limits and restrictions of christian liberty
Hugo McCord - Is the New Hermeneutic new or a rejection of the Old?
Gary Workman - The role of the Holy Spirit in today's church
Hugo McCord - Worship: Mortuary or party or neigher; or What?
Franklin Camp - Biblical grace -- Have we discovered something new?
Furman Kearley - Tradition, tradition!  God or bad?
Ray Hawk - Remembering the aged while involving the youth
William Tate - You can't live better until you learn to love better
Wayne Kilpatrick - Balanced preaching; What is it?
William Woodson - Congregational singing exclusively; or "Special Music" also?
Nick Stinnett - Husbands -- leadership without tyranny
Harold Taylor - Wives -- subjection without inferiority
C. W. Bradley - Church growth today: Things to watch and things to accept and accelerate
Harvey Starling - Why cannot we be sound and evangelistic at the same time?
\William Woodson - Translations: Which? Dvisive or helpfu?
Wyatt Sawyer - Youth ministries; supplanting the home or a soul-saving tool""?
Franklin Camp - Romans 14 & 15 Applied and misapplied
Dick Marcear - Employing new methods without changing/supplanting the message
William Tate - You can't live better until you can learn to love better
Doyle Kee - A World ripe unto harvest
Charles Hodge - Saving the lost but not conserving the saved
David Wade - How do we go about "meeting the needs of the people?"
Bobby Duncan - Eldership authority without "Lording it Over"
Favil Nichols - The use and abuse of the law of expediency
Tom Holland - The future of the church in the next two decades

August 31-Sept. 3, 1990.  "Back to Bible Authority - Return to the NT Pattern.

Mac Deaver -Going to the left
Roy Deaver - Respecting the silence of the scriptures
Buster Dobbs - Review #1.. of "Don't Shoot..."
Buster Dobss - Review #2 of "Don't Shoot..."
Mac Deaver - Starting over -- What we need to do!
Garland Elkins - Five great duties of a christian life
Weyland Deaver - The fruit of the Spirit vs the fruit of liberalism
Open Forum
Roy Deaver - My encounter with a "New Hermeneutic" man
Andrew Connally - The inspiration of the Bible
Roy Deaver - Is there authority in biblical science?
Todd Deaver - The New Testament is our pattern
Roy Deaver - My encounter iwth a "New Hermeneutic" man #2
Andrew Connally - The words which I have spoken shall judge
Tony Demonbreun - What does it mean to be obedient to God?
Wayne Coats - Review #3 of "Don't shoot...."
Roy McConnell - The New Testament pattern of music in christian worship
Robert Taylor - The book of James and the "New Hermeneutic"
Noe;l Merideth - Hermeneutics
Ira Rice - No subject given
Curtis Cates  - Are we in the "Pilgrim Church" - Not in the Kingdom?
Robert Taylor - The role of women in the church
3 dvds - $25.00
1 mp3 - 15.00

15 Annual Spiritual Sword Lecturship. Oct. 21-25, 1090. "The Scheme of Redemption"

Jim Laws - God as the divine designer of the scheme of redemption & man & his need for God's plan
Alan E. Highers - Biblical hermeneutics and the scheme of redemption
Norman Hogan - The preaching of the scheme of redemption in restoration history & the need to
preach God's scheme today.
Roy Deaver - God's eternal righteousness revealed in the gospel, an overview of God's scheme of
Miles Cotham - OT Isreal and its role in God's scheme of redemption
Don Deffenbaugh - Abraham and his significant role in God's scheme of redemption
Roy Sharp - Moses and his significant role in God's scheme of redemption
B. C. Carr - The ten commandments and the significance of the old law in God's scheme of redemption
James Meadows - The significance of the OT sacrifices in God's scheme of redemption
Malcolm Hill - The days of the Judges, the result of a people defying God's scheme of redemption
Foy Smith - Saul, an illustration of one man's rebellion to God's scheme of redemption
Buster Dobbs - David and his contribution to God's scheme of redemption
Daniel P. Phillips - Solomon, the United Kingdom, and their significance in God's scheme of
Kenneth Jones - The captivity, the restoration, and their significance to God's scheme of redemption
Eddie miller - The prophets and their significant role in God's scheme of redemption
T. Pierce Brown - The OT types and the NT antitypes
Glenn Jobe - The demands of the scheme of redemption: Righteous living, obedience, and doctrine
Wayne Coats - The proper understand of the two covenants and their significance in God's scheme of
Wendell Winkler - The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus: The Christ and their significance in
God's scheme redemption
Virgil Trout - "The fullness of time" (Gal. 4:4)
Bob Brewer - John the Baptist and his significant role in God's scheme of redemption
Perry Cotham - The virgin birth and earthly life of Jesus the Christ and their significance to God's
scheme of redemption
Leon Barnes - The great commission and its significance to God's scheme of redemption
James Hudley - The blood of Christ and its significance to God's scheme of redemption
Robert Taylor - The second coming of Christ, the judgment, heaven and hell, and their significance to
God's scheme of redemption
Dick Sztanyo - Secular humanism as a modern day attempt to thwart God's scheme of redemption
Joe Gilmore - The great commission and its significance to God's scheme of redemption
Eugene Clevenger - The work of the NT apostles and their role in God's scheme of redemption
Joe Hopper - Satan and his continual attempts to thwart the scheme of redemption
Wesley Simons - The role of God's word in saving the sinner: Can the "natural Man" understand the
Word of God? A discussion
on Calvinism
W. B. West - The Book of Revelation and how it contributes to the scheme of redemption
Robert Taylor - Dispensational premillennialism: At cross purposes with God's scheme of redemption
William Woodson - The Church, the Body of Christ and its role in God's scheme of redemption
Bobby Duncan - The Great Day of Pentecost and the gospel plan  of salvation
V. E.  Howard - Jesus Christ, the heart of God's scheme of redemption
Willard Collins - The bible and its role in God's scheme of redemption
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3s - $16.00

2nd Annual POWER Lectures.  August 26-30, 1990. "The Minor Prophets"

Rex Turner, Sr. -Introduction - Book of Hosea
Garland lkins - Commentary - Book of Hosea
Bill Jackson - Great lessons - Book of Hosea
Curtis Cates - Introduction - Book of Joel
Terry Varner - Commentary - Book of Joel
Harrell Davidson - Great lessons - Book of Joel
Jerry Moffitt - Introduction - Book of Amos
Chyarles Williams - Commentary - Book of Amos
Michael Gifford - Great Lessons - Book of Amos
Thomas Eaves - Introduction - Book of Obadiah
Wayne Coats - Commentary - Book of Obadiah
Lynn Metheny - Great lessons - Book of Obadiah
Roger Jackson - Introduction - Book of Jonah
Perry Hall - Commentary - Book of Jonah
Paul Kidwell - Great lessons - Book of Jonah
Kenneth Gossett - Introduction - Book of Micah
Dub McClish - Commentary - Book of Micah
Dub McClish - Commentary - Book of Micah
Gary Colley - Great Lessons - Book of Micah
Mac Deaver - Introduction - Book of Nahum
Buster Dobbs - Commentary - Book of Nahum
Joe Gilmore - Great lessons - Book of Nahum
Stephen Wiggins - Introduction - Book of Habakkuk
Bill Lockwood - Commentary - Book of Habakkuk
M. H. Tucker - Great lessons - Book of Habakkuk
Clarence Lavender - Introduction - Book of Zephaniah
Darrel Conley - Commentary - Book of Zephaniah
Andrew Connally - Great lessons - Book of Zephaniah
William Wilder - Introduction - Book of Haggai
Joseph Meador - Commentary - Book of Haggai
Gary McDade - Great lessons - Book of Haggai
Keith Mosher, Sr. - Introduction of Zechariah
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Commentary - Book of Zechariah
Kenneth Jones - Great lessons- Book of Zechariah
Foy Smith - Introduction - Book of Malachi
Thomas B. Waren - Great lessons - Book Malachi
Roy Deaver - Commentary - Book of Malachi
4 dvds  $30.00
2 mp3s - $16.00

Northwest Tennessee Bible Lectures. Paris TN. August 2-4, 1990.  

Winfred Clark - The Question of Divine Authority
William Woodson - Scriptural Music
James W. Boyd - The Woman's role in the church
James Watkins - Marriage, divorce and remarriage
Tom Holland - The form of scriptural worship
Kelby Smith - Must one be a member of the church of Christ to be saved?
Garland Elkins - Problems facing elders
Garland Elkins - Open Forum - questions from the audience
Roger Banks - The mission of the church
1 dvd - $10.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

11th Annual West KY Bib le Lectures., Sunny Slope church of Christ. July 21-22, 1990.

Garland Elkins - Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap
John Grubb - The works of the flesh
Glenn Colley - What must we do to save our homes?
Gary Colley - The fruit of the spirit
Open Forum
Stephen P. Waller - If a man be overtaken in a fault
Joe Meadows - What therefore God hath joined together
Curtis Cates - The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing
Roert Taylor - The glorious church
Nat Evans - What must I do to be saved?
Glenn Colley - How beautiful heaven must be
Curtis Cates - The urgency of preaching
1 dvd - $10.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

24th Annual MSOP Lectureship.  March 25-29, 1990."Great Lessons from
Old Testament Characters"  (C-Class, W - Women's Class and rest auditorium)

Rex A. Turner, Sr. - Adam, father of the race
Skip Andrews - Abel, who yets speaks
Thomas Warren - Caleb, the great, faithful optimist
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - Noah, who found grace in the eyes of the Lord
Thomas Warren - Hermeneutical problems in the contemporary world
W - Annette Cates - Eve--mother of all living: Sarah-mother of nations
Eddie Whitten - Achan, who brought defeat to God's people
C - Gary White - Great leadership "Moses, who saw him who is invisible"
C - Roy Cox - Major prophets "Isaiah,  gifted reformer and harbinger of Christ and His kingdom"
C - Marc Lee - Minor prophets "Hosea,  preacher with an unequal yoke and a broken heart"
C - Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Evil leadership "Rehoboam, who substituted shields of brass for shields of
Joe Cox - Isaac, the peaceable
C - Jack Openshaw - Kings "Saul, whose envy brought moral collapse
C - James Burns "Esau, worldly father of the dukes of Edom"
W - Corinne Elkins - Rebekah--mother of favoritism; Jezebel--wicked wife"
Noel Merideth - Abraham, father of the faithful and friend of God
Rod Rutherford - Jacob, who was powerfully transformed in character
Thomas B. Warren - Hermeneutical problems in the contemporary world
W - Barbara Curry - Jochebed--mother greatly rewarded; Miriam--blemished by jealousy
M. L. Sexton - Absalom, whose talents and charm brought ruin
C - M. L. McNutt - Great leadership " Joshua, loyal spy, soldier, statesman, family man"
C - Waymon Swain - Major prophets "Jeremiah, man of compassion who kept on preaching when the
odds were against him"
C - Gary Colley - Minor prophets "Amos, an untrained preacher in the "King's church"
C - Fred House - Evil Leadership "Jereboam, ambitious king who caused all Israel to sin"
Darrell Beard - Elijah, mighty prophet who feared no man yet became discouraged
C - Ed Allard - Kings "David, compassionate and multi-talented"
C - Brad Bromling - Profiles of rebellion "Pharaoh, who acknowledged not the Lord
W - Corinne Elkins - Vashi--Modest beauty; Gomer--Harlot
Dub McClish - Josiah, a royal reformer
Open Forum
Andrew Connally - Joseph, the optimist whose sorrow was turned into Joy.
Curtis Cates - Job, who was tried as gold
Thomas Warren - Hermeneutical problems in the contemporary world
W - Dorothy Mosher - Deborah--Courageous Patriot; Delilah--Betrayer of her husband
John Shannon - Lot, who chose the best(?)
C - Joe Abbott - Great leadership "Gideon, the humble, who learned there is strength in small numbers
C - Kenneth Gossett - Major prophets "Ezkiel, Old Testament preacher most like Jesus
C - Eugene Jenkins - Minor prophets "Jonah, who was angered by his preaching's success"
C - Lindsey Warren - Evil leadership "Jehu, a king governed by policy, not principle
Goebel Music - Elisha, kindred spirit and imitatior of Elijah yet strikingly distinct"
C - Glenn Hitchcock - Kings "Solomon, from excellent beginning to almost total infamy"
C - William Cline - Profiles of rebellion"Nadab and Abihu, who did not honor the principle of silence"
W - Irene Taylor - Naomi - Great Mother-in-Law; Ruth--beautiful gleaner"
Joe Gilmore - Naaman, whose own thoughts nearly cost him his cleansing
Open Forum - Garland Elkins
Winfred Clark - Samuel, savior of the nation of Israel
Jim Dearman - Jonathan, a man of generosity and humility
Thomas B. Warren - Hermeneutical problems in the contemporary world
W - Brenda Rutherford - Ester-savior of her nation; Athaliah - ruthless killer
Edwin Jones - Ezra, ready scribe who revered God's word
C - Richard Curry - Great leadership "Nehemiah, profile of strength"
C - Mike Vestal - Major Prophets "Daniel, greatly beloved preacher, who was courageous and
unservingly loyal"
C - Mac Deaver - Minor Prophets "Malachi, a negative and positive preacher"
C - Thomas Eaves - Evil Leadership "Jehoiakim, wo showed brazen disrespect for the Word of God"
Buster Dobbs - Melchisedek, who prefigured the kingship and priesthood of Christ
C - Ray Peters - IKings - "Hezekiah, who was devout albeit not perfect"
C - Wayne Coats - Profiles of rebellion "Balaam, who was rebuked by an ass"
W - Irene Taylor - Hannah - Ideal mother; Michal--undermined her marriage
B. C. Carr - Joab, who loved himself and was ruled by ambition
Open Forum - Garland Elkins
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Enoch, early picture of immortality
7 dvds - $50.00
3 MP3s - $24.00

54th Annual Freed-Hardeman College Bible Lectureship. Feb. 4-9, 1990
A"A Reason for Our Hope"

Ben Flatt - The source of our hope
Ralph Gilmore - My strongest reason for belief in God
Cline Paden - The challenge of taking the gospel to China
Coy Roper - Spotlight on missions - involving the rank and file Christian in missions
Leroy Brownlow - Why I am a member of the Church of Christ
Greg Worthey =- My strongest argument for belief in the bible
B. J. Naylor -The challenge of Christian education
John Banister - I am set for the defense of the gospel
William Baker - My strongest argument for belief in the Deity of Christ
Mark McInteer - The challenge of the bible school
Bert Thompson - The problem of evi, pain and suffering
Kenny Barfield - My strongest argument for the belief in creation
Chris Whitaker - The challenge of benevolence
Ronnie Norman - Stand up. Stand up for Jesus
George DeHoff - My strongest argument for belief in the resurrection
Hugo McCord - Is Jesus really God? The Word of God (I John)
Hugo McCord - Is Jesus really God? The preeminence of Christ (Col. 1)
Hugo McCord - Is Jesus really God? Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever (Heb 1)
Winford Claiborne - The Influence of Secular Humanism: Definition and Goals of Secular Humanism
Winford Claiborne - The Influence of Secular Humanism: The Ethics of Humanism
Winford Claiborne - The Influence of Secular Humanism: Humanism’s Influence on the Home
Winford Claiborne - The Influence of Secular Humanism: Education, the Media and Government
Dan Owen - The Book of Colossians: The Supremacy of Christ
Dan Owen - The Book of Colossians: The Supremacy of Christ
Dan Owen - The Book of Colossians: The Supremacy of Christ
Dan Owen - The Book of Colossians: The Supremacy of Christ
William Woodson -The New Hermeneutic
William Woodson -The New Hermeneutic
William Woodson -The New Hermeneutic
William Woodson -The New Hermeneutic
Alan Highers - Open Forum - Questions and Answers
Alan Highers - Open Forum - Questions and Answers
Alan Highers - Open Forum - Questions and Answers
Alan Highers - Open Forum - Questions and Answers
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3s - $15.00

1991 West Ky Bible Lectures. July 23-24, 1991. "The Whole Armour of God"

Garland Elkins - Christ, the perfect example
Michael Hatcher - The Unity which Christ demands
Gary Workman - Abstain from fleshly lusts
Gary Colley - God's world is still lost
Charles Leonard - Lascivious dress and modesty
Robert Taylor - Current errors on divorce and remarriage
Mac Deaver - Keeping the church pure
Curtis Cates - Be not conformed to this world
Gary Workman - Judgement day scenes
Open Forum
Curtis Cates Lesson on Job
Gary Workman - Problems of Evil
Michael Hacher - The glory of the cross
Gary Workman - The broad and narrow way
2 dvds - $15.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

25th MSOP Lectureship. 1991. "Great Lessons from New Testament Characters"

Rex Turner, Sr. - Peter, Who Traveled Both High and Low Roads
E. L. Whitaker - John the Baptist, a Man Who Preached & People Believed/Jesus
Curtis Cates - Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher of the Ages
Douglas Sims - Andrew, A Soul Winner for Christ
John Barcus - Stephen, Who Defended the Faith Even Unto Death
Glenn Posey - Nathaniel, in Whom ?Was No Guile                                                
Wayne Coats - Philip, from Table Server to Gospel Preacher
Guy Woods - The Scriptures Own Testimony to Their All Sufficiency
Bobby Liddell - John, Son of Thunder Rechanneled by the Lord
Harrell Davidson - Paul, Whose Evangelistic Zeal Brought Suffering
Jimmy Bates - James, a Great Leader in the Jerusalem Church
Kenneth Gossett - Barnabas, a Good Man
Andrew Connally - Jesus Christ, Whom We Should Desire to See
Dub McClish - Matthew, Who Left All and Gained All
Elliott Glasgow - Silas, An Example of a Faithful Sacrifical Preacher                
T. J. Clarke - Nicodemus, A Ruler Who Came to Jesus by Night
Cliff Lyons - Timothy, Who Warred a Good Warfare & Preached Sound Doctrine        
Garland Elkins - Jesus Christ, Our Perfect Example
Winfred Clark - Jesus Christ, Who Dealt with Crucial Issues
Joe Gilmore - Thomas, Whose Faith Was No Leap in the Dark
Raymond Hagood - Luke, Whose Faith Never Wavered
C. W. Bradley - Jude, Who Contended for the Faith Once Delivered
David Pharr - Titus, Who Spoke, Exhorted & Reproved with All Authority
Robert Taylor - Jesus Christ, Who Respected His Father’s Will
Guy N. Woods Appreciation Dinner
Gary Workman (Three Lessons) on Crucial Issues:
Garland Elkins - OPEN FORUM (4 days)
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3s - $15.00

55th FHU Lectureship. Feb. 3-8, 1991. "Advancing Christianity"

Claiborne Winford - Preaching: Attacking Sin Directly
Claiborne Winford -  Like People Like Priest
Claiborne Winford - When Preaching the Truth is Not Enough
Claiborne Winford - Compromising the Gospel Message
Claiborne Winford - (4 Lessons) (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)                
Alan Highers (4)
Don Jackson  (4)                      
Milton Sewell - A Christian University: Focus on the Future
James Kennedy - Spreading the Gospel
Mark Hooper - The Lord’s Church in India
Jesse Robertson - How Shall the Young Advance Christianity
Richard Corum - Developing Strong Relationships
C. W. Bradley - Advancing Christianity Through Christian Influence
B. J. Barr - The Purpose of the Church
James Hudley - Advancing Christianity Through Benevolence
C. W. Bradley - Advancing Christianity Through Christian Influence
C. W. Bradley - Advancing Christianity Through Christian Influence
Willard Collins - Moving the Church Forward
Leroy Brownlow - Preservation of the Faith
Adron Doran - The Great Commission Restored
Horace Burks - One Nation Under God
Earl Edwards - Advancing Christianity by Preparing Faithful Men
Flavil Nichols - Is it Scriptural to Pray to Jesus
Ralph Gilmore - Finding My Place in the Church
Tom Holland - Wolf-Proofing the Church      
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3s - $15.00

Northwest Tennessee Bible Lectures - 1991

Alan Highers - The new unity movement
Winfred Clark - The old paths for the new day
Gary Colley - Building a Christian home
William Woodson - The new hermeneutic
Kebly Smith - That they all may be one
Jim Boyd - Critics of Criticism, shall we be silenced?
Robert Taylor - Every member faithful & fervent
Garland Elkins - Enemies of the old path
Tom Holland - Preservation of the restoration
2 dvds - $15.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

17th Spiritual Sword Lectureship-Getwell church of Christ.  1992

"Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage"
Jim Laws - Attitudes toward God, His Word & one another
Alan Higher - What scriptures each regarding marriage, divorce, & remarriage
Flavil Nichols - The biblical definition of "Marriage"
Maxie Boren - Fellowship & divorce & remarriage issue
Charles Jones - Key Scriptures: Genesis 2:18-25
Ivie Powell - Key Scriptures: Deuteronomy 24:1-4
Edwin Jones - The biblical definition of "Divorce"
Paul Sain - Is death the only cause for remarriage?
Tommy Hicks - May one divorce & remarry without a cause
Robert Taylor -Preparing for marriage
Winfred Clark - Loving God & one another in the home
Mac Deaver -- The biblical definition of repentance"
David Pharr - May the guilty party remarry?
Buster Dobbs - Is a Christian forsaken by unbelieving spouse free-remarry?
Robert Taylor - Open Forum
Winford Claiborne - Our modern society & its influence on the home
Wendell Winkler - The Christian husband & the Christian wife in sight of God
Gary Workman - Key Scriptures: I Cor. 7:1-40
Bobby Duncan - Key Scriptures: Romans 7:1-4
Andy Kizer - Key Scriptures: Matt. 5:31-32
Roy Deaver - Who is amenable to Christ's law on marriae, divorce & remarriage
Don Deffenbaugh - Does baptism into Christ was away an adulterous marriage?
Robert Taylor - Open Forum
George Dehoff - Some things I have seen in 65 years of preaching on the home
Joe Gilmore - ow to build better Christian homes
Gary Workman - Key Scriptures: I Cor. 7:1-40 #1
Gary Workman - Key Scriptures: I Cor. &:1-40 #2
John Shannon - What our young people need to know about marriage
David Sain - The destructive nature of divorce & how to prevent it
Glenn Jobe - Is covenant-breaking adultery?
Kerry Duke - May the guilty party repent & remarry his/her original mate?
Robert Taylor - Open Forum
Perry Cotham - The church & its responsibility to the home & home to the church
Johnny Ramsey - Ingredients of a happy home

1992 Robertson County church of Christ Lectureship.
"Who/What Hindered You that Ye Should Not Obey the Truth?

David Brown - The Problem of Calvinism
James Boyd - Let us rise up and build
Gus Eoff - Mechanical Instrumental music in Christian Worship
Goebel Music - A report on the "The Easy-to-Read" version
Elmer Scott - Christian church doctrines' being accepted by many brethren
Jon Gary Williams - The problem of Evolution
Ira Rice - Problem of our stedfast refusal to evangelize the world
Open Forum
T. B. Warren - Some ISMS which are endangering the church
Mac Deaver - The problem of Agnosticism
Mac Deaver - The problem of Masonry
Wayne Coats - The apostasy at Lipscomb
Mac Deaver - The problem of the failure to understand the transition era
Roy Deaver - Problems relating to Matthew 19:9 (#1)
Wayne Coats - "SPECIAL" session "THE JUBILEE CONSPIRACY"  Neh.. 4:8
Curtis Cates - The problem of "Shelly-ism"
Tony Demonbreum - The problem of Masonry (#2)
Roy McConnell - The problem of "re-baptism" - past, present & future
Garland Elkins - The failure of elders to "take care" of the flock
Roy Deaver - Problems relating to Matthew 19:9 (#2)
Kevin Cauley - Book - The worldly university
Phil Davis - The problem of sinful/destructive attitudes
Robert Taylor - Problem of false doctrines, propagated in the per-versions
3 dvds - $20.00
2 mp3s - $15.00

50th Faulkner University Lectureship. 1992. "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross"

Dan Wheeler - The cross is the dividing line
Jeff Jenkins - Three crosses on a hill
Billy Lambert - Were you there when they crucified my Lord?
Colin McKee - The seven saying from the cross,  (I-III)
Carl Cheamthan -The seven sayings from the cross, IV-VII)
Ken Randolph - Cross: Where love, justice & grace meet
Frank Chesser - The atonement
Charles Box - The cross means reaching the lost
Raymond Elliott - The cross in Old Testament prophecy
Jimmy Edwards - Peace made through the blood of the cross
Wendell Winkler - Glorying in the cross
Donnie Hilliard - The sins that crucified Jesus
Mark Howell - There is a fountain filled with blood
Scott Gleaves - Jesus, keep me near the cross
Richard Rogers - In Gethsemane alone
Bernard Gatson - The crucified Jesus becomes Lord & Christ
Ronnie Missildine - The old rugged cross
Steve Housley - The cross & Isaiah 53
Joe McCall - The enemies of the cross
Curtis Duke - What the cross meant to Old Testament saints
Billy Hilyer - Because He bore a cross, I will wear a crown
Ronald Fantroy - Baptise & the cross
Vernon Means - The Lord's supper; remembering the cross
Leonard Johnson - They tried my Lord & Master (Jewish trials)
Rex Turner - They tried my Lord & Master (Roman trials)
Joe Clements, MD - The crucifixion from a medical view point
James Rogers - The burial of Jesus
Eris Benson - The cross without the resurrection; What then?
Byron Benson - Must Jesus bear the cross alone?
Kelly Wheeler - Whe He ascended up on high
James Watkins - The cross-purchased church
Glen Posey - The preaching of the cross
Charlie Boddy - The cross, the cure for division
E. R. Brannon - The drawing power of the cross
Winfred Clark - Putting Christ back on the cross
Furman Kearley - A study of alleged discrepancies surrounding the cross
Furman Kearley - The cross & the abrogation of the law
4 dvds - #30.00
2 mp3s - $16.00

Hobbs Treet church of Christ Lectureship[, Athens, Al. 1992
"Challenges of the 21st Century"

Roy Lanier - Nehemiah 8
Jack Wilhelm - Stewardship for 21st century
Wendell Winkler - Balanced preaching for the 21st century
William Woodson - Understanding grace for the 21st century
Windell Winkler - Gospel preaching for the 21st century
Paul Sain - Woman's role in the church for the 21st century
William Woodson - Understanding grace for the 21st century
Tom Holland - Woman's role in the church for the 21st century
Roy Lanier, Jr. - Hermeneutics for the 21st century
Roy Lanier, Jr. - Faith & opinion for the 21st century
Alan Highers - Blessed assurance for the 21st century
2 dvds - $15.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

1992 - Sunny Slope church of Christ Lectureship. "All Things According to the Pattern"

Garland Elkins - All Things according to the pattern
Gary Colley - Will the home survive?
Charles Leonard - Forces drawing people away from God
Glenn Colley - Problems facing our youth
Joe Meador - Will the church survive?
Robert Taylor - What therefore God hath joined together
Harrell Davidson - Let us play or let us preach
Glenn Colley - Defend & contend for the faith
Curtis Cates - There is a way that seemeth right
Gary Colley - Open Forum
Curtis Cates - The Flood
Joe Meador - John 8:31-43
Joe Meador - The Gospel for the Whole World
Glenn Colley - Godly Living
Garland Elkins - "The Donahue Show"
2 dvds - $15.00
1 mp3 -  $8.00

18th Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship. 1993. "The Restoration: The Winds of Change"

Jim Laws - The Restoration
Alan Highers - The Winds of Change
Maxie Boren - Thrist, the Apostles, & Controversy
Favil Nichols - The Church of Christ
Dub McClish - Multiplying Ministries Movement
Jackie Stearsman - Book Review - The Cruciform Church by Leonard Allen
Paul Sain - The Work of the Restoration Movement in the 20th Century
Curtis Cates - Book Review: Second Incarnation by Rubel Shelly & Randy Harris
Sam Hester - The Early Years of the Restoration in Europe & America
Robert Taylor - Open Forum - Controversial Issues of the Restoration Then & Now
Pat Hardeman - Modern Scholarship & Its Influence on the Restoration
Wendell Winkler - Need-Present Day: To Arouse the Church from its Lethargy
Jim Huffman - Need of the Present Day: Book, Chapter & Verse Preaching
Gary Workman - Present Day Challenges to the Restoration: The A.D. 70 Theory
Dick Sztanyo - Present Day Challenges to the Restoration: The New Hermeneutic
Joe Hooper - Slogans of the Restoration & Their Significance
Don Deffenbaugh - The Work of the Restoration Movement In 19th Century America
Robert Taylor - Open Forum
Perry Cotham - Need of the Present Day: To Return to Soul-Saving Preaching
Winfred Clark - Need-Present Day: To Return to the Distinctive Nature of Christ
Jim Lewis - Mechanical Instruments of Music in the Worship of the Church
Roy Lanier - The Present Day Discussion About: The Worship
J. E. Choate - Present Day Discussion about: Christian Education-then & now
Eddie Whitten - Book Review: The Church in Transition by Jim Woodroof
Dave Miller - Significant Debates of the Restoration
Robert Taylor - Open Forum
Winford Claiborne - Influence of the Printed Page in the Restoration Movement
Joe Gilmore - Need of the Present Day: Unity in the Restoration Movement
Roy Deaver - The Present Day Discussion about: Grace, Faith & Law
Kenneth Jones - The Present Day Discussion about: Fellowship
Dan Winkler - The Present Day Discussion about: Baptism
Phil Davis -Book Review: The Core Gospel by Bill Love
Earl Edwards - The Work of the Restoration Movement Today & Tomorrow
Robert Taylor - Open Forum
Earl West - Great Restoration Preachers & Their Preaching
Robert Taylor - Onward Christian Soldiers
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3s - $16.00

Northwest  Tennessee Bible Lectures. August 1-4, 1993.   No Brochure.

Dub McClish, Virgil Hale, Garland Elkins, Open Forum, Kelby Smith, Paul Sain, James Boyd, Gary
Winfred Clark, Wayne Coats
1 dvd - $10.00
mp3 - $8.00

Sunny Slope Church of Christ Lectures.  July 24-25, 1993. "The Christian Home & Other Issues"

Garland Elkins - What is Marriage and who is free to marry
Glenn Colley - Choosing a Mate for Life
Michael Hatcher - The Role of Each Member of the Family
Gary Colley - The Role of Women in the Church
Keith Mosher - Homosexuality
Robert Taylor - Abortion
Lester Kamp - Social Drinking
Robert Taylor - The Version Issue
Curtis Cates - I am Not Ashamed of the Gospel
Gary Colley - Open Forum
Curtis Cates - Flood
Michael Hatcher - What it Means to Love Our Children
Curtis Cates - Christ Our Perfect Example
Michael Hatcher - What Liberalism Has Done to the Church

27th Memphis School of Preaching Lect. 1993.  "Living in Trust: A Study in Bible
Doctrine of Prayer"

Rex Turner, Sr. - Hindered Prayers: Ye Ask Amiss; Ye Ask Not
Steve Ellis - Hindered Prayers, Prayer & The Husband-Wife Relationship
T. B. Warren - Lord, Help Me in My Distress
Wayne Coats - Prayer of Christ for Unity
Terry Claunch - Prayer & Strengthening the Brethren
Garland Elkins - The Prayer of Reverence
Keith Mosher - Examples in Prayer: Moses & Joshua
Winfred Clark - If You Lack Wisdom, Ask God
Joe Gilmore - Prayer of Christ In Gethsemane
Noal Hackworth - Prayer & Praising God
Perry Cotham - The Prayer in Spirit & Understanding
Winford Claiborne - Examples in Prayer: Samual & David
Dub McClish - Does God Really Answer Prayers? (Prayer & Providence)
Wirt Cook - Prayer of Christ on the Cross
Allen Robertson - Prayer & The Second Law of Pardon
Eddie Whitten - The Prayer in Christ's Name
Gary McDade - Examples in Prayer: Jabez & Hezekiah
Mack Lyon - Prayer Ye the Lord of Harvest
Kenneth Gossett - Prayers of Christ for His Disciples (Individually-Collectively
Lindsey Warren - Prayer & Controversy
Glenn Hitchcock - The Prayer of Persistence
Adorn Doran - Apostasy One Hundred Years Ago & Today--Pray for the Church
Robert Taylor - Watch & Pray, for the Lord is Coming
T. B. Warren - O Lord, Just for Today, Help Me to... (4 lessons)
Open Forum - (4 days)
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3s - $16.00

19th Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship.  1994. "Women to the Glory of God.

Jim Laws - Recent Literature on the Subject of Women & the Church
Alan Highers - Issue of Women in Worship & the Authority of Scripture
Wendell Winkler - Outstanding Women of God in the OT
FAvil Nichols - Outstanding Women of God in the NT
Joe Hopper - Questions Relating to Women & Classroom
Andy Kizer - Book Review: Feminish & the Bible by Dr. Jack Cottrell
Dennis Gulledge - Crucial Passages: Galations 3:28
Gary Workman - An Exegesis of I Cor. 14
Dave Miller - Crucial Passages: I Tim. 2:11-15
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Open Forum: Crucial Questions being asked today
Winford Claiborne - The Feminist Movement & It's influence  on the Church
Hardeman Nichols - The Worthy Woman: Proverbs 31
Keith Mosher - Questions Relating to Women Teaching and Preaching
Roy Deaver - Crucial Passages: I Cor. 11:2-16
Gary Workman - An Exegesis of I Cor. 14
Dave Miller - Crucial Passages: I Tim 2:11-15
Robert R. Taylor, Jr.  Open Forum: Questions Being Asked Today
John Shannon - Our Young People-Becoming men and women for Christ
Dick Sztanyo - Overview of Present Discussion: Role of Women in the Church
Bobby Duncan - Questions Relating to the role of women in worship
Ivie Powell - Book Review: God's Women-Feminist by D. McWhorter
Roy Deaver - Crucial Passages: I Cor. 11:2-16
Gary Workman - An Exegesis of I Cor. 14
Terry Hightower - Culture & Abiding Truth
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. Open Forum: Crucial Questions Being Asked Today
Paul Sain - The Christian Women as a Mother
3 dvds - $20.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

10th Annual Labor Day Weekend Lectureship.  Robertson Co. church of Christ
Sept. 2-5, 1994.  "Back to the Basics"

Mac Deaver - Faith
Mac Deaver - Repentance
Dub McClish - Confession
Bill Cantrell - Baptism
Leon Stancliff - Giving
Paul Sain - Principles of Bible Study
James Boyd - Preaching
Open Forum
Roy Deaver - The Lord's Supper
Ira Rice - ??
Johnny Polk - Prayer
Curtis Cates - The Lord's Church
Roy McConnell - The Gospel of Christ
Buster Dobbs - The Bible Doctrine of Fellowship
Wayne Coats - Liberalism (as typified by the Jubilee)
J. E Choate - Modernism Past (and current consequences)
Virgil Hale - Denominationalism
David Brown - Pentecostalism
John Shannon - The ONE Church
Garland Elkins - Church Growth
Ira Rice - Evangelism (Obligation, Opportunities, and Problems)
Glen Jobe - Anti-ism (Versus Scripture)
Robert Taylor - Premillennialism
3 dvds - $20.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

Sunny Slope Church of Christ Lectureship.  July 23-24, 1994.  "The Whole Armour of God"

Garland Elkins- The Whole Armour of God
Glen Colley- The Power of Influence
Joe Meador- Forces Against the Home
Gary Colley- Where are the Dead?
Harrell Davidson-Worldiness
Curtis Cates-Worship
Charles Leonard-Judging
Curtis Cates-The Punishment of Sin
Robert R. Taylor, Jr.-Shall We Reconstruct the Church?
Gary Colley-- Open Forum ( G. Elkins, C. Cates, R. Taylor & H. Davidson)
Charles Leonard- ??
Joe Meadow- ??
Joe Meadow-- Keep Thyself Pure
Charles Leonard--The Hope of Heaven
2 dvds - $20.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

28th Annual Memphis School of Preaching.  March 27-31, 1994.
“Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon”

Rex A. Turner, Sr. - Introduction to Eccesiastes
Steve Ellis - The Failure of Science to Bring True Happiness-1:1-11
Thomas B. Warren - The Failure of Human Philosopy - 1:12-18
Kenneth Gossett - The Failure of Sensuous Pleasures - 2:1-11
Harrell Davidson - The Failure of Materalism-2:12-26
Kenneth Jones - The Providence of God-3:1-15
Curtis Cates  - The Folly of Living for Self-3:16-4:16
Winford Clark - The Folly of False Religion-5:1-9
Wayne Coats - The Folly of the False Attitude Toward and Use of Riches-5:10-6:12
Buster Dobbs - The Value and Use of Wisdom-7:1-8:17
Ira Y. Rice, Jr. - True Wisdom and Surmounting Life’s Problems-9:1-18
Jim Laws - The Folly of ViolatingTrue Wisdom-10:1-20
Joe Gilmore - Sowing Unto Righteousness-11:1-10
Dub McClish - Introduction to the Song of Solomon
Mike McDaniel - Wooing Each Other-1:1-2:1
Joe Meadow - Mutual Expression of Love; Groom’s Desire to be with Bride
Bobby Gayton - Bride Seeks Groom’s Companionship; The Wedding-3:1-11
Gary Colley - The Whole Duty of Man-12:1-14
Paul Sain - The Wedding Feast; Honeymoon; Groom’s Praise; Her Response
Curtis Cates - The Marriage in Difficulty; Groom is Rejected, Then Sought
Mike Hixson - Mutual Growing Love-6:4-8:5
David Brown - True Married Love-Flame of Jehovah; Her Preparation for Marriage; Their
Robert R. Taylor, Jr.- Because Sentence...Is Not Executed Speedily-8:11
Honor Dinner
Thomas Warren
Thomas Warren
Garland Elkins - Open Forum ((4 days)
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Garland Robinson - He Hath Set Eternity in their Heart-3:11
Hal Johnson - Reverence for God-12:13
Gary Atwater (dubed in-don’t watch too close)-The Curse of Slothfulness-10:18
Johnny Skaggs - The Dead Know Not Anything–Soul Sleeping?-7-9:5
Willie Cox - The Wisdom and Foolishness of Solomon
Bobby Liddell - The Spirit of Compromise and the Jubilee
J. E. Choate - The Spirit of Compromise and Ecumenicalism
Adron Doran - Apostasy into Denominationalism-Ever Present Danger----
(Flawed-don’t watch too close)
Gene Wood - Who is ‘As the Wise Man-7-8:1
Ben Vick, Jr. - God Made Man Upright; But They Have Sought Out Many Inventions-7:29
Terry Cole - Remember Also They Creator-12:1
Adron Doran - Apostasy into Denominationalism-Ever Present Danger
Howard Horton - Keep Yourself Pure for Marriage-1:15;4:7;8:8-10
Allen Webster - All Men Are Amenable to God’s Pattern for Marriage
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Foundations for a Happy Marriage
Adron Doran - Apostasy Unto Denominationalism-Ever Present Danger
Marvin Weir - Render Due Benevolence-I Cor. 7:1-5
Don Eubanks - Husbands, Love Your Wives-Eph. 5:25
Keith Mosher - The Spirit of Compromise and the Role of Women in the Church
Jerry Martin - Wives, Love Your Husbands-Titus 2:4
Michael Hatcher - Attempts by Man to Circumvent God’s Marriage Law
Charles Moore - The New Hermeneutic-Neo-Modernism
Eddie Whitten - The Spirit of Compromise and the Worship as Celebration, Holy Wow
Clifford Newell - Can I Myself Save My Marriage
Ladies Class Only
Corinne Elkins - Maintaining Attractiveness in One’s Marriage
Dorothy Mosher - Working Out Priorities in Marriage
Lavonne McClish - The Christian Woman Approaches Life With Wisdom
Annette Cates - Submission, Not Inferiority
Jane Foster - Sources of Problems in the Home and Their Solutions
Maggie Colley - Older Women Teach the Younger Women
Irene Taylor - Sexuality and Marriage
Irene Taylor - Maintaining Communication in the Home

20th Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship. 1995. "God's Amazing Grace"

Jim Laws - God, the source of grace
Alan Highers - Grace, what it is and what it demands
Flavil Nichols - Principle: Salvation by grace through faith in OT
Hardeman Nichols - We obey to enjoy the grace of God
Dan Goddard - Grace, the gift of God and salvation
Mike Hixson - Was there forgiveness of sin in the Mosaic Law?
Roger Johnson - Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ
Gary Workman - Titus 3:4-7 - and the Grace of God
Mike Vestal - Book Review: Will the Circle Be Unbroken? by Douglas Foster
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. Open Forum - What are they saying about Grace?
Winford Claiborne - Review: Change Agents & the Church of Christ by William Woodson
Maxie Boren - The cross of Christ and the grace of God
B. J. Clarke - Does the existence of essential works; nullify God's Grace?
Joe Hopper - Grace and the Trials of Life
Paul Sain - Are grace and law exclusive of each other?
Gary Workman - Titus 3:4-7 and the Grace of God
Ivie Powell - Book Review: Amazing Grace by Charles Hodge
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. Open Forum
Don Deffenbaugh - The NT Christians had "Great Grace"
Perry Cotham - Sixty-six years of preaching about the Grace of God
Dennis Gulledge - The Christian can fall from Grace
Larry Acuff - God's Grace is sufficient for our every need
Dave Miller - Book Review: Navigating the Winds of Change by Lynn Anderson
Roy Deaver - Ephesians 2 and the Grace of God
Ed Jones - Book Review: The Peaceable Kingdom by Carroll D. Osburn
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Open Forum
William Woodson - Calvinism, Grace and the Church
Wendell Winkler - Principle of salvation by Grace through Faith-NT
Mac Deaver - Denominational views about the Grace of God exposed
Curtis Cates - Grace and Fellowship, are there any limitations?
Dan Flournoy - Book Review: Ashamed of the Gospel by John MacArthur
Roy Deaver - Eph. 2 and the Grace of God
David Meek - Does God's Grace overlook doctrinal error?
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Open Forum
Johnny Ramsey - Key Passages we should know & understand about God's Grace
Jim Laws - God's Amazing Grace, truly amazing
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3s - $16.00

3rd Annual POWER Lectureship.   August 20-24, 1995.
4 dvds - $40.00
2 mp3 - $16.00

Keith Mosher-Introduction to Isaiah                                       
B. J. Clarke-Major Lessons from Isaiah                               
Glenn Jobe-Introduction to Jeremiah                               
Garland Elkins-Major Lessons from Jeremiah                       
Barry Gilreath-Introduction to Lamentations                                             
Edwin Jones-Introduction to Daniel                                                                                                                      
Roger Jackson-Major Lessons from Daniel                               
Dave Miller-Introduction to Exekiel                                   
Gary Summers-Major Lessons from Ezekiel                  
Dub McClish-Study of the Captivity in the Major Prophets                                                                      
Winfred Clark-The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ                        
Maxie Boren-Christ the Light of the World                       
Billy Bland-Christ the Branch                                                  
Paul Sain-Christ the King & Cornerstone of His Church                                                                
Brian K. Giselbach-Christ the Revelation of God’s Glory                                                                                
Kevin Moore-Christ, the Chosen Servant for the Gentiles                                                                                
Glenn Colley-Christ, the Comforter of all Who Mourn                                                                                
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The Major Prophets vs. Premillennialism                                                                     
Wendell  Winkler - Christ, the Bearer Our Iniquities
Winford Claiborne - Christ, the Mediator of a Better Covenant
Bobby Liddell - The Prophets Prophesy & My People Love to have it so
Mike Vestal - The Former Prophets: Precursors  To the Major Prophets
Ted  J. Clarke - City aloud & Spare Not: The Preaching of the Prophets
David Jones - Woe Be Unto the Pastors that Destroy My Sheep
Robert R, Taylor, Jr. - Predictive Prophecy in the Major Prophets & Major Prophets
Thomas Eaves - The Anger of God in the Major Prophets
Earl Edwards - The Mercy of God in the Major Prophets
Kevin Beard - Ah, Sinful Nation Laden with Iniquity
Rod Rutherford - Woe Unto Them that follow Strong Drink
Gary McDade - Woe Unto Them that are Wise in Their Own Eyes
Barry Gilreath-Woe Unto His That Striveth With His Maker
Terry Joe Kee-The Women of the Major Prophets
Curtis Cates-The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel–Fact  Or Fiction?
Jim Dearman-O Earth, Earth, Earth, Hear the Word of the Lord                        
Tom Holland-The Righteous Remant: Few There Be that Find It.

“God’s Preachers & Modern Problems”
Mac Deaver-The Preaching of Jeremiah
Gary Wilder-The Preaching of Stephen & Jude
Jim Boyd-How to Keep Our Children Faithful
Ray McConnell-The Preaching of Elijah & Elisha
Ira Y. Rice-The Preaching of Amos
Bill Cantrell-The Preaching of Noah & Jonah
Joe Gilmore-The Preaching of Peter
Jeff Archey-The Preaching of Jesus
Roy Deaver-The Preaching of Paul
Curtis Cates-The Preaching of Moses
Wayne Smith-The Preaching of James
Roy Deaver-The Preaching of Philip
Mac Deaver-The Preaching of John the Baptizer
Wayne Coats-False Worship & the Seeds of the Jubilee
J. E. Choate-The Preaching of Daniel
David Brown-The Preaching of Samuel
Virgil Hale-The Preaching of Ezekiel
Garland Elkins-The Preaching of Joshua
Joe Gilmore-The Preaching of John
Robert R. Taylor, Jr.-The Preaching of Isiah
Joe Gilmore-Indian History
3 dvds - $20.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

Garland Elkins- Preach the Word
Glenn Colley- The Church, the Prophets Saw
Glenn Colley-Why I am a Member of the Church of Christ
Tom Holland - Change Agents in the Church
Michael Hatcher - Brethren, Are We Drifting?
Keith Mosher-The Cure for the Troubled Home
Curtis Cates-The Providence of God
Michael Hatcher- The Truth About the Grace of God
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Great Decisions of the Bible
Gary Colley-- Open Forum ( G. Elkins, C. Cates, R. Taylor & K. Mosher)
Curtis Cates-Sunday Morning-9:30am- The Flood
Glenn Colley-Sunday Morning -10:30am - Worldliness in the Church
Michael Hatcher- 2:00pm-Remember Now Thy Creator
Glenn Colley-2:45pm - An Inheritance Incorruptible & Undefiled & F.N.A.
(MSOP-1995-“Shall We Restructure the Church of Christ?
Tom Holland-The Liberal Agenda: What is It?
2 dvds - $15.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

1995 - 29th Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship.  March 26-30, 1995
“Shall We Restructure the Church of Christ”

( There were no sermon titles included in #1        
Eddie Whitten
Steve Ellis
Thomas B.  Warren
Winfred Clark
Thomas B. Warren
Lindsey Warren
J. K. Gossett
Terry Hightower
Open Forum
Tom Holland - The Liberal Agenda: What Is It?
Roy Hearn - Declaring War on the Exclusiveness of the Lord’s Church
Thomas B. Warren - The Truth About the Truth
Arnold Sexton - Truth–Does It Change with Culture?
David Pharr - Frequency of Lord’s Supper, Absolving Sins, etc.
Jim Laws - Declaring War on the Organization of the Lord’s Church
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Bobby Duncan - Shall We Restructure the Church?
Dub McClish - Declaring War on the Fellowship of the Lord’s Church
Thomas B. Warren - The Truth About the Truth
Roy Sharp - Are Scriptures Verbally Inspired or Collections of Scraps?
Bobby Liddell - Innovations in Worship-Contemporary and Instrumental Music
Joe Gilmore - Declaring War on the Designations/Names of the Lord’s Church
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Gary Colley - Change Agents in the Church
Wayne Coats - Declaring War on the Preaching of the Lord’s Church
Thomas B. Warren - The Truth About the Truth
Jack Wilhelm - Truth–Is It Sectarian to defend the Truth
Rod Rutherford - Innovations to Worship-Women in Leadership Roles
Ira Y. Rice, Jr. - Declaring War on the Mission of the Lord’s Church
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Robert R. Taylor,. Jr. - The Price of Truth: Eternal Vigilance
Billy Bland - Morals–God’s Unchanging Law on Honesty, Gambling
Paul Sain - Safeguarding a Congregation Against Liberalism and Apostasy
James Rogers - The New Hermeneutic Heresy–Where do They Plan to Take Us?
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - Influence of “New Conservatism” (Modernism) on the Church
Ted Knight - False Teaching on Baptism
Wade Webster - Is the church of Christ a Denomination?
John Curtis - Safeguarding Young People Against Liberalism
Walker Adolphus - Morals–God’s Unchanging Law on Alcohol and other Drugs
David B. Jones - The Core Gospel Heresy
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Is the Easy to Read Version a Tool of Liberals?
Terry Joe Kee - False Teachings on Love
Ted J. Clarke - Influence of Pseudo-Science on the Church
Warner Kirby - Morals–God’s Unchanging Law on the Sanctity of Human Life
Wayne Coats - Is the Community Church Movement According to the Pattern?
Joe Cox - The Mouths of False Witnesses Must be Stopped
Lee Davis - Influence of Denominationalism on the Lord’s Church
Ronnie Hayes - The Daniel of Eternal Punishment Heresy
Harrell Davidson - Maintaining Silence in the Midst of Apostasy
Richard Gibbs - False Teachings on the Abrogation of the Law of Moses
Stanley Ryan - False Teachings that Christians are not Under Law and Rules
James Hudley - Morals-God’s Unchanging Laws on Adultery and Homosexuality
Gilbert Tripp - Influence of Materialism on the Lord’s Church
Curtis Cates - The Outrageous Scandalous Grace Only Heresy
J. A. McNutt - What is the Future of the Lord’s Church
Woman’s Classes only
Racine Wilder - She Took the Fruit Thereof, and Did Eat
Maggie Colley - She Became His Wife; and He Loved Her
Lois Duncan  - Every Wise Woman Buildeth Her House
Dorothy Mosher - And He Said Unto the Woman, They Faith Hath Saved Thee
Irene Taylor - Give Unto Thy Husband a Man-Child, I will Give Him unto Thee
Annette Cates - The Woman Left Her Water Pot
Corinne Elkins - Go Thy Way; From Henceforth Sin No More
Carol Mangrum - This Woman Was Full of Good Works                       
6 dvds - $40.00
3 mp3s - $20.00

Paris, TN  “Why I Left”

This dvd is a copy of a copy that had bad tracking when I received it,  Therefore It could not be fixed - but
audiois ok.                                                                

Gordon Smith - Mary, the Mother of Jesus
Gordon Smith - Why I left the Catholic Church
Charles Huff - Why I left the Church of God
Mackie Galllimore - Why I left the Reorgaized Latter Day Saints
Dan Goddard - Why I left the Christian Church
Bill Cantrell - Why I left the Baptist Church
David Pharr - Why I left the Methodist Church
Edwin Jones - Why I left the Episcopal Church
Keith Mosher - Why I left the Presbyterian Church
Manny Lago - Why I left the Jehovah’s Witnesses
Winford Clark - Why I am a Member of the Church of Christ
2 dvds - $15.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

21st Annual Spiritual Sword Lectureship. Oct. 20-24, 1996.  "The Inspiration of the Bible"

Jim Laws - The argument for the inspiration of the Bible
Alan Highers - Authority of the Bible
Dan Flournoy - External Evidences of the Bible as proof of inspiration
Flavil Nichols - The Bible's abiding relevance
David Looney - The uniqueness of the Bible as proof of inspiration
Charles White - The completeness of the Bible
B. J. Clarke - The indestructibility of the Bible as proof of inspiration
Paul Sain - The New Testament's view of the Old Testament
Eddy Craft - The Unity of purpose, theme and structure of proof of inspiration
Robert Taylor - What are they saying about the Bible (Open Forum)
Larry Acuff - The Bible--sufficient to meet my every need
Hardeman Nichols - Jesus' view of the scriptures
Glenn Jobe - The Bible compared with other so-called religious books as proof of inspiration
Jim Lewis - The fulfilment of predictive prophecy as proof of inspiration
Kent Bailey - Nomerical accuracy as proof of inspiration
Gary Workman - The translation of scripture
Mac Deaver - Modern view of hermeneutics as they relate to inspiration
Robert Taylor - What are they saying about the Bible (Open Forum)
Roy Deaver - What the Bible means by inspiration and revelation-Defining and clarifying - Part 1
Wendell Winkler - The value of God's living word
Roy Deaver - What the Bible means by inspiration and revelation-Defining and clarifying - Part 2
James Meadows - Alleged errors in the New Testament
Curtis Cates - Paul's view of the scripture
Mike Vestal - Inspiration's mandate for doctrinal discernment
Ivie Powell - Profound themes of the Bible as proof of inspiration
Robert Taylor - What are they saying about the Bible (Open Forum)
Winford Claiborne - Modern day attacks on the Bible
Bobby Duncan - The power of the Bible to change men's lives
Don Walker - What the Old Testament claims for itself
Garry Brantley - The scientific accuracy of the Bible as proof of inspiration
Don Deffenbaugh - Alleged errors in the Old Testament
Keith Mosher - The confirmation of Archeology as proof of inspiration
Dave Miller - What the New Testament claims for itself
Robert Taylor - What are they saying about the Bible? (Open Forum)
Winfred Clark - Moral difficlties in the Bible
Dan Winkler - The Word of God shall stand forever
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3s - $16.00

4th Annual POWER Lectures. August 18-22, 1996. "The Two Covenants"

Edwin Jones - An Overview of Bible Covenants
B. J. Clarke - Whatsoever things were written  aforetime: The value of the Old Covenant
Darrell Beard - The who, what, when, where and why of the Old Covenant
Garland Elkins - The who, what, when, where and why of the New Covenant
Jim Laws - How Jesus viewed the Old Covenant
Bill Bryant - How the apostle Paul viewed the Law
Paul Sain - How the first century church handled the transition from the Old Covenant to the New
Glenn Colley - How did God reveal Himself and His will in the two Covenants?
Ted J. Clarke - Did Grae exist in the Old Covenant and is the New Covenant a covenant of grace and no
Joseph Meador - The development of the Abrahamic promise in the two Covenants
Cliff Lyons - Crucial passages: THe Blood of the everlasting Covenant
Gary Colley - Two Covenants: Two mediators--Moses and Christ
Allen Webster - A study of the Ark of the Covenant
David Jones - The doctrine of circumcision in the two Covenants
Kevin Beard - The doctrin of worship in the two Covenants
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Are we under the Ten Commandments today?
Wayne Cox - Is there a christian sabbath day?
Dub McClish - The scope of the Covenants: Is Christ's New Covenant only for Christians?
James Boyd - Crucial passages: The allegory of the two Covenants
Harrell Davidson - Two Covenants: Two priesthoods
Wade Webster - The consequences of Covenant-breaking
Paul Meacham, Jr. - The tabernacle of the Old Covenant
Jack Williams - The temples of the two Covenants
Billy Bland - What was nailed to the Cross in Colossians 27?  Did Paul regard the Old Law to still be in
years after the cross? If not, why did he act as he act as he did in Acts 21:17-26?
John Curtis - Why is the New Covenant a better Covenant
Curtis Cates - The period between the testaments
David Brown - Crucial passages: The ministration of condemnation adn the ministration of
Paul Kidwell, Sr. - Two Coventants: Two Kingdoms
Les Bonnett - Are the gospel accounts a part of Christ's New Testament Law?; Under what Covenant
the thief on the cross saved?
Steve Ellis - In what sense is Christ the end of the Law; Are fleshly Jews still God's elect nation?
Bobby Liddell - Questions on Hebrews 8:13; Luke 16:16, and I Chronicles 16:17
Jim Pharr - Selected types and antitypes from the two Covenants
Jim Dearman - Jesus Christ: The link between the testaments
Garland Robinson - Truth vs. error concerning the Covenants and the A.D. 70 destruction of Jerusalem
James Watkins - Crucial passages: What God told Jeremiah abou the two Covants
Keith Mosher, Sr. - Two Covenants: Two promised lands
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3s - $16.00

Robertson County church of Christ Lectureship.  1996. "The Cross of Christ

Mac Deaver - The cross-The power & wisdom of God
Roy Deaver - Cross- & the Lord's Supper (Aids to remembrance)
Mac Deaver - The cross-The purchase price of the Church
David Brown - The Lord's sayings-from the Cross
James Boyd - Lessons from some prominent men in connection with the Cross
John Shannon - The cross-& the sin of ignorance
Dan Bailey - The cross-& the sin of envy
Open Forum
Roy Deaver - the cross-& the penitent thief
Roy McConnell - Offended in the cross
Jeff Archey - The cross-the end of the law
David Brown - The cross-the power to crucify self
Joe Gilmore - The cross-the blood of the New Testament
Wayne Coats - SPECIAL, enemies of the cross-from within
J. E. Choate - Ongoing departures from the cross
Virgil Hale - Crucifying the Son of God afresh
Clarence Lavender - Enemies of the cross from without
Garland Elkins - The cross-into thy hands I commend my spirit
Curtis Cates - "Father forgive them; for they know what they do"
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The cross-& the suffering Savior
3 dvds - $20.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

Sunny Slope Church of Christ.  1996. "Fight the Good Fight of Faith"

Garland Elkins - Fight the good fight of faith
Glenn Colley - Perilous times
David Hester - A call to action
Gary Colley - Those who call evil good and good evil
Paul Sain - Adorn yourselves
Billy Bland - The rights of the unborn
Stephen Waller - Faith is the victory that overcometh the world
Robet Taylor - Courage, trials and faith of pioneer preachers
Curtis Cates - Heroes of faith in the Bible
Open Forum
Curtis Cates - No subject given
David Hester - No subject given
David Hester - What are young people hearing?
Curtis Cates - Run with patience that is set before us
Bill Hatcher - The punishment of sin
Bill Hatcher - The beauty of the Cross
Leroy Brownlow -Why I am a member of the Church of Christ
2 dvds - $20.00
1 mp3- $8.00

20th Annual MSOP.  1996. "The Apostle Paul : Great Soldier of the Cross".

Eddie Whitten - Birth, early life, education & early career of Saul of Tarsus
Steve Ellis - Saul: A prominent pharisee & persistent persecutor
Garland Elkins - Conversion of Saul-Great evidence for inspiration
Glenn Hitchcock - First missionary journey
David Brown - Paul's view of the nation of man
Gerald Reynolds - Paul's view of truth and inspiration
Harrell Davidson - Lessons from Paul on preaching
Bobby Duncan - Paul's teaching on benevolence & church cooperation
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Buster Dobbs - Great example in prayer & trust
Kenneth Gossett - Second missionary journey
Virgil Hale - Paul'sview of the law of & Judaizers
James Boyd - Dealin with false teachers in Paul's writings
Gary Colley - Lessons from Paul on morality
Dub McClish - A study of election & apostasy in Paul's writings
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Tom Holland - Great example in evangelism & love
Jim Laws - Third missionary journey
Curtis Cates - Paul's view of 'Unity & Diversity' vs true unity
Ted Clarke - Paul's view of the Christ & of the cross
Favil Nichols - Lessons from Paul on encouraging young preachers
Wayne Coats - A study of the 'Gospel' vs 'doctrine' heresy
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Kenneth Randolph - Great example in encouragment & enduance
Edwin Jones - Journey to Rome: Prisoner in Rome; before hero
Joe Gilmore - Paul's view of marriage, divorce & remarriage
David B. Jones - Paul's view of change agents & restructuring the church
Lindell Mitchell - Lessons from Paul on fellowship
Mac Deaver - A study of the bodily resurrection in Paul's writings
Garland Elkins - Open Forum
Robert Taylor - The old soldier's farewell
Men's Classes:
Jessie Powell - A Study of the apostleship & Paul
Dan Jones - Paul in Athens: Discourse on the living God
Joel Wheeler - Paul & the name "Christian"
Melvin Hampton- Before Felix: Reasoning on righteousness, temperance, Judgment
Eddy Gilpie - Paul & the plan of Salvation
Kent Bailey - Paul's teaching on church organization
Jerry Joseph - The work ethic in Paul's writings
B. J. Clarke - Paul's view of grace, law, faith, works, love
Paul Sain - Paul's teaching on the role of women (A male chauvinist?)
Dennis Gulledge - Paul & financial support of gospel preachers
Waymon Swain - Authority in Paul's writings
W. D. Jeffcoat - Paul's view of Christ's second coming, judgment
Jessie Whitlock - Paul & the seven unities of the spirit
Roger Jackson - Paul before Agippa: A  Christian soldier just like Paul
Keith Dixon - Paul's view of sin and it's consequences
Dan Goddard - Paul's view of  worship: singing, the Lord's Supper
M. L. Sexton - Paul's teaching on miracles & spiritual gifts
Toney L. Smith - Paul & Philemon: A study in human relations
Robert Rawson - Hope in Paul's writings
Ira Y. Rice - Paul's view of worship: Teaching, giving
Women's Classes:
Corinne Elkins - Wives be in subjection to your husbands
Irene Taylor - Salute Prisca & Aquila: My fellow-workers
Zelma McDaniel - Phoebe..A servant of the Church
Vada Rice - Eodis & syntyche, be of the same mind in the Lord
Lois Duncan - Adorned in Modesty & Humility
Lavonne McClish - Women: Grave, not slanderers, temperate, faithful
Annette Cates - Helpers in Christ Jesus in Molding Morality
Jane Foster - Honor Widows: Widows as special servants
dvd #8
Ira & Vada Rice Appreciation Dinner
Alumni Banquet
8 dvds - $60.00
3 mp3s -  $24.00

Back to the Bible Lectureshio, East Huntsville church of Christ.
Nov. 30-Dec. 3, 1997 "The Moral Crisis Confronting Society & The Church"

James Meadows - Causes of our moral collapse
James Meadows - The moral decline's impact on the church
Thomas Eaves - The problem of Homesexuality
Billy Lambert - The problem of Fornication and Adultery
Flavil Nichols - The problems of violence
Bobby Duncan - Alcohol and drug's affect upon society
William Woodson - Abortion and it's impact upon society
Trevor Major - The threat of Euthanasia
William Woodson - The problem of marriage, divorce and remarriage
Flavil Nichols - What the church can do to make a difference
2 dvds - $15.00
1 mp3 - *$8.00

13th Robertson County church of Christ Lectureship. 1997.
"Lessons from Kings & Queens of the Old Testament"

Mac Deaver - Saul #1
Roy Deaver - David #1
Mac Deaver - Saul #2
James Cossey - Jehoshapat
Bill Cantrell - Amaziah
Rob Caton - The young man Josiah
Mitchael Hughes - Uzziah
Roy Deaver - David #2
Roy McConnell - Ahaz
Curtis Cates - Solomon
David Brown - Asa
Dan Bailey - Hezekiah
Ira Rice - Athaliah
Wayne Coats - Ahab
J. E. Choate - Jehu
Virgil Hale - Manasseh
Garland Elkins - Rehobam
James Boyd - Jereboam
John Shannon - Jezebell
Robert Taylor - Zedekiah
3 dvds - $20.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

Eastwood Church of Christ -Fall Gospel Meeting, Paris, TN.  Oct. 12-15, 1997.
6 lessons by Tom Holland
1 dvd - &8.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

31st Annual MSOP Lectureship. March 30-April 4, 1997.
"Ezekiel & Lamentations: Lessons from past, present & future"

Keith Mosher - Introduction of Ezekiel
Steve Ellis - They shall know thee hath been a prophet among them
Joe Gilmore - Ezekiel, a hard-headed preacher
Curtis A. Cates - Ezekiel's vision of God's glory
Adron Doran - The New Testament Church
Gary Summers - Ezekiel's call & commission
Joseph D. Meador - Judgment on Israel symbolized
Kenneth Gossett - Punishment for idolatry & false worship
Open Forum - Garland Elkins
Harrell Davidson - I sat where they sat
Dub McClish -Visions of Judgment upon Jerusalem
Adron Doran - Restoration Movement
Michael Hatcher - Signs & messages
Daniel Denham - Judah described in parables
Mack Lyon - God's righteous judgments: weeping over Jerusalem
Open Forum - Garland Elkins
Jerry Moffitt - Valley of dry bones
Noah Hackworth - Jehovah's past dealing and future retribution
Adron Doran - Difficulties encountered by restorers with restoration plea
Bobby Liddell - Sin, spiritual adultery, and destruction
Buster Dobbs - Prophecies against the nations
Wayne Coats - Prophecies against Egypt
Open Forum - Garland Elkins
Don McWhorter - I have made thee a watchman
Mike Brandt - Ezekiel's call renewed; Israel to be restored
Adron Doran - Barton Warren Stone and the Cane Ridge Church
Billy Bland - Land restored; nation resurrected a sone
John West - Final triumph and deliverance
Roy J. Hearn - Vision of the future temple described
Open Forum - Garland Elkins
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Vision of future worship and future land
Phil Davis - Introduction to Lamentations
Fred House - Unanswered prayer
Terry Hightower - Ezekiel and Christ (Sound dubbed in)
Mark Mosher - God's holy name and attitudes toward it  (bad audio & video blurred)
Tommy Stacks - Let us search & try our ways, and turn
M. H. Tucker - Ezekiel as a preacher
David B. Jones - The anointed Cherub:  Satan?
Eddie Whitten - Jerusalem Mourns
Glenn Colley - False teachers, then & now
Jimmy Ferguson - Godly sorrow brings hope
Clarence Lavender - The Lord punishes Jerusalem (Sound dubbed in - audio & video out of sinc)
Dave Dugan - They hear thy words but do them not (Same as above)
David McElwain - Punishment caused by wickedness (Same as above)
Kenneth Jones - Earnest prayer to God (Sound dubbed in)
Mark Bass - Christ on David's throne now?
Tim Nichols - God'sall-seeing eye
Garland Elkins - Things necessary for God to dwell in  Man's midst (bad audio)
Ira Y. Rice, Jr. - Is it nothing to you, al ye that pass by? (bad audio)
Robert R. Tayor, Jr. - I sought for a man
Bill Lockwood - God's house has law
Barry Griderr - It is good to bear the yoke in youth
Paul Sain - God's blessings are new every morning
Eddie saith - Woe unto the shepherds of Israel
Robert Williams - They have committed lewdness & shed blood
Corinne Elkins - Two women, the daughters of one mother
Carol Mangrum - There sat the women weeping for Tammuz
Helen Andrews - Thou didst trust in thy beauty
Irene Taylor - The role of women in maintaining morality & spirituality
8 dvds - $55.00
4 mp3s - $24.00

West Kentucky Bible Lectures.  July 19-20, 1997.
"Speak Thou the Things Which Become Sound Doctrine"

Garland Elkins - Speak Thou the things which become sound doctrine
Jeff Archey - The doctrine of Christ or the doctrine of men
Kevin Beard - Some shall depart from the faith
Gary Colley - House churches: Entertainment centers, & The Lord's church
Glenn Colley - Loose change
Robert Taylor - Is the young man safe?
Michael Hatcher - Softening of fundamentals
Robert Taylor - Marriage insurance
Curtis Cates - A look at Promise Keepers
Gary Colley - pen Forum
Curtis Cates - Paul's  passion for souls
Michael Hatcher - Why the Jews rejected Christ
Curtis Cate - We must be willing to be hated by the world & the brethren
Michael Hatcher - A city which hath foundations, whose builder & maker is God
2 dvds - $20.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

Robertson County 14th Labor Day Lectureship.  Sept 4-7, 1998
"Lessons from Great New Testament Chapters"

Mac Deaver - Galatians 5
Roy Deaver - Romans 1
Mac Deaver - Hebrews 9
Dan Bailey - Philippians 3
Michael Light - James 3
Tod Deaver - Titus 2
Michael Hughes - I Thess. 4
Bob Caton - Philemon
Roy Deaver - Ephesians 2
Roy McConnell - Revelation 11
Lawrence Williamson - Jude
Gary Wilder - Colossians 3
Roy Lanier, Jr. - Romans 8 - The Holy Spirit & the Christian, Part 1
Charles Pugh - I Peter 4
J. E. Choate - 2 Timothy 4
Terry Varner - I Timothy 4
Dale Flowers - 2 Thessalonians 2
John Shannon - I John 5
Mac Deaver - 2 Peter 3
Roy Lanier, jr. - Romans 8 - The Holy Spirit & the Christian, Part 2
3 dvds - $20.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

Northwest Tennessee Bible Lectures-Paris, TN. July 26-29, 1998
"A Journey of Faith"  - Eastwood church of Christ

William Woodson - The preciousness of faith
William Woodson - The power of knowledge
Richard Bentley - The promise of deliverance
Edward E. Howard - Buildng blocks for a successful Christian life
Ted Burleson - Spiritual blindness
Billy Smith - Are you sure?
Curtis Cates - The abundant entrance
Dan Winkler - The importance of a faithful example
Wendell Winkler - Can you recommend your religion?
Wendell Winkler - The infallibly safe way
2 dvds - $15.00
1 mp3 - $8.00

32nd Annual MSOP Lectureship.  March 29-April 2, 1998.
"Lessons in Lyrics"

Favil Nichols - This is my Father's World
Steve Ellis - A Mighty Fortress
Garland Elkins - Give Me the Bible
J. K.  Gossett - O Thou Fount of Every Blessing
Jimmy Clark - To Us a Child of Hope is Born
Walker W. Crossno - Were You There?
Paul Sain - Low in the Grave He Lay
James W. Boyd - Ye Must be Borned Again
John R. Vaughan - Amazing Grace
Cliff Newell - O Happy Day
Lindsey Warren - I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord
Gary Colley - Only in Thee
Tommy Hicks - Whosoever Will
Dub McClish - All Hail the Power of Jesus Name
Garland Elkins - Open Forum (Monday & Tuesday)
Bobby Duncan - Do All In The Name Of The Lord
Harrell Davidson - A Beautiful Life
David Dial - Will Your Anchor Hold?
Arnold Sexton - In Heavenly Love Abiding
Wayne Coats - I’ll Never Forsake My Lord
Roy J. Hearn - Soldiers of Christ Arise
James Segars - Seeking The Lost
Wayne Lankford - The Ninety and Nine
Larry Reynolds - Shall I Crucify My Savior? (Bad Master)
James Wyers - His Eye Is On The Sparrow
Ira Y. Rice, Jr. - We Are Going Down The Valley
Perry Cotham - Will Jesus Find us Watching?
Garland Elkins - Open Forum (Wed. & Thur.)
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - When All Of God’s Singers Get Home
(Classes were taped by students)
Howell Bigham - Why Did My Savior Come to Earth?
Roy McConnell - Can He Depend on You?
Jeff Archey - O Master, Let Me Walk with thee
Terry Claunch - He Bore It All
Ronald Choate - Have You Counted The Cost?
Wayne Price - All Things Are Ready
Terry Joe Kee - Blest Be The Tie
Steve Sanders - What Will Your Answer Be?
Toney L. Smith - Ten Thousand Angels
Melvin Sapp - There is Just One Way
Gary henson - Master, The Tempest Is Raging
B. J. Clarke - Holy, Holy, Holy
Jeff Clark - Yield Not to Temptation
Frank Paris - Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone?
Glen Alexander - God Is Calling The Prodigal
Jerry Murrell - The Kingdom’s of Earth Pass Away
Prospective Students and Seminar
Daniel F. Cates - How Shall   the Young
Mike Hixon - A Beautiful Prayer
Steve Wiggins - The Church’s One Foundation
Eric Owens - What Will You Do With Jesus?
Riley Nelson - Sing and Be Happy
Steven Rook - Lovest Thou Me More Than These?
Dewey Medlin - Whispering Hope
(Ladies class)
Corinne Elkins - Count Your Blessings
Annette B. Cates - Savior, Thy Dying Love (Bad Master)
Maggie Colley - God’s Family
Jane Foster - My Task
Vada Rice - Is Your Life a Channel of Blessing
Martha Manley - He Knows Just What I Need
Irene Taylor - If I have Wounded Any Soul Today
Dorothy Mosher - Does Jesus Care
8 dvds - $55.00
4 mp3s $25.00
4 dvds - $30.00
2 MP3-cd-$15.00
5 dvds - $35.00
2 mp3s - $16.00
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3s - $15.00
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3s - $15.00
3 dvds - $25.00
2 - mp3 - $8.00
2 dvds - $15.00
1 mp3 - $8.00
3 dvds - $25.00
1 mp3 - $8.00
6 dvds - $40.00
3 mp3s - $20.00
4 dvds - $30.00
2 mp3s - $15.00
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2 mp3s - $ 15.00
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1 mp3 - $8.00
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1 mp3- $8.00
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4 dvds = $30.00
2 mp3- $15.00
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2 mp3s - $15.00