• November 2, 2021

Protecting the Ocean From Human Harm


Humans have had a significant impact on the ocean. Debris, oil spills, and lost fishing nets all endanger marine life. Ships transport invasive species, critters, and other waste to new environments. And the destruction of mangrove forests creates a dead zone of plastic pollution and fertilizer runoff. Fortunately, these destructive forces are slowing down. But what can be done to protect the ocean from human harm?

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In 1998, Ocean and US Gold formed The Hit Squad. They were a group that released compilation packages. The first release featured Daley Thompson’s Decathlon, US Gold’s Beach Head, and Sabre Wulf by Ultimate Play the Game. The first compilation, They Sold a Million, sold more than a million copies. The company also released several singles. One of its most popular releases was GT 64: Championship Edition, which was later re-released under the Infogrames name.

In 1997, Ocean partnered with US Gold to launch The Hit Squad label. Its first releases were compilation packages featuring the songs of US Gold and Daley Thompson. The first release was entitled They Sold a Million and sold over a million copies. Then, Ocean and USGold merged, and the two companies became a part of the Infogrames family. And a decade later, the games continued to sell well, and the company’s popularity soared.

Since its founding, the company has branched out into a variety of different genres. The company’s most famous titles, such as The Simpsons and The Matrix, were based on popular arcade games. The first titles were based on classic cartoon characters and stories, and their sequels were a huge success. As of late, the developer has also been known for creating pirated versions of its games. The titles have been pirated and are not considered legal.