Weakley County Lectureship
Dresden Church of Christ
2nd Annual Weakley County Lectureship
April 3-5, 1998
Dresden, TN
The Life of Christ
(2 tapes - $20.00)
Mike McDaniel - The Birth of Christ
Rick Knoll - His Early Years
David Lemmons - The Baptism of Christ
Harrell Davidson - The Temptation of Christ
Garland Robinson - The Mission of Christ
Robert Meredith - The Parables of Christ
Larry Powers - The Anguish In the Garden
Virgil Hale - The Betrayal and Arrest
Leon Jones - The Trial
Priestly Scott - The Cross of Christ
Robert Taylor - The Resurrection and Ascension
Bill Crossno - The Second Coming of Christ
3rd Annual Weakley County Lectureship
April 2-4, 1999
Dresden, TN
(2 tapes - $20.00)
Virgil Hale - What is Biblical Fellowship?
Harrell Davidson - The Sermon On The Mount -  Fellowship
Lee Davis - Whom Can We Fellowship?
Charles Leonard - Fellowship and Judging
Mike McDaniel - Withdrawal of Fellowship
Lindon Ferguson - How to Treat the Withdrawn
Dan Sikes - Improper Fellowship Hinders the Church
Mike Tucker - May One Congregation Withdraw from Another?
Jared Knoll - The Joy of Biblical Fellowship
Leon Jones - Fellowship and Mark 9:38-41
Steve Fishel - The Great Need for Unity
Bill Crossno - The Wonderful Eternal Fellowship
4th Annual Weakley County Lectureship
March 31-April 2, 2000
Dresden, TN
(2 tapes - $20.00)
David Williams - What Is The Family Of God
Ivie Powell - The Unity of God's Family
Ken Butterworth - Governed By God's Family
Virgil Hale - Comparing the Home With God's Family
Kevin Williams - We Are Part Of The Family
Charles Leonard - Preferring One Another
Harrell Davidson - Family Members Have Responsibilities
Jerry Joseph - The Prodigal Son
Mike Tucker - Helping The Families New Members
Francis Whiteman - God's Family Is To Worship Together
Bill Crossno - The Final Homecoming
5th Annual Weakley County Lectureship
April 6-8, 2001
Dresden, TN
"The Church of Christ"
(2 Tape set - $20.00)
Robert Taylor - The Church In Prophecy
Harrell Davidson - The Church Established
Mike McDaniel - The Church At Philippi
Rick Lawson - The Church At Corinth
David Lemmons - The Church At Antioch
Virgil Hale - The Church At Ephesus
Jerry Joseph - The Church At Thessalonica
Tom Bright - The Church At Rome
Dustin Forthun - The Work Of The Church
Larry Powers - The Unity And Fellowship Of The Church
Garry Stanton - The Purity Of The Bride
James Boyd - The Church In Eternity
6th Annual Weakley County Lectureship
April 12-14, 2002
Dresden, TN
"Yea Hath God Said?
2 tape set $20.00
Harrell Davidson - Yea Hath God Said?
James Boyd - Take Heed How You Hear
Kevin Williams - Once Saved Always Saved/Faith Only
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Marriage/Divorce/Remarriage
David Williams - Judgment to Come
Mike McDaniel - Music in Worship
Jerry Joseph - One Church
Tom Bright - Fellowship
Rick Lawson - The Plan of Salvation
Larry Powers - Is Attendance Necessary?
Charles Leonard - Hell, and Who Will Be There
Garry Stanton - Heaven, and Who Will Be there
7th Annual Weakley County Lectureship
April 11-13, 2003

"Great Men of the Bible"
vhs tapes - $20.00
dvd disks - $25.00
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Noah
Curtis Cates - Jeremiah
James Boyd - Barnabas
Kenneth Gossett - Abraham
Mike McDaniel - Peter
Charles Leonard - Paul
Jerry Joseph - Naaman
Harrell Davidson - Moses
Terry Harnden - Joseph
Larry Powers - Samuel
Tom Bright - Stephen
Garry Stanton - Jesus
8th Annual Weakley County Lectureship
April 8-11, 2004

"The Christian Home"
vhs tapes - $20.00
dvd's - $25.00
Kenneth Gossett - Christ in the Home
Charles Leonard - The Husband and Wife in the Home
Toney Smith - Marriage and the Home
Tom Bright - Titus 2:3-5 and the Home
Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - What Should Be Brought to the Marriage Altar?
Curtis Cates - The Father and Mother in the Home
Terry Harnden - Remembering God in Youth
Larry Powers - What Have They Seen in Thine House?
Toney Smith - Needs in the Home Today
Harrell Davidson - The Heavenly Home
12th Annual Weakley County Lectures

April 11-13, 2008

II JOHN 9-11"
vhs tapes - $20.00
dvd's - $20.00
mp3 cd's - $10.00
Harrell Davidson - "Hath Not God"
Brad Green - What Does It Mean to Abide in the Doctrine of Christ?
Daniel Coe - Are Giving and Receiving Financial Support an Example of Bidding God's
David P. Brown - Open Forum
Harrell Davidson - Does 2 John 9-11 Apply to All Brethren, Schools, Congregations,
and                    Brotherhood Projects?
Dub McClish - Examples of How 2 John 9-11 is Violated By Some Who Speak The Truth
With Their Mouths
Gary Grizzell - Do the Boundaries of Fellowship Matter?
David P. Brown - The Consequences of Violating 2 John 9-11 and Not Abiding in the
Doctrine of Christ
David P. Brown - Open Forum
Danny Douglas - Prices and Rewards of Abiding in The Doctrine of Christ