Maury County Lectures
December 7-10, 2001
Maury County, TN
The Maury County Lectures
Contending for the Faith Once Delivered - Jude 3
2 dvd's - $20.00
1 mp's - $ 7.00
Mike Greene - Are Those Who Practice Sound Doctrine "Biblically Illiterate"?
Gary Colley - "Contemporary Prase Services" Is it Worship or Entertainment?
Danny Douglas - What does the Bible say about Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage?
Paul Sain - Can the Church have "Diverse Unity"?
Garland Elkins - What are the Boundaries of Scriptural Fellowship?
Curtis Cates - Shoud Sound Elders be "Heros" in the Lord's Church? Or Are those who Follow them in a "Toxic &
Faith     Syndrome"?
Jeff Waldrop - What is the Truth about the Community Church Denomination?
Tom Holland - What is the True Doctrine of Salvation?
Doug English - What about "Prayer Partners" & other so called "Impacting Prayer Tools"
Doug English - Is "Worship Music" a Heaven &Hell Issue?
Ricky Glass - What is the True Drawing Power of the Church?
Randy Kersey - Should We speak Publicly Against "False Teachers"?
Sandy Hook church of Christ
Maury County, TN
The Maury County Lectures
Characteristics of the First Century Church
2 dvds - $20.00
1 mp3's - $7.00
Glenn Alexander - Her Identity
Gary Colley - Her Standards of Authority
Her Practice of Worship
Ted Burleson - Prayer and Offering
Paul Sain - Teaching and Music
John Vaughn - Lord's Supper
Her Instruction on Salvation
Danny Douglas - Forgiveness and Grace
Les Hinkle - Repentance and Confession
Tom Holland - Baptism
Her Mission
Joe Spangler - Benevolence
Garland Elkins - Evangelism
Curtis Cates - Edification
Doug English - Her Vision and Goals
William Woodson - Her Blessings and Benefits
Doug English - Her Organization
William Woodson - Her Fellowship
Maury Lectures 2002
"Reaching the Lost"
December 6-8, 2002
2 DVD's-$25.00/1 mp3 cd's-$7.00
Glenn Colley - God's Plan for Reaching the Lost
Gary Colley - Reaching the Lost Through Biblical Preaching
Jeff Waldrop - Reaching the Lost Through Personal Work
Paul Sain - Reaching Specific Denominations
Danny Douglas - Reaching the Lost through Friends and Relatives
Tim McHenry - Reaching Young People
Tom Holland - Reaching the Lost Through Growing Churches
Michael Grooms - Reaching the Lost Like the Early Church
Michael Grooms - Reaching the Lost Through A United Church
Brandon Britton - Reaching the Lost Like Jesus
Artie Collins - The Urgency of Reaching the Lost
Maury County Gospel Lectures
September 13-17, 2003
"Faith Under Fire"
1 mp3's cd's - $7.00/2 dvds-$25.00

Steven Yeatts - The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin
Michael Grooms - Have We Ceased to be Shocked?
Dave Miller - Is There Any Word from the Lord?
Dave Miller - Faith Under Fire
John Thomas - Unrepented of, Sin Brings Death
Randy McNeese - The Church Needs to Say Prayers
David Shannon - Is God Missing In The Home?
Danny Douglas - Comparing Things Tolerated Today with Yesterday
Tom Holland - The Only Hope, Returns to Righteous Standards
Sandy Hook Church of Christ, Sandy Hook, TN