Contending for the Faith, Spring, TX
Spring Bible Institute Lectures
"Islam--From God or Man
February 23-26, 2003
$40.00/4 DVD's - mp3-CD-$20.00  **** Book can be ordered from Spring congregation
Gary Grizzell - The Islamic View of the Bible
Tom Wacaster - Abraham Sows & the Middle East Reaps
Paul Vaughn - Biography of Muhammad
Gary Summers - An Overview of the Koran
Tom S. Bright - Islamic Objections to the Trinity & deity of Christ Answered
Roddy Covington - Who Owns Palestine?
Jim Nash - The Status of Women In Islam
Charles Collett - Is Islam a Religion of Peace?
Darrell Broking - The Religious Hierarchy in Islam
Michael Hatcher - The Causes of Division in Islam
David Baker - The 5 Pillars (Duties) of Islam
Jerry Murrell - Jihad
Barry Grider - The Jesus of Islam (Born of a Virgin, a True Propher--But  Not Deity)
Rick Popejoy - Religious Tolerance of Muslims In Islamic States
Clifford Newell - Islamic Holy Places
Randy Mabe - Islamic Worship: Then and Now
Keith A. Mosher, Sr. - Sources of Authority In Islam
Richard Massey - Muhammad Is Not The Fulfillment of bible Prophecy
Jerry Brewer - Islam's Eschatology
Michael Shepherd - The Nation of Islam (Black Muslims)
Curtis Cates - The Church Confronts Islam In Americca
Kent Bailey - Islam - From God or Men
Preston Silcox - Shariah Law (Punishment by Severing Fingers, Hands, etc.)
Michael Light - How Islam Grew--the Culture in Which Muhammand Lived
Lester Kamp - Islamic Distinctives in Diet, Clothing, etc.
Bobby Liddell - The Impact of Islam on World Affairs
John West - The Islamic View of the Prophets
Lynn Parker - A Christian's View of Islam (Salvation of Only in Christ's Church)
B. J. Clarke - Allah: Islam's God is Not the God of the Bible
Spring Contending for the Faith Lectureship
"Judaism -- From God or Man"
February 22-23, 2004
DVD - 4 dvd set - $40.00
mp3-cd - $20.00
Book can be ordered from Spring congregation
Jerry Murrell - Who is a Jew?
David P. Brown - Do We Hate The Jews & Desire Their Destruction?
Jim Nash - Jewish Sacrifices
Michael Hatcher - The Design & Purpose of the Law of Moses
David B. Smith - Jewish Plan of Salvation
Eddie Whitten - Jewish Eschatology
Billy Bland - Jewish Holidays, Feasts, & Traditions
David Baker - Jewish Prayer & Worship
Jason Rollo - Sabbath Observance Then & Now
Gary Grizzell - Jewish Proselytes, Strangers & Sojourers
H. D. Simmons - Conservative Judaism
Don Walker - What is Anti-Semitism?
Lynn Parker - The Jewish Trial of Jesus
Mike McDaniel - Judaizing Teachers--Troublers of the First Century Church
Lester Kamp - Reformed Judaism
Tom Moore - First Century Jewish Sects
Kent Bailey - Messianic Expectations of First Century Jews
Bryan Braswell - Orthodox Judaism
Steve Yeatts - The Jewish Dispersion
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - The Jewish Use & Abuse of the Old Testament
Marvin Weir - The Impact of the Destruction of Jerusalem on Judaism
Darrell Conley - Jewish Synagogues
Michael Light - Christ is the End of the Law
Geoff Litke - Jewish Messianic Pretenders
Gary Summers - Definition & Overview of the Talmud & its Role in Jewish Life
Paul Vaughn - Jewish Mysticism
Curtis Cates - The Relationship of the Modern State of Israel to Israel to Judaism
B. J. Clarke - The Jews'  Objections to Jesus
Ladies Class:
Irene Taylor - Women Who Hinder God's Plan
Irene Taylor - Women Dedicated to Serving God
February 27 - March 2, 2005
"Morals--From God Or Man?"
4 - dvd - $40.00
3 MP3 - $25.00
Book can be ordered from Spring congregation
David P. Brown - Covetousness is Immoral
Billy Bland - Dressing Modestly is Moral
Gary Grizzell - A Review of the Warren-Barnhart Debate
Kenneth E. Ratcliff - When Does God Approve of Civil Disobedience?
David Baker - The Importance of Practicing Corrective Church Discipline
Steve Wiggins - Morality and the Nature of Man
Don Walker - Gambling is Immoral
Tim Kidwell - Heterosexual Fornication is immoral
Bobby Liddell - Martial Sex is moral
Lynn Parker - Civil Law and Its Relationship to God's Law
Ronnie Hayes - Stealing Is Immoral
Lester Kamp - Lying and Bearing False Witness Are Immoral
Tom Moore - The Biblical View of Morality
Michael Light - God Exists and Man Can Know It
Terry Hightower - Morality and the Nature of Animals
Jerry Murrell - The Influence of Moderism and Postmodernism on Morality
John West - Not Providing for Those in Need is Immoral
Geoff Litke - Homosexuality is Immoral
Harrell Davidson - Dancing and other Forms of Lasciviousness are Immoral
Keith Mosher - Murder is Immoral
Paul Vaughn - Idolatry is Immoral
Dan Cates - Drinking Beverage Alcohol and the Recreational Use of Other Drugs are
Rick Popejoy - The Importance of Self-Control in Living a Godly Life
Michael Hatcher - Profanity and other Abuses of the Tongue are Immoral
Gary Summers - Pornography is Immoral
Kent Bailey - Morality Without God is Immoral
B. J. Clarke - Abortion and Euthanasia are Immoral
2006 SPRING Contending for the Faith Lectures
February 26 - March 2, 2006
"Anti-ism--From God or Man?"
6 dvd's $45.00 set
6 mp3 cds - 25.00 set
2 dvd's Open Forum only - $15.00
Book can be ordered from the Spring Congregation
David P. Brown - A Failure to Understand How to Ascertain Bible Authority can Produce
Anti-ism- The Difference in Obligations and Options
Jason Rollo - Examples of 'Anti-ism' in the New Testament
Wayne Blake - Anti-Bible Classes Doctrine
Lynn Parker - Why 'Anti-ism' is Sinful
Bruce Stulting - A Review of the 'Whitten-Lanier Debate' - A discussion of classes and Woman Teaches
Geoff Litke - anti-Bible College Doctrine
Roelf Ruffner - Is There Biblical Authority to Eat in the Church Building and if there is Such Authority
Does         that Same Authority Authorize Gymnasiums and the Like?
Tim Kidwell - A Review of the 'Wallace-Ketcherside Debate' - Located Preacher
Paul Vaughn - The Anti-Orphan Home Doctrine Refuted
John West - A Review of the 'Britnell-Woods Debate' - Orphan Homes
Darrell Conley - Congregational Cooperation and the Sponsoring church Doctrine
Randy Mabe - A Review of the "Bingham-Highers-Bigham Debate
Michael Hatcher - Anti-Located Preacher Doctrine
Gary Summers - A Review of the 'Porter-Waters Debate' - Number of cups in the Lord's Supper
Ken Chumbley - Saints Only Doctrine
Terry Hightower - Some Implications of 'Anti-ism'
Daniel Denham - Are We 'Institutional' Brethren?
Dub McClish - A History of 'Anti-ism' since the 19th Century to the Present
Stacey W. Grant - Is opposing Support for colleges from the Church Treasury is No 'Anti-ism'
Lester Kamp - Are We Practicing 'Anti-ism' Because we will not Fellowhip the Denominations?
David Smith - The 'One-Cup' Doctrine Refuted
Danny Douglas - A Review of the 'Cogdill-Woods Debate' - Orphan Homes and Cooperation
Darrell Broking - Anti-ism is Not God's Answer to Liberalism
Jerry Murrell - The 'Hats and hair' Doctrine Refuted
Dave Watson - Are we Holding a Form of 'Anti-ism' Because we Oppose False Doctrine and False
Teachers in ACU, OCU, Harding U, FHU, Lipscomb U, and the Like?
Kent Bailey - Are We Occupying an 'Anti' Position When we Oppose 'The Church of Christ Disaster
Relief Agency'?

one and half days of:

Open Forum  - various subjects

Two classes for Women only!
B. J. Rollo - The importance of Women Knowing their Bible
David P. Brown - Bible Authority--The Basis for Christian Fellowship
in Haley - Should the church of Christ Fellowship the Christian Church?
David P. Brown - Open Forum
Darrell Broking - By What Bible Authority Does One Church Extend Fellowship to another Church?
Bruce Stulting - Should Error Regarding the Five Acts of Worship Disrupt Fellowship Between Christians?
Dennis Francis - Fellowship Scriptures: 1 Cor. 5; Rom. 16:17 & Eph. 5:11
Danny Douglas - What Fellowship is and What Fellowship is Not
Wayne Blake - How Does the Bible Teach Scripturally Broken Fellowship is to be Restored?
Paul Vaughn - Fellowship in Restoration History and a Study of Unity Movements in the Church
Open Forum - General Theme, Matters of Judgment  - Dub McClish & Dave Watson
Dub McClish - Fellowship and Suffering
Lynn Parker - Church Discipline and Christian Fellowship
Terry York - In the Light of Rom. 15:4, What May be learned About Fellowship from Deut. Seven?
Ben Justice - Is the Ecumenical Movement the Way to Biblical Unity?
Michael Hatcher - The Autonomy of the Church and Fellowship
Brad Green - Book Review:  
I Just Want to be a Christian by Rubel Shelly
Dave Watson - Fellowship and Respect of Persons
Open Forum: General Theme, Matters of Judgment - Dub McClish & Dave Watson
Terry Hightower - When with Feigned Words They Will Make Merchandise of You
Johnny Oxendine - Do the Certain Associations of Brethren Imply Fellowship?
Michael Hatcher - By What Authority Does One Church Withdraw Fellowship From a Sister Church?
Lester Kamp - Current View of Fellowship in the Churches of Christ
Geoff Litke - Book Review:
 Together Again: by Rick Atchley and Bob Russell
Kenneth Chumbley - Fellowship Scriptures:  John 7:20-21; Eph. 4:1-6; Mark 9:38-41
John West -
Who is My Brother:? by F. LeGard Smith
Open Forum  - General Theme, Matters of Judgment  - Dub McClish & Dave Watson
Kent Bailey - Should Organizational Error in the Church Disrupt Fellowship Between Christians?
Daniel Denham - Should Error Regarding MDR Disrupt Fellowship Between Christians?

Ladies Only (will be at the end of the last tape/dvd/cd)
Martha Bentley - Fellowship in the Home (1)(2)
4 dvds - $40.00
4 mp3 cd's -  $20.00
Book can be ordered from Spring congregation
One dvd/vhs tape/mp3  of the Open Forum can be purchased
separately for $9.00 each - all prices include shipping
2007 Spring Contending For The Faith Lectures
February 25-28, 2007
"Fellowship---From God or Man"
2008 Spring Contending For The Faith Lectures
February 24-27, 2008
"Unity---From God or Man"
4 dvds - $40.00
4 mp3 cd's -  $20.00
Book can be ordered from Spring congregation
Darrell Broking - Immorality and Unity
Steve Yeatts - A History of Unity Movements in the Church of Christ
John West - The Lord's Supper and Unity
Dub Mowery - The Influence of the Colleges on Scriptural Unity
Michael Hatcher - Worship and Unity
Wayne Blake - The Christian Home and Unity
Skip Francis - Is the Church in Crisis?
David P. Brown - The Restoration Principle and Unity
Open Forum
Mitchael Hatcher - Bible Versions and Unity
Daniel Denham - Sound Doctrine and Unity
Johnny Oxendine - The New Hermeneutics and Unity
Ken Chumbley - An Informed Membership and Unity
Geoff Litke - Causes of Division
Jack Stephens - How Does Repentance Relate to Unity?
Gene Hill - Money and Unity
Open Forum
Danny Douglas - God's Plan for Unity (Ephesians 4)
Lynn Parker - Is the Church of Christ a Secct?
Tim Cozad -Music in the Worship of God and Unity
David Watson - Gospel Preachers and Unity
Gary Summers - The Autonomy of the Church and Unity
Gary Summers - Church Discipline and Unity
Bruce Stulting - Godly Fear and Unity
Open Forum
Lee Moses - Love, the Authority of God's Word and Unity
Dub McClish - The Elders & Deacons Responsibilty to Keep the "Unity of the Spirit..."
Ladies classes:
Sonya West - How Christian Women Destroy Unity
Sonya West - How Christian Women Build Unity
2009 Spring Contending For The Faith Lectures
February 22-25, 2009
"Religion & Morality---From God or Man"
4 dvd  - $40.00
2 mp3 cds - $12.00

Dub McClish -
Higher Secular Education - What Should You Expect Your Child to be Taught?
Darrell Broking -
Divorce & Remarriage - Did God Say What He Meant and Mean What He Said?
Lester Kamp -
The Social Gospel - Following Christ for the Loaves and Fishes
Terry Hightower - Atheism - True or False?
Jack Stephens - Marriage - Who Originated It and Governs It?
Michael Hatcher - The Resurrection of Christ - Is Jesus Christ Alive Today?
Wayne Blake - Humanism and Pluralism - Is Man the Measure of All Things?
Skip Francis - Darwinian Evolution - Is Man Only an Improved Ape?
Paul Vaughn - The Bible - Inspired by Man or God?
Dub Mowery - Abortion - Murdering a Baby or Removing a Blob of Protoplasm?
Daniel Denham - The Nature of Truth - What is The Truth about Truth?
Jesse Whitlock - Homosexuality - Didn't He Make them Male and Female?
Ken Cohn - Theistic Evolution - Is Evolution the Mechanism God Used to Create the Universe?
Ken Chumbley - Agnosticism - Can We Know Anything?
Gene Litke - The Age of the Earth - Young or Old?
Johnny Oxendine - The Sexual Revolution - Are We Dressing Fornication and Adultery in Formal Wear?
Gene Hill - Preacher Training Schools - Are they Living Up to the Reason They Were Begun?
Gary Summers - Post Modeernism - Is My God Not Your God and My Truth Not Your Truth?
Danny Douglas - The Humanity of Christ - Is He Truly Human?
Lynn Parker - Modesty - What is the Bible's Definition?
Buddy Roth - Medical Doctors - Killers or Healers?
Lee Moses - The Historical Jesus - Is Christ a Mythological Being?
Bruce Stulting - Deity of Christ - Is Jesus of Nazareth God?
Tim Cozad - The Miracles of Christ - Did Jesus Work Miracles? If He Did, Why Did He?
John West - "Good Ole Noah Bult an Ark Like God Told Him To" - Are You Kidding Me?
Terry Hightower - Atheist Ethics - Are Ethics Without God Possible?
David B. Watson - Christians Must Be Militant - Does Jesus Demand that the Church Confront Error?
Dub McClish - Higher "Christian" Education - What Should You Expect Your Child to Be Taught?
Ladies: Sonya West - (Two Lessons) The Feminist Movement - "You've Come a Long Way Baby," But
Was it Up or Down?
4 dvds - $40.00 each set
2 mp3-cd - $14.00
Open Forum 1 dvd/vhs/mp3 - $8.00

David P. Brown - The Worldly Church by Allen, Hughes & Weed
Terry Hightower - Facing Our Failure: The Fellowship Dilemma in Conservative Churches
of Christ by Todd Deaver
Lester Kamp - Down, But Not Out by Al Maxey
Lynn Parker - Free in Christ by Cecil Hook
Skip Francis - The Core Gospel by Bill Love
Daniel Coe - Don't Shoot We May Be On The Same Saide! by Marvin Phillips
Bruce Stulting - Shall We Splinter>? by James D. Bales
Daniel Denham - Errors on MDR by Several Authors
Extended Open Forum - Barry Grider's Article in the December 1, 2009 The Forest Hill
Ken Chumbley - Our Heritage of Unity and Fellowship by W. Carl Ketcherside & Leroy
Paul Vaughn - The Stone-Campbell Movement: The Story of the American Restoration
Movement by Leroy Garrett
John West - Rebaptism by Jimmy Allen
Danny Douglas - In Search of Peace, Unity and Truth by Olan Hicks
Gene Hill - They Smell Like Sheep: Spiritual Leadership for the 21st Century by Lynn
Doug Post - The Cruciform Church by C. Leonard Allen
Wayne Blake - Leadership in the Kingdom: Sensitive Strategies for the Church in a
Changing World by Ian Fair
Michael Hatcher - Sermon on R & R of Elders Delivered at the Brown Trail Church of Christ
by Dave Miller
Johnny Oxendine - Come to the Table: Revisioning the Lord's Supper by John Mark Hicks
John Rose - What Would Jesus Do Today by Mike Cope & Rubel Shelly
Jimmy Gribble - Daring to Dance With God: Stepping into God's Embrace by Jeff Walling
Lee Moses - Righteousness Inside Out by Mike Cope
Gary Summers - The Fire That Consumes by Edward Fudge
Jess Whitlock - The Peaceable Kingdom by Carroll D. Osburn
Open Forum
Dub McClish - The Way of Salvation and the Gist of Romans - KC Moser
Gary Summers  - Who Is My Brother? by F. LaGard Smith
Ladies Class:
Sonya West - Women in the Church: Reclaiming the Ideal by Carroll D. Osburn #1 & #2
2010 Spring Church of Christ CFTF Lectures

"Profiles In Apostasy #1"

February 28-March 3, 2010