Sevierville Church of Christ, Sevierville, TN
Sevierville Church of Christ
August 1-3 1999
Sevierville, TN
The Glory and Grandeur of the Church
2 dvd set for $20.00/1 mp3-cd - $7.00
Bobby Liddell - The Origin of the Church
Billy Bland - The Worship of the Church
Billy Bland - The Undenominational Character of the Church
Lonnie Smith - The Organization of the Church
Clifford Newell - The Unity of the Church
Roger Comstock - The Discipline of the Church
Steve Miller - The Authority of the Church
Tim Dooley - The Purity of the Church
Gary Colley - How to Become a Member of the Church
David Smith - The Identity of the Church
Waymon Summers - The Nature of the Church
Brad Poe - The Edification of the Church
John Taber - The Evangelism of the Church
Michael Knox - The Music of the Church
Ronnie Hayes - The Spiritual Teaching of the Church
Sevierville Church of Christ
3rd Annual Great Smoky Mountain
Firm Foundation Lectures
August 2-5, 1998
Sevierville, TN
God's Perfect Design for the Home and Family
3 dvd set for $30.00/2 mp3-cds $14.00
Steve Harris - Divorce, The Enemy of the Home
Brad Poe - How Do I Prepare for Marriage?
Clifford Newell - Responsibilities of Husbands
John McCain - Responsibilities of Wives
Steve Miller - Responsibilities of Fathers
Tim Forlines - Responsibilities of Mothers
Kent Bailey - Responsibilities of Children
David Brown - When Is Remarriage Adultery?
David Pharr - Marrying a Christian Mate
Jim Pharr - Why Godly Grandparents Are Import
Ken Willis - Materialism In the Home
Bill Bryant - The Feminist Movement
Johnny Mack Young - Recreation and the Home
Charles Brown - Characteristics of Strong Families
Michael Hatcher - Discipline In the Home
Garland Elkins - Humanism and the Home
Joe Galloway - Obedience Unto Authority
Mike Williams - The Chaste Christian Woman
David Bugg - Why Young People Are Incarcerated
Steven Law - Pornography and the Home
Steve Harris - Personal Purity
James Meadows - The Home and Moral Values
H.A.(Buster) Dobbs - Can The Guilty Party Be Forgiven